This one will piss you off and hopefully make you think.

Interesting thought. Christians want me to believe in the bible yet not in agenda 21. They defend the bible saying it to be the divine word of god, transcribed numerous times, interpreted numerous different ways, based on books and texts older then it, and it is gospel, holy believed without question.


But when I go to the UN’s own web sight and download a copy of agenda 21, a 350-page document

Web sight of the UN

Wikipedia on it

it is relegated to being this story, a conspiracy theory that is somehow made up. Humans are fucking stupid…. Most of you will not go and see for yourselves, you’ll ignore it because I degraded the bible and offended you. Well to be honest AGENDA 21 and your ignorance offends me to no end as well.

And if you think the plan stops you’re wrong. Here is what they plan for 2030 and beyond.

And the agenda continues, and you will unwittingly go along with it for lack of knowledge. Or maybe because you were too blind to look at it because you were afraid to believe the evidence, or blinded by people telling you what to believe. You were told it was a conspiracy theory and only fools believe it. Told what to think, what to believe, lead blindly by your lack of knowledge or ignorance because you were offended.

These are human made problems and humans need to fix it. All humans and one of the first steps to doing that is learn about the problem. Then start taking action, and not following what the oligarchy wants is a big step in the right direction.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.