Hidden Valley Condominiums Nightmare Form Letter Sent

form letter I sent

Truth behind the HVC: Hidden Valley condos

img_2366This is a copy of the form letter I have been sending out to people in power about this diseased illegal building. FEDBOOK in it’s infinite wisdom has been marking it Spam and stopping me from getting through to said persons.

“As a Press Correspondent I would like your answers to the following question. https://youtu.be/RGK6CdQWl_8Taken some while back it’s gotten worse since then or been covered up. https://truthbehindthehvc.wordpress.com/Why is this illegal building allowed to stand and operate in your state?

How can a 3 story wall fall off a building and not effect the integrity of said building?

How can there be 2 if not more fire in a structure and not effect the structure?

How can there be an engineers report condemning the structure yet nothing was done?


What can you do to help? I have covered this story since 2014 and have uncovered a lot…

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