Glen Sutphin Desktop Publications is dissolving into House Sutphin Production.

What does this mean, it means that we are expanding our scope of reach and there is a new producer team on board and now producing new products. Glen Sutphin Desktop Publications stared shortly after Nightmare Enterprises / Dream Time Productions dissolved. Get The NEWS Straight has affiliated with APRI Broadcasting and will be Get The NEWS Straight APRI Live when we get the equipment problems settled.(ie new equipment).

-***- Effective October 3 I have unaffiliated with APRI broadcasting

I wish to thank APRI Broadcasting for allowing me to be a part of their broadcast system. Due to ny health and differences of opinion I am leaving their service. I am shutting down all my fedbook pages and will open up a new page for the news later this month or next month after all the drama dies down in my life. Just have too much going on at the moment.

I did 68 shows on APRI and had fun but must move on. I have my own way of doing things and need the freedom to do it as I see fit. I am leaving with no hard feelings for them and wish the the best in their endeavors and hope they again get their station up and running. And I thank them for their support. May they continue to grow and do what they wish to do.

At this time my path is to heal myself and I will continue doing what I do. There is too much going on in my life right now to continue doing a show 3 nights a week and have made this hard choice to do what is best for me. -***-

Issues that have come up recently, fedbook censoring me to hell, and youtube basically strike me for posting the solar eclipse and wanting me to except this strike in order to use their platform which I refuse to do. These issues have made it damn near impossible to get any work done and yes have made me furious. As well as several other issues which are just irritating and annoying but in the whole scope of things just are…

My health has been a key issue recently as well, been pretending to be okay when I haven’t been. Just a general all over sickness and the seizures too. So I am taking sometime to re-coop and heal up and rest. There are big things coming and I will need it. This transitioning period has seen many changes and growth.

These two channels will be our flagships, Zerum will host games and that kind of entertainment and Get The NEWS Straight will do news and events. We are restructuring and re-tinkering our line up starting HALLOWEEN. Going back to NIGHTMARE ENTERPRISES way of doing things, were the first of the year is HALLOWEEN.

We have a lot of stuff planned for 2018, I’ll be getting some new equipment and will be doing more production and videos. Will be expanding ZERUM more with more games and I might even join in on a game. A LOT AHEAD… So as always STAY TUNED… HAPPY HALLOWEEN….

house sutphin productions aec

-***- House Sutphin Production -***-

House SUTPHIN Productions consist of Get The NEWS Straight and ZerumSilenzia so far. We will be adding channels as we grow. These two channels are already established and going, although on hiatus at the moment due to the restructuring.


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