Hidden Valley Condo’s: REBOOT

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This story started out as a story about one unit in a condo complex. Along with it came the drama, the intrigue and a crazy cast of characters, but it is now not about one unit. That unit is key to it all and important, but it is now about the building; which it has always been about. It removes a lot of the drama because the condo owner is now not the focus of the story. All the drama to stop them from getting the word out FAILED.

I Glen M. Sutphin, am now the only advocate of Hidden Valley Condo’s. I now speak for the building, I have always spoke for the condo owner and only I say what I am doing. What I put in print I do on the evidence I have on hand, not hearsay, crap I make up or going on someone’s word that something happened. I must rely on facts, verified truths and documentation.

I will address issues that have come up in the past and lay it all out later, in another article. I still am in contact with the advocates for Hidden Valley Condo’s and all my articles will stay in print, and I will still hold to what the advocates and I agreed on. I have just relieved them and now my articles are about what I have as evidence in this story that I have worked on now stop since 20140210 way before the drama and crap certain people brought in. Whose to blame for all the drama? There is enough blame to go around on all sides. I am not blameless and admit this story got to me and became a personal matter. I have also put in print numerous articles addressing what I have found. One article doesn’t equal you being the sole heir to the story Andrew Joseph Ostrowski. And how does someone who doesn’t live there have any legal grounds or claims to Hidden Valley Condos? I however as PRESS have talked to a lot of the players and know more then anyone, save for the condo owner and I report on the evidence I have proof of not made up crap and fake rumors.

I have sent the deeds, plats and notes I have found to be looked at by a survey firm I know, and who has been guiding me in what to look for; plus I used to run deeds and do deed searches and research for him when I worked for him. So I do know what I have and where to look for more goodies if I need them. Yes it takes time considering that these files weren’t supposed to exist, so when you conjure up magic files it takes time, and many hours of prep. Also when people are trying to stop your every move it takes more time, and when you are sick it takes even more time. It has taken the condo owner 18 years plus and they still do not have them, I am keeping them with me for their protection. But I found a lot and will know more after I look over the files and when I get the experts say on what to do next.

Because of all the crap going on in PA, and no one seeming to do what the hell they are supposed to do, I am telling the story a different way. To protect the condo owner and their family, I now have everything and will go to the authorities and the legal court system with what I have as evidence when the time is right. There are crimes being committed even as I type this in that I am trying to put a stop to.

This condo owner, the advocate I represent, has stood in harms way, enduring loss of income, can’t live in the condo they own and are paying for, and has to put up with all the crap that’s going on to their family and friends. And as if that wasn’t bad enough to have to be harassed and defamed with no real way to do anything about it, and to have to endure this day in and day out. So I am doing what I can to help them in their fight. And to get a diseased building condemned, and get the people of that building help, and compensation for being forced to live in that hellhole run by a corrupt HOA that doesn’t care if people get hurt.

I’m not putting in print some things right now because I don’t want anyone to know what I’m doing till it happens, then I’ll tell you what happened. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes and a lot going on period and I’m talking to a lot of people. I also have a lot of informants and people feeding me information. Some of it good, some of it pure crap, that I then have to vet and see if it fits the story. I have faced down a lot of opposition and am still standing as the only one putting in print the true story the best I can for only being one person with no means at this time to get up to the building to see it for myself. I am taking a lot of heat for getting this out there and at times want to truly walk away and call it done. But that doesn’t fix the problem nor does being quite about it so others can be happy with not doing anything about it.

My purpose and passion are to see that building condemned and to that end I will continue to fight. Even if none stand with me, I at the end of the day will know I did everything I could to meet those ends, and others will see that YES I cared. Did my methods meet with everyone’s approval? NO. Did it get the information I needed and get the story out there? YES. I have asked for help all along the way and have fought an uphill battle for a place I have never seen, for people I really don’t know, to bring the truth out as accurately as possible. I stand on what I can prove on this matter. Along the way I have made friends and met a lot of good people, I have also made bitter enemies and have taken numerous hits to my pride and reputation. My reputation which should be based on the content of what I put out, but is often based on what those enemies say about me. And in the end I care less what people who do not know me think. Never did care what they think for it is often wrong. I will prove them wrong and be better for it.

I’ll keep this post short and put out another article in the near future when things I have in play actually come out. Thanks to those who support me in this endeavor, and to those who stand in my way watch out I’m going to blast you for what you‘ve done to stop me even if it’s get this story out there.

Stay tuned there is more to this story as I continue my quest.

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