My apology to Don Bailey’s email setting some things straight.

don bailey a

Dear Mr. Stupin, although we don’t know each other you placed some

information about me on your website or somewhere that was not only

insulting but defamatory. I understand that you are a good person and

well-intentioned but even a minimum amount of due diligence would have

revealed the nonsense that you were given. Please check the docket

sheets for Bingaman v. Bingaman et al. at 4:07 – CV – 2352 Middle

District of Pennsylvania. You will see there, for anyone willing

enough to punch a few keys, that there were over 60 docket entries in

that case. For further detail you can also read my email to Ms.

Stephens. Ms. Bingaman’s comments were more than nonsensical they were

insulting for someone who did so much for her for virtually nothing.

Total docket entries number “61”. I would be grateful if you would

correct the record. Thank you. Don Bailey

Thank you sir for bringing this to my attention. After reviewing the information you have provided I realize I owe you a deep sincerely heartfelt apology. My words can not tell you how truly sorry I am for my rookie mistake of not vetting the information I had received. The above is the email I received from Don Bailey about an article I posted in regards to a situation involving him and Andrew J Ostrowski.

I have redacted the above screen capture and it proves I do in fact have emails from Andrew J Ostrowski. That is the only proof of the emails that I will release to the court of the internet, for the content they contain is criminal in nature and I have and am in contact with people in the proper authorities and they do have those emails along with others. Now let me clear this mess up with what is going on and set the record straight.

I was not privileged to the above records at the time I wrote the article Kelly Holland Bingamam couldn’t recall your above stated docket number, the intent of that article was not malice or libel but to establish a pattern that is forming in regard to Andrew J Ostrowski. And when this same scenario keeps coming up that Kelly Holland Bingamam has stated in her own words, that I have heard from several sources that don’t know each other, it needs to be investigated.

I take full responsibility for my actions and am willing to face any legal means you wish to pursue in regards for my action and libel and slander I caused you, and any and all consequence there of. I can not take back my words once spoken or put in print, I can however fix the problem I have caused. And I hope that my fixing the error is enough to satisfy your offense.

And this is the last time I will mention Andrew Ostrowski, you Don Bailey or hidden valley condos. I can’t make the world a better place. I am officially done with the whole hidden valley condos mess, I am quitting, I can’t make the world a better place and caring about something that no one will do what needs to be done is ruining my life. I have fought too long and cared too much about something and had a passion for finding the truth of the matter. But when people don’t do what they need to do I can’t do anymore. I am walking away knowing I did everything I possible could, I wish I had never heard of the place. All the needless drama from all involved is useless. Let people tell lies about me that don’t know me or what I have done I don’t care.

I’m sorry for any offense and harm my words and actions have caused you. I sincerely hope you find justice in your fight against the corrupt legal system and again accept my sincere apologies for my actions toward you. I have wronged you and again sincerely apologize for my actions toward you.

Glen Sutphin

press correspondent

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