UPDATE: Andrew J. Ostrowski, Andy cult will want to see this

If you ask me Andrew Joseph Ostrowski is getting what he deserves, put me in touch with the right people so I can release what I have on him. Andy threatened me, blackmailed people I know, attempted extortion on victims of crimes and other things he puts on a show. Did the police do the right thing? Who knows but to think he’s innocent is foolish. I have listed below the articles I have released so far and then think what haven’t I released that I will go to the police with now that I know where he is.
He will answer for his crimes.





https://lordnelga.wordpress.com/2014/10/24/andy-ostrowski-for-congress/ * The video was destroyed due to the threats and bullshit from A0. (Andrew Ostrowski)







Let’s compare the above incident to one where the person really was kidnapped off the street and arrested without a warrant. That the police harassed and erased footage from my memory chip which was in his camera, then hid the person for three days. The article here is the kidnapping and abduction of A man called chris dorsey. What they did to chris dorsey was wrong and illegal and I stand by him for this incident even though what happened between us. I will testify in court to the police’s illegal activity against him on this day. Which I covered and documented.


documented here:


Notice the elements missing in the Andrew video. How do we know from watching the video that there was no warrant? Because Andrew said so. You don’t see the police, but you hear the person off camera, the police aren’t manhandling Andrew. But Andrew said so, All you hear is Andrew saying what is happening. The police can be heard saying they have a warrant. But Andrew said they didn’t so. Which my source said they did and they were let in the house not kicking it in and dragging him out. But Andrew said so. Surprised Andrew didn’t say the swat teams, helicopters and armed tanks were there for him, I mean make it big make yourself important. And your only source of the narrative is what Andrew says, sorry I don’t play Andy says so. I don’t play in Andrewland, I live on facts. And facts and evidence says this was a WWE skit. Made up by Andrew to gain publicity, If it weren’t for my sources I would question if Andrew really was picked up. But my source are reliable and verified. But Andrew said so, your only narrative and perspective is Andrew and what he said was going on.


Sources say that Andrew Ostrowski is not cooperating with the doctors and will stay an additional 5 days. I really hope he walks out with a clean bill of health and is declared mentally stable, because he will have criminal charges against him if I have my way.

Now I asked Andrew Ostrowski for help with the chris dorsey case, the loving oh so kind Andrew blew me off. Nothing in it for him, only helping someone wasn’t enough to warrant even an acknowledgement. chris dorsey a Press TV media person who helped in Andrew’s bid for congress not worth even a call back. But Andrew helps everyone, he so helpful. But Andrew never hurt anyone he so good and kind, only when there’s something in it for him. But there was respect and helping for his fellow man, which he’s all about, he didn’t bother.  Then later comes the threats and crap that I have on file and am taking to the police. People think I’m playing their games and that I’m not press, hate to tell you something, I’m still working on a story that Andrew Ostrowski was instrumental in destroying a large part of. I even did a video for him for free to help with his bid for congress and a few more things which I’ll list later.

And when you threaten the press while doing a story and conducting research, there are laws about that. Same for stealing evidence and using it to blackmail and attempt to extort, plus a few others that I won’t name due to I like there to be some surprises. And when you get even more evidence from sources well, I get to have fun with the police and FBI. So yes I have history with Andrew Ostrowski sorry you troglodyte koolaid drinkers of the Andy cult, I do know what I am talking about and yes this will have my name all over it.

And a word to the Andy cult members you should leave the family out of this if your only source of information is Andy says so well I already shown his word is shit, so might be your information. If Andrew says the suns out carry a flash light just in case. Ask yourself if the justice system is as corrupt as it is why does Andrew Ostrowski want back in it so badly? Why doesn’t he start something that would really work instead of wanting back in? Why because he’s playing you, you who come after me for putting out there the truth. And when I go to the FBI again think if I’m going to give them your fedbook page names that I have a list of….

One final thought to show how nice Andrew is the day that the hidden valley advocate John R. Sebastian, who went to great pains in his dying days to film a segment for the hidden valley documentary that Andrew and I were working on died, Andrew went after the hidden valley advocates to harass and torment them. They have a no contact order against him, yet he still comments in emails and other means of getting to them. John R. Sebastian was a good Christian man not this fake phony blasphemy circus that Andrew pushes… https://www.facebook.com/search/str/glen+m+sutphin+suing+the+devil/keywords_search

Yeah looks like I didn’t just start messing with Andrew Ostrowski looks like I had too put up with him for a long while… More proof coming as always stay tuned.

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