Entry for January 13, 2009

Life the Universe and me

There is something else you will find out about me, I don’t give my oaths or vows unless I intend to honor them. I give my word and it is as good as gold unless you really phuck me then well I still honor my word. I do have or had honor. I will retain my honor no matter what. You can step on me, push me down, trample me, burn me, do whatever you will but I will refuse to bow my head to you. No one can take my honor or my word from me that and free will. Honor, your word and live free. To your own self be true. You can’t be truthful if you lie to yourself. I don’t blind myself, I see clearly things. I don’t tell myself it’s going to be OK when everything is hitting the fan, I say it’s hitting what do we do to

get through it and not get messed up to bad. NO things are not OK, they are not clear they are not going to just magickally become over. You have to ride the storm out, why tell yourselves lies that aren’t true and believe in them. That is false hope. Faith I guess gets me through all of life faith that the sun will rise in the morning, the moon will be bright in the night sky, the wind will blow, the grass will grow. If you look at yourself you are very tiny in the universe as a whole. Let me let you visualize this easier for that we go back to our friend youtube.

Universe size comparison

The universe – How big are you?

How big is the Universe?

So you can see you are not all that big in the cosmos so do you really think you or I matter a hell of a lot , only to our own egos and selves. One person is no more special than another. We are all equal on that scale and when we learn that we are but a single atom in the matrix that is life we start to understand it doesn’t matter. The universe is not worried about my life my love affairs nor yours either. All that is relative to your own ego and self. I am but one note in the song of life, I matter only to myself and the few notes around me. All in all that’s it. There isn’t anymore. There is no truth really beyond that. When we ascend to our next body we don’t take all the burdens of this plain with us we

drop all that at deaths door and go on to be energy, spirit what have you what ever you call it it is energy and spirit though. We don’t take bills and recipes and “Does my ass look fat?” with us. We only take knowledge that we learnt while here. You don’t get to take your riches or food or nothing you cease to exist in this material plain. Knowledge was what the wealth is as well as good deeds, but knowledge is of great value in the outer plains. When you get there you will see.

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