I have unpublished my two news pages I can’t use, I will leave up my Get The NEWS Straight APRI Live page and try to go it with that one. I am looking for another platform to put the news on, this is directly because fedbook is censoring me and will not let me post articles because they deem it spam or fake news or what ever they deem it by their censorship which only effects the real news. SORRY for this but I’m tired of fighting a war where they own the battle field and control the platform. Plus I’m tired of people telling me what to post, what content I am allowed to post and telling me I have to be part of their group. I also am not going to be on here much, not sharing groups or supporting people who say they support me but I receive little to no help, but must be there for everything that happens to them and support them. As soon as I get a computer that can handle live streaming I will build my own platform again. I’m tired of getting lip service from people with no help, everyone tells me they want to help, but none is there. Since I have to do everything on my own this is the way it is. Maybe when people wake up to what is going on they will see what I have been telling them for years is coming.

I will leave my personal wall and the one news group up, I am consolidating my stuff on here, thanks for being with me those who are, support the one news page if you care so much, there is a war going on and your lack of caring is feeding this war and yes in some ways that lack of caring is helping them win. Later I will be listing places where you can follow me off fedbook if you want, please follow me on these other platforms and as always you can find my stuff here on my blog.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.