I’m taking some time off: I’M SICK

I AM SICK have been for a few days it’s not getting better and humans are toxic at the moment so i’m taking some time off this piece of shit spygrid where your told what you can and can’t post too it: by both people on it and the service itself. YES I AM fully aware of what this system is and was studying the algorithm but fuck it, who cares only post what someone says is okay to post… fuck it where’s the freedom of speech you say we have. It was posted to my wall no where else, not like it was your page or group: my wall.

We claim to live in a free society where we are told by others what to do, how to feel, what to say, how to speak, what to and not to post, how we should look, and what to think.. we are so fucking free. Society tells us all these things but we live under the great fiction of freedom. We are free only to the point it doesn’t go against what other’s dictate what freedom should be. A great fiction, I don’t believe freedom should include that so I’ll bitch about you doing it.

fedbook has me all but blocked from posting, these links pop up with out you posting to them even when you tell them and set the perimeters for them to not do it. they ask if you what them to be private you say yes they post anyway, or other ones post automatically.

I’m not doing radio for a while either, I need to rest I am not well and acting like I can just ignore it doesn’t help.

Also having been basically blocked from my youtube channel as well I need a break, I’llbe back soon just need some time to get me back to being me. Being sick, vomiting and such takes a lot out of you plus the seizures yeah, just too much at the moment. I need rest. I’ll let everyone know when I’ll be back in a few days, till then don’t hate each other too much.

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