When The Thin Blue Line Becomes The Thick Blue Lie

I would like to take this moment to thank whomever reported falsely to the police that I am a pedophile due to them not comprehending my post on fedbook. We covered what we were talking about on the radio and not even knowing anything about us someone got the police to do a stop and knock on my door. That’s okay I am going to follow up with the police soon about what was talked about. I now want some answers and I am asking for an investigation into why I am allowed time and time again to be harassed and not being able to get anything done. I want the police investigated for erasing video and altering my memory chip, and accessing a file with my name on it. I want the paperwork that I have been promised for years and have never gotten. There’s a lot of crimes being committed by the thick blue lie that I want answers too.







Now there is a difference between Pedophilia and child rape. Pedophilia is a clinical term meaning “sexual feelings directed toward children.” Much like the term GWEN TOWERS which has come to mean every damn tower put up when this is wrong, every tower is not a GWEN TOWER. Pedophilia has come to encompass and include CHILD RAPE and worse. Now there is a big difference between thinking about something and acting on the urges and doing a crime. You can think of robbing a bank and plan it out and you have committed no real crime, but when you act on it and rob the bank, then the crime is committed.

He’s a video segment talking about it, I will be talking about this later. And maybe even interviewing the police about what we talked about.


Author: lordnelga

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