UPDATE: downed power line

Our Correspondent Nathaniel Sutphin shows the after math of the downed power line. A tree limb downed the power line knocking out power most of the day to the area it effected and affected. The crews worked until 4:00 am in the morning putting the power poles back in place and repairing the line in the dark and rain, they replaced one pole that was disintegrating and reset the others. I believe at this time power has been restored to the area. There are no work trucks which were all over the place. 4 were parked in front of the house most of last night and there were about 8 to 10 crews working.img_20170302_164506img_20170302_164514img_20170302_164520img_20170302_164530img_20170302_164541img_20170302_164546img_20170302_164556img_20170302_164610img_20170302_164619img_20170302_164634img_20170302_164646img_20170302_164656img_20170302_164713img_20170302_164729img_20170302_164739

Author: lordnelga

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