Chris Dorsey only wins if good people do nothing.

I am going to try and be fair an not let my emotions come in on this article. I will look at some of the reasons why these things occur. This case I am deeply involved in and am trying to save what I can and lose what is wrong without sacrificing everything because of one person’s mistake. Because I see the optics on this and see both sides of what I am doing and to be honest at this point I don’t care. I will do what I feel is the right path and damn the rest.

Chris Dorsey has his rights and his own will. I must state this clearly, he choose to do these things. No one forced him to do them. He was free to do as he pleased and has. But what leads a person to commit their actions, that is what I will take a look at in this article. The biggest problem that sticks out the most in this situation is the POLICE. More on this in a minute, I do place most of the blame on them. They through their ineptness and lack of responding to situations or how they respond to situations, is the biggest blame here. It transcends the color of the skin folks. When there are problems across the spectrum of tribes it more then skin color.

People are upset with this police state mentality. The agenda they push is for tribalism and they turn to tribalism to take the blame. There’s this thing where they take terms and switch the meanings so I am taking the liberty to weishaupt a few of my own. Racism is not the color of your skin, we are all the human race thus racism is about the whole human race. We are from separate tribes, what you call racism is actually tribalism. But they switch and make mean different words and meanings. OK now tribalism has it’s place in the development of human culture. It should not be everything you are. And when false teachings lead the path of tribalism, is it really a good thing?

I have a form of white guilt, because when I was younger I was a white supremacist a neo-nazi white Aryan nation type. I know the rhetoric, I know the crap they push, and know a lot of the symbols and such. I’m not proud that I have this knowledge but it helps me, now 30 years after I gave that life up and found a different path. I don’t like to tell people this, it’s nothing to be proud of, and it happen a life time ago that most of it has been forgotten. But it puts me in a unique position to fight it. I tell people so they can see that having certain knowledge of something gives you a weapon to defend and use against something. I have this knowledge and I use it to combat this problem. So when Chris Dorsey came to me and said he had a radio station that we were going on, I looked at it site and saw a blazing black sun emblem on their site, the first thing I told him was NO THANK YOU YOU CAN HAVE IT. I didn’t tell him why. Told him if he wanted to go on to have fun and I wanted no part of it. That’s how against it I am.

Anyway long story short we are here now. I have reported him to the SPLC, I take no pleasure in doing this but things at times need to be done. I fight this with knowledge of what is going on. I do not trust the SPLC but must report the violation and do it publicly to show evidence that the thing had been done. I am conducting court in the public eye to show everyone. My methods may lack discretion but since there’s no legal way to do it so be it. I am wondering if the police may have something on Chris Dorsey that makes them do what they do but I suspect it’s just a reaction to the way he is, I will find out.

If the POLICE had of not broken the law numerous times in the past and created this mess maybe we would not be here today. Now all you police apologist shut up and listen for a minute. The POLICE made this mess. It could have been avoided a long time ago if they would stop pushing the POLICE STATE to control us. I told Chris Dorsey I was at war with the narrative and the agenda not him. What he did was low down, lacked honor, was disrespectful, cowardly and was what I expected of him, you didn’t disappoint me mate. His actions are his own and he alone is responsible for them, no matter the reason for them or what has happened. People blame me for stuff he does and says which is also wrong and needs to be looked at in this as well. Being his friend has cost me a lot of my reputation, but to be honest the police were harassing me way before they used the excuse of Chris Dorsey. I knew Steve Drew of the Richmond police about 7 years longer then I’ve known Chris Dorsey and this type of thing has gone on since before then.

In a recent turn Chris Dorsey has seen some of the light and has posted this on his wall:

“ An agent provocateur is a person who is employed by the government or the police to encourage certain groups of people to break the law, so they can arrest them or make them lose public support. chris dorsey verifies the text book agent provocateur tactics employed by Kyle Hunt and Sinead McCarthy of Renegade Broadcasting .“
Their response:
This is the last time I will share anything from RENEGADE BROADCASTING MEDIA piece of shit white trash radio, hopefully this will be the last I hear of them. Their opinion of me means nothing to me, I have not even listen that’s how much I care. I will share this so Chris Dorsey can see what he did to a friend. If this were a war, well it is war mate and you lead your troops right into the enemies hands and said they had to be happy to be there. When the war starts hard your head is mine. Keeker’s would be ashamed of you. All I’m going to say. Shameful. Tell your servants that.

Wonder if it had anything to do with what I posted and started doing. The time to nip the wrong action in the butt and start putting a stop to it is in the very beginning when it is the easiest to stop. I am glad he has seen through some of this and hope he opens his eyes fully to everything. I do not hate Chris Dorsey, but I do however hate the actions he has taken against me, he’s a brilliant mind and his analysis is spot on, he himself is a total ass and a bully. And this hang up he has against the JEWS is totally wrong and counter productive to his rhetoric. If he ,, he won’t so I won’t even go there and save myself the trouble.

All Chris Dorsey is doing now is spin control. He’s trying to fix the gaping wound caused by my son and myself to his image. But all we are doing is showing the real you to the public. What the POLICE have done is awful, your reaction to it is equally as awful. Hold them accountable is what I have been trying to do all along. Ever since I started hard hitting them in 2005.


Analysis of his radio show that I could only get through 45 minutes of before my migraine from his shit was unbearable.

Chris Dorsey has basically confessed to everything I said in my last article this is another Chris Dorsey fucks up and gives the blame to everyone but this time he slandered me and I will be looking into legal action as well as criminal charges against him and possible arrest. I don’t play. I have no idea who 3 of those people he talks about are, that was something he did on his own. I have had no contact with any of those 3 persons, no emails, no ims, nothing on fedbook. They never contacted me only him. Then he and cyanide whos her face attack me over my time line saying I’m pushing or promoting porn; which I wasn’t but they didn’t read it, on an article he admits he didn’t read? And I’m the bad one here. For something I published over 20 years ago. And the article was about how because of what I did I was going against a crime. Yeah great thing to attack me on fucking retarded troglodytes.

For proof he does something and I pay the price I have great footage shot by INFOWARS and linked in with what Chris Dorsey shot of him yelling at the people that started the whole thing, yeah there’s the proof this always happens but this time I have the evidence and will act on it.Told you you messed up mate.

Also do you know what stolen valor is? You call yourself military, I want to see your DD-214, which you say you know nothing about, your military id, something that proves commander of the Virginia militia that you are military. I can prove I was in for the time I say.

Yeah I smell a lawsuit coming his way maybe I can do Richmond one favor and remove Chris Dorsey from the public for awhile, a menace to society. I’m going to say no more for now till I talk to an attorney, if I have a case I will pursue it. And I want proof I said those quotes he makes up out of thin air from conversations we may or may not have had. Is hearsay admissible in court? I know recordings, video, and written word is. Show where you quoted me from Chris Dorsey if it was a private conversation produce the evidence of the conversation. I can’t produce a conversation or proof of your threats but I can produce witnesses that heard part of it. Witnesses are allowed in court, he said this then he said that is not. And if I could produce the threats you give me I would in a heartbeat. But I have you wrapping it all up on your radio show for me which is even better thanks Chris Dorsey.

In closing I’m going to go seek legal advise and see what I’m going to do next against Chris Dorsey and Renegade broadcast media. There’s a lot going on so I may be out of touch so Stay tuned.

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