My old friend reminded me: FEDBOOK SECURITY PSYOP fedbook ex-employee

My old friend NARF messaged me from out of the blue last night after seeing the crap going on. He reminded me that I can show you what an ex-fedbook employees fedbook page looks like. I said “how?” He said “fedbook search for my name asshole.” Nice friend, but he’s good people. So I did a search for his profile name and low and behold I found this gem that I had totally forgotten.

My buddy Narf Whet sent this to me but since he disabled his account to go take care of some personal matters I will repost it..

This is what a fedbook or ex-fedbook security profile looks like also what a fedbook employees profile looks like. No where does it say fedbook affiliated, or that they work for fedbook or that they are security for fedbook. So I know for a fact that what you are finding when you do these searches are not fedbook people. Fred S. Wolens was the face of fedbook security at the time, I talked to him for an hour after talking to the FBI. So I know from life that I know what I speak is true. And look at the date way before any of this mess started 2013.

Author: lordnelga

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