Bad memory of this day from 8 years ago


This day now 8 years ago I had the horror of watching the most disgusting act I have witnessed to date on this god forsaken planet. I witnessed a person Trinity S. McKay lose the one person she held dear to her, Sean D. McKay to a madman’s bullet. The bastard did take his own live sparing me a prison sentence.

But nothing so far I have seen has touched me as deeply and as sickening as that. To have someone ripped from you in a second over senseless shit. And to have to stand helpless and be told by the creator to stand still and do nothing, just watch.

Go back through my blog you’ll see what happened. I will forever hate this day and all the emotion it brings, trying to remember those I still have today and going to take it easy. Even now just typing this I have tears in my eyes and can hardly type. So love each other and stop the hate.

Sean D. McKay I say the last thing I ever said to you mate. “have fun storming the castle mate.” May the force be always with you.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.