A man called Chris Dorsey threatens Press Correspondent Glen Sutphin to cover up his involvement in White Nationalist media and radio.


https://lordnelga.wordpress.com/2017/02/09/update-nathaniels-thoughts/ part 1 is here please watch it first if you haven’t yet. Nathaniel makes several very good points and connections to several dots on this that I will be following up on.

Okay the past few days have been more then rough, blood pressure spiking, UTI, fighting another infection and being sick. On top of all that as if that is not bad enough, I have to deal with this issue I am now addressing and it is very hard to do. I am confused and conflicted but to be honest I have expected it for a while. I do not do well being brainwashed into a cult, or into white supremacists societies. Yeah brainwashing doesn’t work, that’s why you keep telling me shit Chris Dorsey.

people have been asking me how i am?

I want so much to go and kill a fascistic piece of scum I used to call a friend, who is no friend, has no honor and needs to be removed from the planet. But at the same time his view point he has a right to, he has a right to speak his Jew bashing, he’s better then everyone else point of view. He has the right to be wrong, but he had no right to BETRAY me and I want Chris Dorsey’s head but I don’t want to hurt him. I am fighting myself so I will not kill him. My son I am also trying to control from killing him, my son does not handle betrayal well. but there is no danger to Chris Dorsey, I will put this down as my son said without the hatred and violence because that just begets more of the same. I am sorry that this is happening but it is and I am dealing with this the best I can without doing what I really want to do. I will let this play out in public so there will be no more gate keeping from Chris Dorsey. He goes around bashing people from doing the same damn thing he does. And yes he is covering up for renegade radio so that makes him guilty as any other, then ordering ME to cover it up. And if these are underhanded tactics when I do it for Chris Dorsey he praises me on how good I am, but when turned against him it’s underhanded and low down. I WILL release his recording so everyone can hear it in his own words and in the “you will do what I say as your master” tone of voice. CHRIS DORSEY I told you before you are not my master you do not give me commands, you are not in charge of me, you have not conquered me and you do not own me, I am A FREE MAN not under your rule not under your control. I am free, i am a man, I do not have to say I am a MAN and proclaim it like a weapon, my son says “If you have to tell everyone you are a man your not, real men don’t have to proclaim it they show it”. yeah I told you you were going about everything wrong you will not listen, I know you hear it you repeat it back but you never listen. I was not against you, we started out something and it was good, then you wanted to be what you hate the most, I did tell you that it was wrong and tried to stop you. Now I will destroy what you have become. You drag everything down with you that you did in the past. I will not destroy what we built there’s a lot of good information involved and up to a month or so ago the information was sound, Now its JEW bashing shit. I never wanted to be on white pride radio, told you at the beginning. Told you I wanted no part of renegade media, you wanted it and I told you go ahead without me. You drug me in and as a friend I stayed to make sure I could protect you as much as I could, but I can’t save you from your own actions. And now you have me as an enemy you made out of a true friend and that hurts me to no end having to go against you, but so be it you willed it to be. You summons me from the pit and now that that has happened you now have to deal with it, I will be fair to you, your a brilliant person, you are not one of WE THE PEOPLE though you don’t deserve the title PEOPLE, you are a person that thinks he’s a PEOPLE.

AS for the betrayal and the conspiracy of getting others to gang up on me, did you send renegade after me to attack me? You attacked right after they did? See how paranoia works, I could be paranoid as well but I won’t fall for my mind games. You aimed your attack at me out of your own paranoid mind, now you deal with your own actions on this.

I will not harm you physically unless you get within arm reach then well. You Chris Dorsey are not allowed over on my property and yes there are people who watch over me you don’t need to know who they are for theirs and my protection, it’s not suspicious to have and not tell you, it’s common sense. You don’t need to know every secret because they’re called secrets for a reason.

In closing I will be doing up more on this when I get over being sick which happens at this time of year.

Unfortunately the decision has already been made and I have to abide by the wishes of those who do command me. So Chris Dorsey I’ll tell you what happened and fill everyone in. My wife Susan had my phone, her and my son Nathaniel where out as all this crap was blowing up on line and was festering for a bit. Chris Dorsey calls and leaves this message: I was not the first one to hear it.

Transcript of what was said provided by my wife. Yeah she pissed.

Transcript of message from Chris Dorsey to Glen Sutphin.

Hey Glen this is Chris it is about ten minutes before five on Tuesday and that is February seventh. um. I got a call from Dave today and he… Tells me that you are asking him for dirt. quote unquote. On Renegade broadcasting. Now you and I had a conversation on that I made it very clear. You know I really, don’t care to much about anything else but getting this mission done, and uhh it seems like. I un don’t know something weird is going on, where uh uh you your attempting to sabotage this mission. In any event I’m going to keep calling you and I need to talk to you. Because uh you contacted my co-host and attempting to get him, to sabotage the radio network he is on is pretty absurd. Sooo aah. I don’t, I don’t know any thing else to say except to say you know the STOP USING these UNDERHANDED TACTICS and be a man and call me up on the telephone ALLRIGHT! Thanks Glen.

Time length of message 1:27

Well my wife doesn’t answer the phone because of the last time Chris Dorsey blow up at me, more on this in a minute and she was driving. She really doesn’t like him, anyway; My wife and my son stopped over my IT guys house on the way home and my wife listened to the message and went off, well needless to say my son and IT guy heard the message as well. My IT guy was in the army overseas, has PTSD and isn’t to be messed with, my son well he’s my son he’s got a temper. Out of the three of them that heard it, my IT guy was the sanest one at that point. It’s pretty bad that the one that was in a war zone is the sanest one at this point. My son and IT guy had to stop the normally calmest one, my wife, from going to kill Chris Dorsey right then and there. My bet is on my wife, I don’t mess with her when she’s pissed or asleep. Once ordered me to burn down the house quietly, she was asleep and the house was on FIRE well my desk was. Mean while I’m sick at home not aware of anything that was going on yet.

They took a while to calm my wife down. Later on my wife and son get home and I get up and the wife says that Chris Dorsey called. In a tone of voice that was more deadly then normal. I didn’t think much about it at that moment and went to listen to the message like I said she doesn’t like him. Well imagine my reaction when I hear it. I was pissed as shit. Later that night my IT guy comes over and talks to me. Yeah the things that were said, the things that were planned, never would they happen, but were discussed.

Anyway my blood pressure and fever and crap took it’s toll on me and knocked me out for days. My son was so damned pissed he decided to fire his shot in the war and it was a great opening shot. I have a few things I would have done slightly different, but I give him an A+ for his first time, excellent and yes I am following his lead. He produced those two videos himself, as well as the recording of the phone message as you can see. He then left to get away from it, probably best for him.

Now before I go much farther let me fill everyone in on the last time he blow up at me. Shortly after the police kidnapped and NDAA’ed Chris Dorsey off the street, he was in jail and I did all that stuff, we got into a yelling match in my front yard. Most of my neighbors heard it as did my IT guy who lives in the area. Anyway it was the day I went to the police HQ, got and paid for the report that they had. That Chris Dorsey could have got for free but was too chicken shit to go get, I had to use $5.00 I didn’t have to get think I burrowed it from my IT guy if I remember. Chris Dorsey tells me that it doesn’t show anything and is worthless, it was worth $5.00. This is what putting up with Chris Dorsey and being his friend entails, but if that was it, that in itself would be bad enough but as Billy Mays used to say “but wait theres more”. Then he starts yelling me and ordering me around calling me his servant during the argument. Someone who was helping him is his servant, someone that came and dug him out of jail is his servant. Someone that put 500 hours of work into that piece of shit RENEGADE BROADCASTING WHITE TRASH MEDIA is his servant, well that last part, yeah I guess I let him make me be one as his FRIEND. The fucked up thing is I let you keep your youtube channel which I was going to trash but decided to let you keep. You may want to back up your youtube channel before you lose it all. Would hate to see that happen to you FRIEND. People need to remember this. He almost got punched to the moon at that point. We were yelling and screaming at this point, my wife heard him doing this and well that’s why she doesn’t like him. It was so bad as I said my IT guy who lives nearby heard it and was getting his shit ready to do something. Anyway we have this big argument in my front yard and I told Chris Dorsey that the next damn time he ordered me, commanded me or called me his servant would be the last time he did it. Well here we are at the last time. Later we got into it again on the phone, my son witnessed the whole thing held me back from killing him then. As well as my roommate who by the way is Jewish, and my roommate has some things he wants to say to Chris Dorsey as well, as do several of my Jewish friends..

Is covering up something to hide it from the public a crime? Is stopping information like not putting out the police file and telling me to not put out public information a crime? Ordering the press not to investigate something because it might make you look bad, yeah think everyone would like that. Chris Dorsey is so worried about his image that he forgets to worry about being human. He’s like a little yabby dog that you can’t shut up, he has no damn off button, that is one of his weaknesses he doesn’t know when to stop. That is the root problem of some of his run ins with the police, he won’t shut the fuck up. He thinks being one of the people makes him a god. Being one of the people isn’t a super power he needs to learn this, but since he is not a people it doesn’t matter. The PEOPLE do not lord over everyone like dictators and such, the people set the rules for everyone to follow, not to use to rule over the populace.

I have told him repeatedly about this, he thinks he is the only people. His version is ME THE PEOPLE you the servants. I mean ask yourself a serious question, if you have been in the militia since 1982 would you take orders from some one that has been at it at best since 2009 and can’t command a shit out of his ass without help? And who when things are good he takes all the credit, but when he fucks something up everyone shares the blame he makes sure of it. IF HE is a shining example of what a good Aryan should be, no wonder they fucked the place up. But in all fairness I can’t complain Chris Dorsey has finally found his village, and they have found their idiot.

I’m finding it hard at the moment to not give into to my basic human urges and go and kill him for betraying me. The raw primal urge is screaming in my blood, I want too so bad and it’s making me physical sick because I am taking it out on myself and trying to be a better, more enlightened person. My son is correct violence only begets violence and like actions breeds like actions. But the urges and feelings are all still there.

No I won’t ruin everything over this. Up until just recently Chris Dorsey was on what appeared to be the right track. But he could have been fooling every one? I do have to raise the point was he a Christian-Zionist? Is that why we were never allowed to talk about them? See the Rothschild Zionist aren’t the only ones in the game, I’m against all Zionist the Christian ones as well, there’s more of them. Just the Rothschild control the money thus the whole shebang. If the Rothschild’s are removed the Christian sect would be the rulers and yeah even worse. I have a lot of unanswered questions and am wondering about all of it.

I gave someone a promise that now I can not keep due to what has happened. Amanda Williams I can not keep Chris Dorsey safe any more it hurts me that I can’t fulfill my word to you, I am sorry but I can’t protect something that betrays and attacks me. I did my best and it wasn’t good enough, and that hurts more then Chris Dorsey betraying me. Please forgive me. I am also sorry I couldn’t have done more to help you with what they did. I did my best, just wasn’t good enough. Wish he cared more about you than his own public image. You deserve so much better then him, your a good person.

There is another player in all this that I have no idea about, David Dauterive I do not know what part you play in this all, how much you are to blame. I told you the same thing I told Chris Dorsey and according to his message he implicated you in it. Knowing Chris Dorsey it was not really that way but none the less you are involved, to what extent I do not know nor at this point do I care. David I like you you seem nice. My advice to you is learn more about what is going on. Don’t be lead blindly and trust the right people. Renegade Broadcast Media is full of puss and shit you don’t want to be with them or maybe you do I have no way to know at the moment. You can do much better than them I feel. Watch who you follow and keep your eyes open, because of what has happened I can not trust you now and sorry. You did stick up for me when Chris Dorsey did not, so you can’t be all bad. Turn away now and save yourself while you can this isn’t the right path. Chris Dorsey will betray you as well mate, he did it too me and I did a lot for him. This is what my conversation with David on line looked like that Chris Dorsey went off on,


This was me being low down, underhanded and sabotaging Chris Dorsey. Yes this was me being devious and vile. Unphuck yourself Chris Dorsey. You sound like a little child, trying to get the most friends and are not letting me play in the sand box, whine and waaa, grow the fuck up. So since you sound like it you need to change it from a man called Chris Dorsey to a little kid called Chris Dorsey. And now David is your co-host, man how fast loyalties change.

I will take the liberty and ask several other members of the militia if they too are on board with this White Nationalist mission of Chris Dorsey’s. I don’t remember saying I was up for being a White Nationalist hate group? Don’t ever remember that being in the constitution, I know what it says about traitors and conspirators. And I do know how to carry out missions and maneuvers. I also don’t leave my wingman hanging in a platoon full of soldiers while you jackrabbit to safety. No body caught that at the Trump psyop, Chris Dorsey ran away from the police and left me stuck in the middle of his shit to take the hit. Yeah mate you are right where you belong be the biggest piece of shit on the shit pile. You have truly found the right home for your shit. Be the biggest piece of shit you can be. I might take the pleasure of reporting you to the SPLC myself so you can cherish betraying me but you will not see it that way.


The views and opinions expressed by Chris Dorsey in the name of the Virginia militia are strictly his own. The Virginia militia has disavowed any and all ties to him since the moment he decided to go on white nationalist radio. Any views he states are his alone.

I Glen M. Sutphin do disavow any and all future participation in any and all such relations to Chris Dorsey. Also Glen Sutphin Desktop Publications and Get The NEWS Straight disavow any and all contact and association to him. We acknowledge our part in what we did and do not then nor now support the direction his narrative took. Furthermore we will strive to fight to set his narrative straight. Any reference he farther makes to the Virginia militia are his own cult he is talking about and only exists in his mind or who he gets to follow him.

I want so much to be a bad person, to just give in to my primal urges and release all this rage. But then I would be no better then those fucking Aryan mutt-blood scum. I am not Aryan the 5th root race mutt-bloods of the Atlanteans, I’m Atlantean I’m from the race before the 4th root race, that’s why I don’t fit into your molds I’m not made for them. You forgot we existed. And I am evolving in this new paradigm, I told you changes were coming and things would be thrown around. I wrote the CNN article before any of this shit erupted and waited to release it so it would fit in to what is going on. Another words I saw this coming. I’ll be covering more on the ROOT-RACES next, Stay tuned more coming soon.

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