UPDATE: Nathaniel’s thoughts

Nathaniel Sutphin

“The truth is now suspect:

How do I start off. About 30 years ago my life changed, I died. I didn’t stay dead but was dead none the less. Part of me did stay dead, that white hatred, white supremacists part died and has remained dead. I used to be a WHITE SUPREMACIST okay. I know their bullshit, spot their symbols and know what to expect. And now something happened and I am tore between the truth and a friends who is now saying I’m suspicious because he will not see the truth, So here’s the truth.


Just because they kiss your ass and push you does not change the fact that yes they are. Just because your involved and are not does mean you will be associated with it and damned. No matter what your mission, unless you knew they are and you are where you want to be, of course if that’s the case then well it won’t hurt as much. ”

~Glen Sutphin, Unfinished
Seemed Appropriate enough, given the video. More coming soon!

This stuff happening with my dad is getting under my skin and pissing me off. There’s another video rendering I will post soon.

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