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Today’s question “WHAT ARE ROOT RACES?”

To examine this question I have to school you in what I am talking about. I keep forgetting that most of you who read this know nothing and therefore most of you will have to be taught. There are stories and writings of beings that were here from somewhere else. The bible tells of races of men different from us. The ancient Sumerian’s tell of giants and beings that were from elsewhere in the universe. So are there beings amongst us that are not from here? These people and what I am talking about are root races. Different stages of life have thrived on this planet. We see species and whole regions go extinct on this planet.

Maybe life on this planet was started as a sort of genesis pit. There were primitive life forms on the planet and maybe even some monkey like critters our early man types, existing on the planet.

When I was a child growing up going to church every Sunday I had a lot of unanswered questions about the bible. I had these questions and theories about things in the bible that didn’t fit everyone’s point of view. I wasn’t politically correct even before there was such a term. I asked if Adam and Eve were the only two people on the planet and they had two sons Cain and Able and Cain killed Able then how were there people on the planet for Cain to go out and find a wife in the land of nod?

Who were the sons of god and the daughters of man or eve? Why does the beginning of the bible start over again? Why do some of the stories sound like UFOs? What if we were actually made by alien’s from the stars like the Indians say? Why do we think there wasn’t advanced civilizations before the flood? Maybe there were cultures more advanced then us and god wiped them out with the flood, and some of these things we see that don’t fit in are from a time we have as a people forgotten.

This stuff coming from a seven to ten year old. I knew of events so far in the past that have just come about now so where does that fit in. I’ve had visions and knowledge that no one can explain or even want to figure out. I just live with it and do what I am suppose to do.

Let’s go back to some of these questions and look at them in more detail, I’m going to link you to a bunch of websites and show you that after years and years of thinking that I was weird and crazy there are now theories that back up what me as a ten year old child was saying. And isn’t it ironic that I would put forth theories that today are now established. How do I know so much about this planet and the humans that live here? That’s a question you’ll have to answer yourself.

Let’s start back towards when the story starts with the Sumerian’s. They were the one’s that seem to have the clues we need. First is their stories of creation and their stories of the people who came down to bring us savages into awakening. Their stories of the Annunaki and Nephilim and the Sons of god and the daughters of men. There are stories of how the sun and earth are aligned in the sky. These civilizations knew stuff we till just recently had no knowledge of.

Tribes that had no connection to anyone knew the earth was round and that the earth orbited the sun before we figured it out. So if these ancient peoples were so stupid and brain dead why did they possess knowledge that we are just now coming to enlightenment with. And how do we explain things that don’t fit in the time line the scientist have set up for us. Where do you live when the boarders have fallen down and the thin veil has been taken from your eyes.

What if there were races of man before the great flood that had technology beyond our own. Why do people think they are the best there is and yet each generation that comes along does better and advances more then it’s parent generation. We live and we die, time marches forward.

I’m not convinced that extraterrestrials from time to time haven’t been here manipulating the time line or our DNA. A cosmic experiment, a genesis pit. Aliens came down from another star system and saw these primitive apelike beings running around and decided, hey let’s see if we can make a civilization out of these things so they started manipulating and changing these creatures over the eons. Coming back from time to time to see how we are doing.

There are stories from every walk of life telling us of beings and creatures that come from the skies to bring us messages and visions of things to come. Maybe that’s why there are so many alien movies and stuff coming out. We are being trained to do and obey when they return. What about those of us who know and are already where we are suppose to be.

What happens when 2012 comes and things go to hell. What then of this planet. I have seen things that will happen and things that might happen. I have seen visions from as far back as I can remember come true, seen things I didn’t understand till after they happen. What if there are more people like me who know things and are getting ready. We will all have to be prepared for the coming years.

I don’t know what will really be the start or if I’m even right but I’ve been accurate so far. People then start getting stupid when you tell them you have seen the future and can see things that are about to happen. They say give me the lottery numbers or prove it. I have proven myself time and time again and people say well you were just lucky. Or other such crap.

I could be standing on a mountain of proof and still be unheard or believed. And people would still ask for more proof. The proof comes when everyone sees and then it’s too late. I don’t know how I know some of these things that I had never heard of till just recently. I would tell people and be told I was crazy or foolish. But Am I.

Is it just me. Let’s see. People who lived thousands of years ago said the almost same thing, the bible says some of the same things, but I’m the foolish one. Or is it just that a person who looks like me and lives where I live can’t be smart and able to be something other then what society says they are to be.

When the white settlers came to the new land they brought with them a new hope a new vision and a new order. Everyone was to obey or be cast out. That seems to be the way of things obey or be cast out. Well what if the ones that are cast out have the better view point what if they are right and the rest are wrong. People will go where lead, we don’t like to be the one leading.

I was an outcast still am. I go where I am lead by the high command. I hear voices and have visions I am coping with that stuff the best as I can. There are times I do believe that I am quite mad and insane but then the things I see and feel and hear come true, what then or is this place just that the inside of the asylum with scratches and pictures drawn on the wall by previous inmates or hell mates.

Okay I digress. Back to the main idea for this post. In the beginning man was made in gods image. Both male and female. Suppose that there were creatures here that you could say were almost human and then you have these being that were created in gods image and are humans. They exist side by side living together and suppose as happens they intermarry and intermix having children and producing hybrids. Eventually most of the pure races die out and are gone from the line till only the surviving gene types are left. Each offspring replaces some of the line before it till soon nothing is left of the original. That’s what happens to the root races. Each successful offspring replaced the parent till

the ancient line has vanished. Then you get several root races intermixing and forming sub-races and the first race disappears.

There are stories of these creatures coming down from heaven and mixing with the races that were here at the time bringing about giants and abnormal offspring that lived and died and there are records to back it up. Look in the bible David and Goliath , Goliath was a giant he had brothers who were giants. These beings fill the bible and the Sumerian texts as well as the texts and stories of other civilizations. There are tales of the star elders from the Hopi and other American Indian tribes.

These beings come down from the heavens to teach us and guide us and we are left to either do or not do. It seems each time it is up to us to decide where we go on the cosmic road we are on. It’s like they come here from time to time to test us and see if we are ready for the next step. Like a teacher that comes around and checks our tests and gets us prepared for the next lesson. Are they guiding us or watching us, that should be a question that need to be answered also. For to know the answer would make the trip a bit more comfortable.

There are also tales of races that got totally wiped out in the history of man also. These civilizations grew up, prospered and then were wiped out, does it hold the same for us we have grown up, prospered and are coming to a point that we might also destroy ourselves. These are links to some of the things I’ve talked about here.

Annunaki :




Root race :


Sons of god and the daughters of men:





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