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Chris Dorsey only wins if good people do nothing.

I am going to try and be fair an not let my emotions come in on this article. I will look at some of the reasons why these things occur. This case I am deeply involved in and am trying to save what I can and lose what is wrong without sacrificing everything because of one person’s mistake. Because I see the optics on this and see both sides of what I am doing and to be honest at this point I don’t care. I will do what I feel is the right path and damn the rest.

Chris Dorsey has his rights and his own will. I must state this clearly, he choose to do these things. No one forced him to do them. He was free to do as he pleased and has. But what leads a person to commit their actions, that is what I will take a look at in this article. The biggest problem that sticks out the most in this situation is the POLICE. More on this in a minute, I do place most of the blame on them. They through their ineptness and lack of responding to situations or how they respond to situations, is the biggest blame here. It transcends the color of the skin folks. When there are problems across the spectrum of tribes it more then skin color.

People are upset with this police state mentality. The agenda they push is for tribalism and they turn to tribalism to take the blame. There’s this thing where they take terms and switch the meanings so I am taking the liberty to weishaupt a few of my own. Racism is not the color of your skin, we are all the human race thus racism is about the whole human race. We are from separate tribes, what you call racism is actually tribalism. But they switch and make mean different words and meanings. OK now tribalism has it’s place in the development of human culture. It should not be everything you are. And when false teachings lead the path of tribalism, is it really a good thing?

I have a form of white guilt, because when I was younger I was a white supremacist a neo-nazi white Aryan nation type. I know the rhetoric, I know the crap they push, and know a lot of the symbols and such. I’m not proud that I have this knowledge but it helps me, now 30 years after I gave that life up and found a different path. I don’t like to tell people this, it’s nothing to be proud of, and it happen a life time ago that most of it has been forgotten. But it puts me in a unique position to fight it. I tell people so they can see that having certain knowledge of something gives you a weapon to defend and use against something. I have this knowledge and I use it to combat this problem. So when Chris Dorsey came to me and said he had a radio station that we were going on, I looked at it site and saw a blazing black sun emblem on their site, the first thing I told him was NO THANK YOU YOU CAN HAVE IT. I didn’t tell him why. Told him if he wanted to go on to have fun and I wanted no part of it. That’s how against it I am.

Anyway long story short we are here now. I have reported him to the SPLC, I take no pleasure in doing this but things at times need to be done. I fight this with knowledge of what is going on. I do not trust the SPLC but must report the violation and do it publicly to show evidence that the thing had been done. I am conducting court in the public eye to show everyone. My methods may lack discretion but since there’s no legal way to do it so be it. I am wondering if the police may have something on Chris Dorsey that makes them do what they do but I suspect it’s just a reaction to the way he is, I will find out.

If the POLICE had of not broken the law numerous times in the past and created this mess maybe we would not be here today. Now all you police apologist shut up and listen for a minute. The POLICE made this mess. It could have been avoided a long time ago if they would stop pushing the POLICE STATE to control us. I told Chris Dorsey I was at war with the narrative and the agenda not him. What he did was low down, lacked honor, was disrespectful, cowardly and was what I expected of him, you didn’t disappoint me mate. His actions are his own and he alone is responsible for them, no matter the reason for them or what has happened. People blame me for stuff he does and says which is also wrong and needs to be looked at in this as well. Being his friend has cost me a lot of my reputation, but to be honest the police were harassing me way before they used the excuse of Chris Dorsey. I knew Steve Drew of the Richmond police about 7 years longer then I’ve known Chris Dorsey and this type of thing has gone on since before then.

In a recent turn Chris Dorsey has seen some of the light and has posted this on his wall:

“ An agent provocateur is a person who is employed by the government or the police to encourage certain groups of people to break the law, so they can arrest them or make them lose public support. chris dorsey verifies the text book agent provocateur tactics employed by Kyle Hunt and Sinead McCarthy of Renegade Broadcasting .“
Their response:
This is the last time I will share anything from RENEGADE BROADCASTING MEDIA piece of shit white trash radio, hopefully this will be the last I hear of them. Their opinion of me means nothing to me, I have not even listen that’s how much I care. I will share this so Chris Dorsey can see what he did to a friend. If this were a war, well it is war mate and you lead your troops right into the enemies hands and said they had to be happy to be there. When the war starts hard your head is mine. Keeker’s would be ashamed of you. All I’m going to say. Shameful. Tell your servants that.

Wonder if it had anything to do with what I posted and started doing. The time to nip the wrong action in the butt and start putting a stop to it is in the very beginning when it is the easiest to stop. I am glad he has seen through some of this and hope he opens his eyes fully to everything. I do not hate Chris Dorsey, but I do however hate the actions he has taken against me, he’s a brilliant mind and his analysis is spot on, he himself is a total ass and a bully. And this hang up he has against the JEWS is totally wrong and counter productive to his rhetoric. If he ,, he won’t so I won’t even go there and save myself the trouble.

All Chris Dorsey is doing now is spin control. He’s trying to fix the gaping wound caused by my son and myself to his image. But all we are doing is showing the real you to the public. What the POLICE have done is awful, your reaction to it is equally as awful. Hold them accountable is what I have been trying to do all along. Ever since I started hard hitting them in 2005.


Analysis of his radio show that I could only get through 45 minutes of before my migraine from his shit was unbearable.

Chris Dorsey has basically confessed to everything I said in my last article this is another Chris Dorsey fucks up and gives the blame to everyone but this time he slandered me and I will be looking into legal action as well as criminal charges against him and possible arrest. I don’t play. I have no idea who 3 of those people he talks about are, that was something he did on his own. I have had no contact with any of those 3 persons, no emails, no ims, nothing on fedbook. They never contacted me only him. Then he and cyanide whos her face attack me over my time line saying I’m pushing or promoting porn; which I wasn’t but they didn’t read it, on an article he admits he didn’t read? And I’m the bad one here. For something I published over 20 years ago. And the article was about how because of what I did I was going against a crime. Yeah great thing to attack me on fucking retarded troglodytes.

For proof he does something and I pay the price I have great footage shot by INFOWARS and linked in with what Chris Dorsey shot of him yelling at the people that started the whole thing, yeah there’s the proof this always happens but this time I have the evidence and will act on it.Told you you messed up mate.

Also do you know what stolen valor is? You call yourself military, I want to see your DD-214, which you say you know nothing about, your military id, something that proves commander of the Virginia militia that you are military. I can prove I was in for the time I say.

Yeah I smell a lawsuit coming his way maybe I can do Richmond one favor and remove Chris Dorsey from the public for awhile, a menace to society. I’m going to say no more for now till I talk to an attorney, if I have a case I will pursue it. And I want proof I said those quotes he makes up out of thin air from conversations we may or may not have had. Is hearsay admissible in court? I know recordings, video, and written word is. Show where you quoted me from Chris Dorsey if it was a private conversation produce the evidence of the conversation. I can’t produce a conversation or proof of your threats but I can produce witnesses that heard part of it. Witnesses are allowed in court, he said this then he said that is not. And if I could produce the threats you give me I would in a heartbeat. But I have you wrapping it all up on your radio show for me which is even better thanks Chris Dorsey.

In closing I’m going to go seek legal advise and see what I’m going to do next against Chris Dorsey and Renegade broadcast media. There’s a lot going on so I may be out of touch so Stay tuned.

My old friend reminded me: FEDBOOK SECURITY PSYOP fedbook ex-employee

My old friend NARF messaged me from out of the blue last night after seeing the crap going on. He reminded me that I can show you what an ex-fedbook employees fedbook page looks like. I said “how?” He said “fedbook search for my name asshole.” Nice friend, but he’s good people. So I did a search for his profile name and low and behold I found this gem that I had totally forgotten.

My buddy Narf Whet sent this to me but since he disabled his account to go take care of some personal matters I will repost it..

This is what a fedbook or ex-fedbook security profile looks like also what a fedbook employees profile looks like. No where does it say fedbook affiliated, or that they work for fedbook or that they are security for fedbook. So I know for a fact that what you are finding when you do these searches are not fedbook people. Fred S. Wolens was the face of fedbook security at the time, I talked to him for an hour after talking to the FBI. So I know from life that I know what I speak is true. And look at the date way before any of this mess started 2013.

Bad memory of this day from 8 years ago


This day now 8 years ago I had the horror of watching the most disgusting act I have witnessed to date on this god forsaken planet. I witnessed a person Trinity S. McKay lose the one person she held dear to her, Sean D. McKay to a madman’s bullet. The bastard did take his own live sparing me a prison sentence.

But nothing so far I have seen has touched me as deeply and as sickening as that. To have someone ripped from you in a second over senseless shit. And to have to stand helpless and be told by the creator to stand still and do nothing, just watch.

Go back through my blog you’ll see what happened. I will forever hate this day and all the emotion it brings, trying to remember those I still have today and going to take it easy. Even now just typing this I have tears in my eyes and can hardly type. So love each other and stop the hate.

Sean D. McKay I say the last thing I ever said to you mate. “have fun storming the castle mate.” May the force be always with you.

A man called Chris Dorsey threatens Press Correspondent Glen Sutphin to cover up his involvement in White Nationalist media and radio.

screenshot-2017-02-13-14_30_5 part 1 is here please watch it first if you haven’t yet. Nathaniel makes several very good points and connections to several dots on this that I will be following up on.

Okay the past few days have been more then rough, blood pressure spiking, UTI, fighting another infection and being sick. On top of all that as if that is not bad enough, I have to deal with this issue I am now addressing and it is very hard to do. I am confused and conflicted but to be honest I have expected it for a while. I do not do well being brainwashed into a cult, or into white supremacists societies. Yeah brainwashing doesn’t work, that’s why you keep telling me shit Chris Dorsey.

people have been asking me how i am?

I want so much to go and kill a fascistic piece of scum I used to call a friend, who is no friend, has no honor and needs to be removed from the planet. But at the same time his view point he has a right to, he has a right to speak his Jew bashing, he’s better then everyone else point of view. He has the right to be wrong, but he had no right to BETRAY me and I want Chris Dorsey’s head but I don’t want to hurt him. I am fighting myself so I will not kill him. My son I am also trying to control from killing him, my son does not handle betrayal well. but there is no danger to Chris Dorsey, I will put this down as my son said without the hatred and violence because that just begets more of the same. I am sorry that this is happening but it is and I am dealing with this the best I can without doing what I really want to do. I will let this play out in public so there will be no more gate keeping from Chris Dorsey. He goes around bashing people from doing the same damn thing he does. And yes he is covering up for renegade radio so that makes him guilty as any other, then ordering ME to cover it up. And if these are underhanded tactics when I do it for Chris Dorsey he praises me on how good I am, but when turned against him it’s underhanded and low down. I WILL release his recording so everyone can hear it in his own words and in the “you will do what I say as your master” tone of voice. CHRIS DORSEY I told you before you are not my master you do not give me commands, you are not in charge of me, you have not conquered me and you do not own me, I am A FREE MAN not under your rule not under your control. I am free, i am a man, I do not have to say I am a MAN and proclaim it like a weapon, my son says “If you have to tell everyone you are a man your not, real men don’t have to proclaim it they show it”. yeah I told you you were going about everything wrong you will not listen, I know you hear it you repeat it back but you never listen. I was not against you, we started out something and it was good, then you wanted to be what you hate the most, I did tell you that it was wrong and tried to stop you. Now I will destroy what you have become. You drag everything down with you that you did in the past. I will not destroy what we built there’s a lot of good information involved and up to a month or so ago the information was sound, Now its JEW bashing shit. I never wanted to be on white pride radio, told you at the beginning. Told you I wanted no part of renegade media, you wanted it and I told you go ahead without me. You drug me in and as a friend I stayed to make sure I could protect you as much as I could, but I can’t save you from your own actions. And now you have me as an enemy you made out of a true friend and that hurts me to no end having to go against you, but so be it you willed it to be. You summons me from the pit and now that that has happened you now have to deal with it, I will be fair to you, your a brilliant person, you are not one of WE THE PEOPLE though you don’t deserve the title PEOPLE, you are a person that thinks he’s a PEOPLE.

AS for the betrayal and the conspiracy of getting others to gang up on me, did you send renegade after me to attack me? You attacked right after they did? See how paranoia works, I could be paranoid as well but I won’t fall for my mind games. You aimed your attack at me out of your own paranoid mind, now you deal with your own actions on this.

I will not harm you physically unless you get within arm reach then well. You Chris Dorsey are not allowed over on my property and yes there are people who watch over me you don’t need to know who they are for theirs and my protection, it’s not suspicious to have and not tell you, it’s common sense. You don’t need to know every secret because they’re called secrets for a reason.

In closing I will be doing up more on this when I get over being sick which happens at this time of year.

Unfortunately the decision has already been made and I have to abide by the wishes of those who do command me. So Chris Dorsey I’ll tell you what happened and fill everyone in. My wife Susan had my phone, her and my son Nathaniel where out as all this crap was blowing up on line and was festering for a bit. Chris Dorsey calls and leaves this message: I was not the first one to hear it.

Transcript of what was said provided by my wife. Yeah she pissed.

Transcript of message from Chris Dorsey to Glen Sutphin.

Hey Glen this is Chris it is about ten minutes before five on Tuesday and that is February seventh. um. I got a call from Dave today and he… Tells me that you are asking him for dirt. quote unquote. On Renegade broadcasting. Now you and I had a conversation on that I made it very clear. You know I really, don’t care to much about anything else but getting this mission done, and uhh it seems like. I un don’t know something weird is going on, where uh uh you your attempting to sabotage this mission. In any event I’m going to keep calling you and I need to talk to you. Because uh you contacted my co-host and attempting to get him, to sabotage the radio network he is on is pretty absurd. Sooo aah. I don’t, I don’t know any thing else to say except to say you know the STOP USING these UNDERHANDED TACTICS and be a man and call me up on the telephone ALLRIGHT! Thanks Glen.

Time length of message 1:27

Well my wife doesn’t answer the phone because of the last time Chris Dorsey blow up at me, more on this in a minute and she was driving. She really doesn’t like him, anyway; My wife and my son stopped over my IT guys house on the way home and my wife listened to the message and went off, well needless to say my son and IT guy heard the message as well. My IT guy was in the army overseas, has PTSD and isn’t to be messed with, my son well he’s my son he’s got a temper. Out of the three of them that heard it, my IT guy was the sanest one at that point. It’s pretty bad that the one that was in a war zone is the sanest one at this point. My son and IT guy had to stop the normally calmest one, my wife, from going to kill Chris Dorsey right then and there. My bet is on my wife, I don’t mess with her when she’s pissed or asleep. Once ordered me to burn down the house quietly, she was asleep and the house was on FIRE well my desk was. Mean while I’m sick at home not aware of anything that was going on yet.

They took a while to calm my wife down. Later on my wife and son get home and I get up and the wife says that Chris Dorsey called. In a tone of voice that was more deadly then normal. I didn’t think much about it at that moment and went to listen to the message like I said she doesn’t like him. Well imagine my reaction when I hear it. I was pissed as shit. Later that night my IT guy comes over and talks to me. Yeah the things that were said, the things that were planned, never would they happen, but were discussed.

Anyway my blood pressure and fever and crap took it’s toll on me and knocked me out for days. My son was so damned pissed he decided to fire his shot in the war and it was a great opening shot. I have a few things I would have done slightly different, but I give him an A+ for his first time, excellent and yes I am following his lead. He produced those two videos himself, as well as the recording of the phone message as you can see. He then left to get away from it, probably best for him.

Now before I go much farther let me fill everyone in on the last time he blow up at me. Shortly after the police kidnapped and NDAA’ed Chris Dorsey off the street, he was in jail and I did all that stuff, we got into a yelling match in my front yard. Most of my neighbors heard it as did my IT guy who lives in the area. Anyway it was the day I went to the police HQ, got and paid for the report that they had. That Chris Dorsey could have got for free but was too chicken shit to go get, I had to use $5.00 I didn’t have to get think I burrowed it from my IT guy if I remember. Chris Dorsey tells me that it doesn’t show anything and is worthless, it was worth $5.00. This is what putting up with Chris Dorsey and being his friend entails, but if that was it, that in itself would be bad enough but as Billy Mays used to say “but wait theres more”. Then he starts yelling me and ordering me around calling me his servant during the argument. Someone who was helping him is his servant, someone that came and dug him out of jail is his servant. Someone that put 500 hours of work into that piece of shit RENEGADE BROADCASTING WHITE TRASH MEDIA is his servant, well that last part, yeah I guess I let him make me be one as his FRIEND. The fucked up thing is I let you keep your youtube channel which I was going to trash but decided to let you keep. You may want to back up your youtube channel before you lose it all. Would hate to see that happen to you FRIEND. People need to remember this. He almost got punched to the moon at that point. We were yelling and screaming at this point, my wife heard him doing this and well that’s why she doesn’t like him. It was so bad as I said my IT guy who lives nearby heard it and was getting his shit ready to do something. Anyway we have this big argument in my front yard and I told Chris Dorsey that the next damn time he ordered me, commanded me or called me his servant would be the last time he did it. Well here we are at the last time. Later we got into it again on the phone, my son witnessed the whole thing held me back from killing him then. As well as my roommate who by the way is Jewish, and my roommate has some things he wants to say to Chris Dorsey as well, as do several of my Jewish friends..

Is covering up something to hide it from the public a crime? Is stopping information like not putting out the police file and telling me to not put out public information a crime? Ordering the press not to investigate something because it might make you look bad, yeah think everyone would like that. Chris Dorsey is so worried about his image that he forgets to worry about being human. He’s like a little yabby dog that you can’t shut up, he has no damn off button, that is one of his weaknesses he doesn’t know when to stop. That is the root problem of some of his run ins with the police, he won’t shut the fuck up. He thinks being one of the people makes him a god. Being one of the people isn’t a super power he needs to learn this, but since he is not a people it doesn’t matter. The PEOPLE do not lord over everyone like dictators and such, the people set the rules for everyone to follow, not to use to rule over the populace.

I have told him repeatedly about this, he thinks he is the only people. His version is ME THE PEOPLE you the servants. I mean ask yourself a serious question, if you have been in the militia since 1982 would you take orders from some one that has been at it at best since 2009 and can’t command a shit out of his ass without help? And who when things are good he takes all the credit, but when he fucks something up everyone shares the blame he makes sure of it. IF HE is a shining example of what a good Aryan should be, no wonder they fucked the place up. But in all fairness I can’t complain Chris Dorsey has finally found his village, and they have found their idiot.

I’m finding it hard at the moment to not give into to my basic human urges and go and kill him for betraying me. The raw primal urge is screaming in my blood, I want too so bad and it’s making me physical sick because I am taking it out on myself and trying to be a better, more enlightened person. My son is correct violence only begets violence and like actions breeds like actions. But the urges and feelings are all still there.

No I won’t ruin everything over this. Up until just recently Chris Dorsey was on what appeared to be the right track. But he could have been fooling every one? I do have to raise the point was he a Christian-Zionist? Is that why we were never allowed to talk about them? See the Rothschild Zionist aren’t the only ones in the game, I’m against all Zionist the Christian ones as well, there’s more of them. Just the Rothschild control the money thus the whole shebang. If the Rothschild’s are removed the Christian sect would be the rulers and yeah even worse. I have a lot of unanswered questions and am wondering about all of it.

I gave someone a promise that now I can not keep due to what has happened. Amanda Williams I can not keep Chris Dorsey safe any more it hurts me that I can’t fulfill my word to you, I am sorry but I can’t protect something that betrays and attacks me. I did my best and it wasn’t good enough, and that hurts more then Chris Dorsey betraying me. Please forgive me. I am also sorry I couldn’t have done more to help you with what they did. I did my best, just wasn’t good enough. Wish he cared more about you than his own public image. You deserve so much better then him, your a good person.

There is another player in all this that I have no idea about, David Dauterive I do not know what part you play in this all, how much you are to blame. I told you the same thing I told Chris Dorsey and according to his message he implicated you in it. Knowing Chris Dorsey it was not really that way but none the less you are involved, to what extent I do not know nor at this point do I care. David I like you you seem nice. My advice to you is learn more about what is going on. Don’t be lead blindly and trust the right people. Renegade Broadcast Media is full of puss and shit you don’t want to be with them or maybe you do I have no way to know at the moment. You can do much better than them I feel. Watch who you follow and keep your eyes open, because of what has happened I can not trust you now and sorry. You did stick up for me when Chris Dorsey did not, so you can’t be all bad. Turn away now and save yourself while you can this isn’t the right path. Chris Dorsey will betray you as well mate, he did it too me and I did a lot for him. This is what my conversation with David on line looked like that Chris Dorsey went off on,


This was me being low down, underhanded and sabotaging Chris Dorsey. Yes this was me being devious and vile. Unphuck yourself Chris Dorsey. You sound like a little child, trying to get the most friends and are not letting me play in the sand box, whine and waaa, grow the fuck up. So since you sound like it you need to change it from a man called Chris Dorsey to a little kid called Chris Dorsey. And now David is your co-host, man how fast loyalties change.

I will take the liberty and ask several other members of the militia if they too are on board with this White Nationalist mission of Chris Dorsey’s. I don’t remember saying I was up for being a White Nationalist hate group? Don’t ever remember that being in the constitution, I know what it says about traitors and conspirators. And I do know how to carry out missions and maneuvers. I also don’t leave my wingman hanging in a platoon full of soldiers while you jackrabbit to safety. No body caught that at the Trump psyop, Chris Dorsey ran away from the police and left me stuck in the middle of his shit to take the hit. Yeah mate you are right where you belong be the biggest piece of shit on the shit pile. You have truly found the right home for your shit. Be the biggest piece of shit you can be. I might take the pleasure of reporting you to the SPLC myself so you can cherish betraying me but you will not see it that way.


The views and opinions expressed by Chris Dorsey in the name of the Virginia militia are strictly his own. The Virginia militia has disavowed any and all ties to him since the moment he decided to go on white nationalist radio. Any views he states are his alone.

I Glen M. Sutphin do disavow any and all future participation in any and all such relations to Chris Dorsey. Also Glen Sutphin Desktop Publications and Get The NEWS Straight disavow any and all contact and association to him. We acknowledge our part in what we did and do not then nor now support the direction his narrative took. Furthermore we will strive to fight to set his narrative straight. Any reference he farther makes to the Virginia militia are his own cult he is talking about and only exists in his mind or who he gets to follow him.

I want so much to be a bad person, to just give in to my primal urges and release all this rage. But then I would be no better then those fucking Aryan mutt-blood scum. I am not Aryan the 5th root race mutt-bloods of the Atlanteans, I’m Atlantean I’m from the race before the 4th root race, that’s why I don’t fit into your molds I’m not made for them. You forgot we existed. And I am evolving in this new paradigm, I told you changes were coming and things would be thrown around. I wrote the CNN article before any of this shit erupted and waited to release it so it would fit in to what is going on. Another words I saw this coming. I’ll be covering more on the ROOT-RACES next, Stay tuned more coming soon.

CNN: Rothschild Zionist lead propaganda arm


put in this code to verify  59465sut

This one going to piss a lot of people off, guess what I don’t care. Your going to be TRIGGERED some of you that’s okay be TRIGGERED. The truth does not care for your OPINION. Where should I begin with my involvement and hatred for CNN. I know the best to tell you this is to start at the beginning.

1990 – 1993: I went into WRESTLING and learned real fast all about MEDIA and how corrupt CNN was. 1992 they fucked me and the guy I was managing over and started my war with them. I vowed to one day take them down that days is coming soon. So before I ever became PRESS I have hated CNN and the MEDIA, one of the few factors that lead me to become PRESS. I started off in WRESTLING as a photographer. Iron Mike Sharp told me I needed to be the guy I managed manager, I said not it, got vetoed by Iron Mike Sharp and became a WRESTLING MANAGER. You don’t tell Iron Mike Sharp not it, he’s one of the few that vetoed it. Went on to be pretty big in Alabama and most of the east coast, DARK ANGEL and the DARK ANGEL ALLIANCE.

Okay they were one of the main reasons I ever became PRESS, it was to pay them back for fucking me. I don’t care if you love him or hate him when I saw Donald J. Trump dressing CNN down and saying they were FAKE NEWS, well I just decided it was time to bury them. If you push their talking points and follow there narrative you are being BRAINWASHED, you are being lied to and your are falling for the PSYOP.

I’ll explain more on this in a minute. Now you will notice if you go back to my time-line, I was against the MEDIA before I was ever PRESS, I have hated them since 1992, but didn’t become PRESS till 1994-1995. Been at war with the MEDIA since 1992 back when I was in WRESTLING. Before I was PRESS, now in 2017 at total and complete war with them. Taking down CNN first then working my way to the others. Exposing them for what they are. And since the executive branch started the MEDIA arm for propaganda, they have the right to order them around. IN OTHER WORDS the PRESIDENT has a right to tell his lackeys to shut up. And to remove them altogether.

Some of this is cut out of the comments I make on fedbook, I write a lot of my articles this way due to the computer issues, forgive the repeated statement but it points out the importance.

“That which can be destroyed by the truth, needs to be destroyed by the truth. Lies need to end and CNN is targeted with the truth as to what they really are.” ~ Glen M.Sutphin A.P.P.

WHAT IS CNN: Certified Not News

Put simply, it is one of the main Rothschild Zionists propaganda arms that others push as true.


if you share any of their bullshit you’ve been psyoped

The Rothschild Zionist that control the NWO and globalization are to blame for this shit that they are forcing on the human race as a whole destroying civilization, not just the black tribe of humans but all humans. It effects us all as a whole populace, what happens to one tribe happens to all tribes. That is the way they destroy us, all of us, not just the blacks. This also applies to the Jewish tribe as well as any tribe of man. All of us collectively are being GENOCIDED. Every tribe on EARTH is being targeted, everyone, even those ass-hats that go along to get along with it. We all breath the same crap filled chemtrail polluted air, drink the same toxic water, eat the same GMO fake food. And all because of these fucking criminals that most of you bow down to instead of eliminating them.

They are all part of the Rothschild Zionists, the CLINTON’S and CARLOS SLIM are part of the same cabal. CNN, NY TIMES, TIME WARNER are all owned by the Rothschild’s all MEDIA is. They are all owned at the very top by the same people, the Rothschild’s own all media period. By 2000, six corporations had ownership of most media, and today five dominate the industry: Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch’s News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany and Viacom. all owned at the top by Rothschilds Sad that there is more truth in the onion then CNN. OKAY let’s take a brief look at several of the persons I mentioned above first up:

CARLOS SLIM: He is reasonable for almost all the lies (alternate facts) put out about Donald J. Trump, all those sex stories that were false, most of them fell down while they were telling it.

CLINTON’S: Their crap stretches back to Richard Nixon, Watergate, too long a history to fill in here; but for this article they are tied in to the Donald J. Trump sex scandals made up by Carlos Slim, them and several others. Paid made up lies pushed as truth.


GLORIA ALLRED: more Carlos Slim and Clinton, tie in the NY Times and Gloria Allred, and lastly CNN and it ties up almost all the criminals that spread fake news, lies and slander. This is all a fabrication by the Rothschild Zionists. So tell me again how the least watched MEDIA has any validity? And if you go around pushing their talking points and their narrative you are in fact pushing Rothschild Zionists propaganda and I will not put up with you. You will be muted and ignored I am tired of telling people they know not what they speak. But CNN is the bastion of truth and integrity, yeah right. Rothschild Zionist propaganda arm has too retract yet another fake news story. When will they just die. All they do is push the Rothschild Zionists propaganda. Any one pushing their propaganda is as bad as they are. My war on them is on going.

Another thing is they are a CIA front as well, Anderson Cooper is CIA, which ties in to the Boston bombing hoax with HEATHER JEAN ABBOTT who you may recall supposedly lose her leg in the fake smudge pot explosion. As a civilian she was given a challenge coin, which I am told is only given to operatives and agents. Well when you take into account she worked at RAYTHEON which played a big role in this. Funny how I was re-reading my article on her and almost all the links are dead and she re-did her linked in page too a new profile. Hum, interesting must have been right about it.

bomb babe Heather Abbott RAYTHEON’S contribution to the Boston hoax.

Rothschild Zionist propaganda arm

Why do I keep using this term, let me explain to simple minded folk this. Or put it another way, if you hate Jews, and you are against Jews what the fucking hell are you doing pushing Jewish propaganda that they put out. This “I hate Jews, Jews are bad, can’t trust anything a Jews says. Hey think I’ll go catch the news put out by Jews to tell me what to hate”. What the actual FUCK is wrong with you people. Think about how fucking dumb you sound.

While I’m on the subject of Jew hating lets look at some facts. Jews compose a TINY PERCENT of the population of the planet, 2% TINY PERCENT, Only about 17 million people as a whole, TINY PERCENT of that total 22% are ROTHSCHILD ZIONIST JEW, okay that comes out to a TINY PERCENT of the JEWISH population. That also comes out to a tiny faction of a tiny fraction of a percent of the total population I am against, only about a million or so people, but am told because of that tiny fraction of a tiny fraction of a percent of the population I have to hate that WHOLE TRIBE OF HUMANS known as the JEWS. And if I fucking don’t hate as others hate I am wrong. If I don’t kill who you kill I’m wrong. If I don’t walk, talk and follow you as you wish then I am wrong. Well I said it before and I’ll say it again the magick word for this year is FUCK YOU. Quit telling me whom I can love and whom I can hate. I will not follow in your cult of ass kissers so you all can look big at my expense. Your damn JEW HATING rhetoric hasn’t changed in 30 some years, it was old when I was growing up in your cult, it’s beyond old now. I grew up around and in this community and such. WHITE SUPREMACIST, NEO-NAZI, THE JEWS DID IT BULLSHIT CULTURE, didn’t work then, definitely does not work now. Having grown up in that culture that mind set; I talk from experience and don’t have 30 some years for you to catch up to where I am now. Thought that you all had changed and grew, you did it got worse. I would rather walk all alone and be truthful to myself and my cause then blindly follow the crowd going the wrong way pretending to be right any day. I would rather stand in the truth alone then walk and follow the lies and false teaching of the group any day and I am. My hatred and outrage is at the agenda and those pushing it, if I have no friends that’s okay I don’t blindly follow anyone, you humans need crowds to feel safe, I don’t. I don’t feel safe in crowds, I’m not part of your heard mentality. I hate completely and research everything before I even start to believe it. Often times my research changes my opinion of things, sometime I believe the lies, then when confronted with the cold hard truth I have to change or be against the truth. My research often puts me at odds with the excepted facts, doesn’t mean the excepted facts are correct or even truthful it just means they are excepted.

But I do support your right to believe what you want to believe and to act on your beliefs as you see you must. And who knows you maybe right there’s that small chance your right and I entirely missed the whole point of the narrative. I support your right to speak your truth and respect that right as well as the responsibility for your actions be they right or wrong.

Disturbed – ”Who Taught You How To Hate” Lyrics

Now most of IS-RA-EL identifies as ROTHSCHILD ZIONIST JEW so I am naturally against IS-RA-EL which at it’s base is the ROTHSCHILD THIEFDOM (a den of iniquity, run by thieves, a thief’s kingdom where they rule). I am against and will fight till the death any supporter of ZIONIST, now you stupid humans that push narratives of theirs and don’t know; you I will educate and guide you back, if you will not change your rhetoric, I will destroy the narrative leaving you looking stupid and looking for another agenda to push. You who sell out and push narrative and ass kiss to gain acceptance need to go to your safe space and hide where words can’t hurt you, your cowardly and act big to impress all while doing little to really help fight the shit.

I do not hate JEWS, i do not hate BLACKS, HISPANICS, WHITES, OR ANY TRIBE OF MAN. I do however HATE the STUPIDITY AND IGNORANCE found in ALL TRIBES of man. I HATE the CULTS they form and make you fall lockstep into the hive mind heard mentality they push in all forms, both good and bad.


How do they do what they do. I’m like the annoying little kid that the magician can’t fool, and I’m telling you the method behind the madness. First they post a story headlining it. Then they push it hard running it as real for up to 70 hours but not more then 72. Then they pull the story or push it to the back page with the lies mostly removed before they get sued, but they still push it as true. Retracting most of the salacious bullshit out or spun a slightly different way. You as the viewer have been sitting and hear this shit for 2 days and eating it up as true, BIASED to the bogus facts; then when you are introduced to the truth you don’t except it because you usually believe the first time you hear it because of the programming. Telling you the truth then becomes harder and your conditioning reinforces the programming, making it damn near impossible for you to see the truth. Even when presented with the facts and shown the trick.

Like how many believe it now?

How many got this far?

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” ~ Joseph Goebbels:


So with the repeal of the Smith-Mundt act and the passing of the NDAA the MEDIA as of 2013 is allowed to push propaganda and lies out without any recourse, they lie and you regurgitate those lies. I then have to go do all this research to bring you the facts that most will not hear because they have you in a bubble of lies. I can only lead you to the truth, wish I could make you swallow it and see but that’s for you to decide. I do all I can, but I can’t make you listen if you don’t want to.

Just some of the numerous OOPS that CNN made:…
CNN lied: No formal Secret Service discussions with Trump camp on remark…
CNN Lied – Trump Protesters DID NOT Kick Black Activist Who Stormed Rally…
Howard Stern Confirms CNN LIED About Iraq War Support, NOT Donald Trump…
CNN LIES about what percentage of remaining delegates Sanders needs…
CNN Lies That Primary Is Over…
CNN LIES About UFO Story To Protect Hillary Clinton

Hillary Said Obama Was Not Born In America And CNN Lied About It

CNN Falsely Claims Reading WikiLeaks Is Illegal In America

How CNN Lied To Slander Trump As Wanting To’Register Muslims’…
Shame on CNN for deceptively editing footage from Milwaukee!…
CNN Falsely Claims Breitbart News ‘Most Prominent Platform’ for Nazi Salute and ‘White Supremacists’…
CNN has been the subject of allegations of extreme liberal bias.…
CNN lied about “no video” of Iranian cash transfer…
CNN Lied to Blame New York Attack on “alt-Right”…
CNN Lies About Our Pence Interview!…
The mainstream media narrative is that Hillary is “measured and reserved” where Trump is “reckless and dangerous.” When the two candidates received word of the bombing in New York they BOTH called it a bombing. The Clinton News Network CNN edited the word “bombing” from Hillary’s response.…
Why Do Virtually All ‘News’ Media Hide an Exposé of CNN’s Lies?…
CNN Lies About Milwaukee Riots…
CNN Lies About Dakota Access Pipeline Protests…
Nancy Sinatra Slams CNN, Congratulates Trump: ‘Why Do You Lie, CNN?’
Daughter of Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra, accused CNN of deliberately twisting a comment she made in reference to President Trump, before congratulating the 45th President of the United States on his inauguration. Responding to an article published by CNN originally entitled, “Nancy Sinatra not happy Trump using father’s song at inauguration,” the 76-year-old singer and actress replied, “That’s not true. I never said that. Why do you lie, CNN?”…
Deceptive CNN poll
At the height of public interest in impeaching Obama during the summer of 2014, CNN ran a poll that falsely claimed two-thirds of Americans oppose impeachment. The poll created a “media-generated myth” that has been widely circulated ever since. Just days before the CNN poll was conducted, however, the Huffington Post released its own impeachment poll – a more reliable measurement that showed an overwhelming majority of Americans DO NOT OPPOSE IMPEACHMENT.…
Journalist Amber Lyon blows the whistle on CNN:
“Bahrain is paying CNN to create content that shows Bahrain in a favorable light, even though CNN says its content, you know, is editorially independent, it doesn’t—Bahrain can’t affect that. Well we’ve seen that with this documentary not airing. And also with the constant struggle I had at CNN to get Bahrain coverage – accurate Bahrain coverage of the human rights abuses on air while I was there. What CNN is doing is they’re essentially creating what some people have termed “infomercials for dictators” and that’s this sponsored content that they’re airing on CNN International that’s actually being paid for by regimes and governments. I mean this violates every principle of journalistic ethics, because we’re supposed to be watchdogs on those governments. We’re not supposed to allow them to be paying customers, as journalists.”

This is just a few of the many, many examples. More coming on CNN and other MEDIA CORPS. Stay Tuned

UPDATE: Nathaniel’s thoughts

Nathaniel Sutphin

“The truth is now suspect:

How do I start off. About 30 years ago my life changed, I died. I didn’t stay dead but was dead none the less. Part of me did stay dead, that white hatred, white supremacists part died and has remained dead. I used to be a WHITE SUPREMACIST okay. I know their bullshit, spot their symbols and know what to expect. And now something happened and I am tore between the truth and a friends who is now saying I’m suspicious because he will not see the truth, So here’s the truth.


Just because they kiss your ass and push you does not change the fact that yes they are. Just because your involved and are not does mean you will be associated with it and damned. No matter what your mission, unless you knew they are and you are where you want to be, of course if that’s the case then well it won’t hurt as much. ”

~Glen Sutphin, Unfinished
Seemed Appropriate enough, given the video. More coming soon!

This stuff happening with my dad is getting under my skin and pissing me off. There’s another video rendering I will post soon.

Entry for January 09, 2009

Today’s question “WHAT ARE ROOT RACES?”

To examine this question I have to school you in what I am talking about. I keep forgetting that most of you who read this know nothing and therefore most of you will have to be taught. There are stories and writings of beings that were here from somewhere else. The bible tells of races of men different from us. The ancient Sumerian’s tell of giants and beings that were from elsewhere in the universe. So are there beings amongst us that are not from here? These people and what I am talking about are root races. Different stages of life have thrived on this planet. We see species and whole regions go extinct on this planet.

Maybe life on this planet was started as a sort of genesis pit. There were primitive life forms on the planet and maybe even some monkey like critters our early man types, existing on the planet.

When I was a child growing up going to church every Sunday I had a lot of unanswered questions about the bible. I had these questions and theories about things in the bible that didn’t fit everyone’s point of view. I wasn’t politically correct even before there was such a term. I asked if Adam and Eve were the only two people on the planet and they had two sons Cain and Able and Cain killed Able then how were there people on the planet for Cain to go out and find a wife in the land of nod?

Who were the sons of god and the daughters of man or eve? Why does the beginning of the bible start over again? Why do some of the stories sound like UFOs? What if we were actually made by alien’s from the stars like the Indians say? Why do we think there wasn’t advanced civilizations before the flood? Maybe there were cultures more advanced then us and god wiped them out with the flood, and some of these things we see that don’t fit in are from a time we have as a people forgotten.

This stuff coming from a seven to ten year old. I knew of events so far in the past that have just come about now so where does that fit in. I’ve had visions and knowledge that no one can explain or even want to figure out. I just live with it and do what I am suppose to do.

Let’s go back to some of these questions and look at them in more detail, I’m going to link you to a bunch of websites and show you that after years and years of thinking that I was weird and crazy there are now theories that back up what me as a ten year old child was saying. And isn’t it ironic that I would put forth theories that today are now established. How do I know so much about this planet and the humans that live here? That’s a question you’ll have to answer yourself.

Let’s start back towards when the story starts with the Sumerian’s. They were the one’s that seem to have the clues we need. First is their stories of creation and their stories of the people who came down to bring us savages into awakening. Their stories of the Annunaki and Nephilim and the Sons of god and the daughters of men. There are stories of how the sun and earth are aligned in the sky. These civilizations knew stuff we till just recently had no knowledge of.

Tribes that had no connection to anyone knew the earth was round and that the earth orbited the sun before we figured it out. So if these ancient peoples were so stupid and brain dead why did they possess knowledge that we are just now coming to enlightenment with. And how do we explain things that don’t fit in the time line the scientist have set up for us. Where do you live when the boarders have fallen down and the thin veil has been taken from your eyes.

What if there were races of man before the great flood that had technology beyond our own. Why do people think they are the best there is and yet each generation that comes along does better and advances more then it’s parent generation. We live and we die, time marches forward.

I’m not convinced that extraterrestrials from time to time haven’t been here manipulating the time line or our DNA. A cosmic experiment, a genesis pit. Aliens came down from another star system and saw these primitive apelike beings running around and decided, hey let’s see if we can make a civilization out of these things so they started manipulating and changing these creatures over the eons. Coming back from time to time to see how we are doing.

There are stories from every walk of life telling us of beings and creatures that come from the skies to bring us messages and visions of things to come. Maybe that’s why there are so many alien movies and stuff coming out. We are being trained to do and obey when they return. What about those of us who know and are already where we are suppose to be.

What happens when 2012 comes and things go to hell. What then of this planet. I have seen things that will happen and things that might happen. I have seen visions from as far back as I can remember come true, seen things I didn’t understand till after they happen. What if there are more people like me who know things and are getting ready. We will all have to be prepared for the coming years.

I don’t know what will really be the start or if I’m even right but I’ve been accurate so far. People then start getting stupid when you tell them you have seen the future and can see things that are about to happen. They say give me the lottery numbers or prove it. I have proven myself time and time again and people say well you were just lucky. Or other such crap.

I could be standing on a mountain of proof and still be unheard or believed. And people would still ask for more proof. The proof comes when everyone sees and then it’s too late. I don’t know how I know some of these things that I had never heard of till just recently. I would tell people and be told I was crazy or foolish. But Am I.

Is it just me. Let’s see. People who lived thousands of years ago said the almost same thing, the bible says some of the same things, but I’m the foolish one. Or is it just that a person who looks like me and lives where I live can’t be smart and able to be something other then what society says they are to be.

When the white settlers came to the new land they brought with them a new hope a new vision and a new order. Everyone was to obey or be cast out. That seems to be the way of things obey or be cast out. Well what if the ones that are cast out have the better view point what if they are right and the rest are wrong. People will go where lead, we don’t like to be the one leading.

I was an outcast still am. I go where I am lead by the high command. I hear voices and have visions I am coping with that stuff the best as I can. There are times I do believe that I am quite mad and insane but then the things I see and feel and hear come true, what then or is this place just that the inside of the asylum with scratches and pictures drawn on the wall by previous inmates or hell mates.

Okay I digress. Back to the main idea for this post. In the beginning man was made in gods image. Both male and female. Suppose that there were creatures here that you could say were almost human and then you have these being that were created in gods image and are humans. They exist side by side living together and suppose as happens they intermarry and intermix having children and producing hybrids. Eventually most of the pure races die out and are gone from the line till only the surviving gene types are left. Each offspring replaces some of the line before it till soon nothing is left of the original. That’s what happens to the root races. Each successful offspring replaced the parent till

the ancient line has vanished. Then you get several root races intermixing and forming sub-races and the first race disappears.

There are stories of these creatures coming down from heaven and mixing with the races that were here at the time bringing about giants and abnormal offspring that lived and died and there are records to back it up. Look in the bible David and Goliath , Goliath was a giant he had brothers who were giants. These beings fill the bible and the Sumerian texts as well as the texts and stories of other civilizations. There are tales of the star elders from the Hopi and other American Indian tribes.

These beings come down from the heavens to teach us and guide us and we are left to either do or not do. It seems each time it is up to us to decide where we go on the cosmic road we are on. It’s like they come here from time to time to test us and see if we are ready for the next step. Like a teacher that comes around and checks our tests and gets us prepared for the next lesson. Are they guiding us or watching us, that should be a question that need to be answered also. For to know the answer would make the trip a bit more comfortable.

There are also tales of races that got totally wiped out in the history of man also. These civilizations grew up, prospered and then were wiped out, does it hold the same for us we have grown up, prospered and are coming to a point that we might also destroy ourselves. These are links to some of the things I’ve talked about here.

Annunaki :

Root race :

Sons of god and the daughters of men: