I’m Racist

I’m RACIST because I don’t fall lockstep with your stupidity… YES I AM deal with it. You say I’m too blame, good at least you have someone to blame. Are you any happier now you know whom to blame? You say without me the world would be a much better place, funny I was thinking that about you. In conclusion and after reflecting on it I guess I am a RACIST and a TRIBALIST, I am all for the homo sapient race, I happen to be a fucking white male so I have that tribal heritage. What I’m saying is. you label and condemn me and then relabel me to fit your world view too much.

You preach that I am RACIST yet what you mean is I don’t fit in to your view of what is right, I talk about is-ra-el and the Zionist that preach our destruction and you hold tight to the views they gave you. They preach of your enslavement and destruction and I’m bad for wanting their destruction. Yeah maybe I am as stated I’m all for the human race.

I’ll be glad when the neo sapient are the only race on the planet, till then I have to put up with you humans so I will continue to fight this war I have been thrust into, a useless soldier in a stupid war. Trying to spread truth to the masses. And for that I will never apologize/

If I was as bad as people make me out to be you all would be in serious trouble. Maybe I should be as bad as everyone says I am and wipe your asses out. Maybe I should join with the dark cabal I fight so hard against since I’m just as bad or worse then them. I hold a lot back and have moments when I ask myself why do I fight so hard for ungrateful fucks and why don’t I just join the forces of the dark light and be happy with your destruction. Your so easily misled and follow the crowd.

Because somewhere deep inside I know the truth, and some of you are still worth fighting for. It is for those few and the innocent I fight, you humans should be glad I’m the way I am most of you are not worth saving.

I get tired of telling you what is going on and then weeks, months, years later it happens. But till it does I have to endure the bullshit and stupidity of people who may as well get their news from bubble gum wrappers.

I’m tired.

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Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.