This article addresses the issue of this psyop going on. Parts of this article are just things I posted on my wall over the past few days that this shit has spread. I have copied and pasted some of this article on other people’s walls on fedbook, and it cost me a so called friend to whom I am now showing how much I do know about what I am talking about so yes since YOU say I know nothing here’s what I know.

By now you all have seen the viral psyop about the FACEBOOK SECURITY crap. If not it goes like this:

Want to see how many NSA or Facebook agents are watching you?
Go to your account settings.
Go to blocking.

This has been going around and I did a little and I mean little research on it and it’s shit.. If you type in FACEBOOK it will bring up persons with this word on their profile. To test I put in NUDE guess what it brought up persons as well. This is a simple search perimeter. It has nothing to do with who they are but keep blocking and keep it up… back to my research.

So on farther consideration and since it is still going on I continued the search for the truth and lost a so called friend. I was feeling bad about the lose now find it funny and say watch what I know and what you ended our friendship over.. FUNNY and awesome.

Simple search perimeter, it returns any words you put in both facebook and security. Just a search perimeter nothing to worry about. I did a video on it.. If you type in cat you will find people also.. try it,,




Here’s one answer to why you can’t block certain profiles that you use the search box to block,,,





Another reason is they are fedbots. Some are people trying it to see if they can block each other and it feeds itself on your ignorance of what is happening and why. And who is the source? I found out and it’s in the next article.

FEDBOOK employees will not advertise that they work there and you can’t find any information on their profiles that they are in fact FEDBOOK employees. So why would they advertise that they are FEDBOOK SECURITY on their profiles when they don’t advertise that they are FEDBOOK employees? I know for a fact this is true because for years I have reported and did stories on the child porn that is making a comeback on FEDBOOK.


I doxed many a FEDBOOK employee and talked to FRED WOLENS who was in charge of FEDBOOK relations in 2012. I am a low level hacker and held a security clearance at one point of my life, I also talked to some IT people I know. So I can prove and I document what I post. I do the research that you will not.

It is a simple search perimeter nothing more. If you find that people who have been trolling you on the list it’s because they are in fact trying to convince people they are something that they aren’t.

FEDBOOK does not need anyone to watch your page as it is built in and they can access your FEDBOOK zip file. That is more disturbing they some person pretending to be something.

Go to the setting page and at the bottom of the screen it says to download your zip file. Check that out and then worry. The viral crap going around about the FACEBOOK SECURITY search is a damn psyop and uses your ignorance on how a search box works to go viral.

Instead of blocking and worrying about the profiles that come up when you type FACEBOOK SECURITY, how about worrying over the real problem that is much worse, your fedbook zip file.

go to the settings page and you will see a blue link that asks you if you want to download a copy of your fedbook data.

“Download a copy of your Facebook data. “

They don’t need to monitor your page when they have a full copy that they don’t give you.

There are a lot of ignorant persons in this world. They don’t know how a search box works and even less about this spy grid and complain when you tell them they are WRONG. Anyone who tells me who I can be friends with and who I have to block on this fucking spy network can go to heaven I don’t need you. And to unfriend me, well you just got blocked. I don’t play childish games in this war. I do know what I post I research and fight this shit day after day. I’m not playing a game.

Having said that, this FACEBOOK SECURITY is a damn psyop on your fucking ignorance of how things work, FEDBOOK does not need to friend you to monitor you, they can watch what you type, know what you typed and deleted and record everything at the server level. No need to friend you. No spies for you to out. NOTHING you give them everything real time. SO stop the fucking shit. YOU WERE WRONG since I pointed out your ignorance you then blame me for it. SO BE IT… I don’t fucking care deal with it and continue the fight.

Some people wish to learn from their ignorance and find out what’s right. Others will fight you and blame you for their blind ass stupidity and crucify you for the truth all the while spreading fake and false information. If you want people to worship you and follow your every whim start a cult. If you want people to do as you are doing, lead.

I wish no harm to them or ill will and hope they continue on in their crusade. I support the cause not the individual. True fucking story, if you can’t take honesty I don’t need you. I’ll take honest people over blind followers who kiss my ass any day. And don’t tell me who I can fucking be friends with and who I can follow or I’m not your fucking friend. START YOUR OWN CULT AND LEAVE ME OUT OF THAT SHIT> they know who I’M talking about. I wish them the best. Sorry the truth hurts.

Too many people on here worried about getting a following of supporters to build their ego, not enough people worried about the causes they are fighting. Worry more about the cause not the person or who they are following. I support the cause not the individuals in the cause.

I’m not looking for followers, I’m too busy worried about what I am fighting for. Research what I’m telling you don’t just believe it because I said so.

LIFE IS LIKE A TOILET you never know how much shit you’re going to have to put up with till some asshole sits down and starts dumping on you.

Back to what is going on. I contacted fedbook themselves to get the information on this psyop and to see if in fact you can just type in FACEBOOK SECURITY and get someone who is FACEBOOK SECURITY. I know from doxing 50 employees and from what I did to them in 2012 where to find FACEBOOK EMPLOYEES and it’s not type a term in the block search bar. I’ve read the facebook manuals, did articles on it. Talked to the FBI but don’t know anything because some shill posted something and everyone goes wild and attacks each other. And if you happen to find shills in the search so much the better but that’s not FEDBOOK SECURITY or FEDBOOK EMPLOYEES.

Here’s why the psyop works

You can do the same search in the search bar at the top of any page on fedbook, the reason it works is you’re on the block page subconsciously your mind says you are going to block who you find, plus you were told these persons were a threat. All this focuses you that what you find is a threat, and if you believe everything and fall for it you will find threats. If you expect enemies around every corner you will find them because you make them. They are programming you with false information and you buy into it through your ignorance as stated above. They lied to you and so you don’t feel bad you try to justify that what you were told was in fact somehow true to feel good about yourself. And if more people follow you and get suckered too well you aren’t feeling as foolish. Also it conditions your mind, well I’m on the block page so I’m going to find something.


Fedbook is sort of a VPN (VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK) you agree to be spied on and they control all your data. You agree to these terms when you sign up and agree to be on here. They control the servers that store your data, all the posts, all the typed and deleted posts every keystroke, yes even your private messages; EVERYTHING. This information is stored and archived on severs that can be accessed at any time and monitor you as you type. As stated above no need to friend you, no agent, no nothing. They can put stuff on your wall, delete stuff, and even make you disappear entirely all without you ever knowing. You agreed to this. NOW knowing what I know I will tell you I am right, and yes I am laughing at your ignorance. Should be ashamed of yourselves.


I took the liberty to do what most people refuse to do and contacted fedbook for the answer to the question. Figured if I’m going to go I may as well go out big. Fedbook has not contacted me back which is nothing new. So I did one better and have been in contact with the person who started the viral post. His interview is coming up in the next part of this article coming out soon you don’t want to miss this EXCLUSIVE interview STAY TUNED.


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