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My blog has been on-line since 2005. I’ve covered a lot of topics and put thousands upon thousands of words in print, and people have followed me over the years. I have had a lot of wonderful conversations with a lot of interesting and enlightened people over that time. I have been very blessed and grateful for those interactions. I am now changing the format and structure of how I do things here due to time and due to an accident I have had here. This is the end of the beginning of the blog. It has served it’s function and I close this volume of my blog with no regrets. Volume 3 of the blog ends tonight at midnight, I am changing from a blog to a vlog.

I am not shutting down the blog only changing it from a blog to a vlog. Most of you will not notice a difference, some will. But as things develop and grow change is necessary, there will still be articles but more and more video casts and radio casts. I will not be writing as much because of me inadvertently reformatting my computer and wiping out WINDOWS and all my programs that I used to do everything. It is now easier to put up videos then to type articles, so I must adapt or die. I will continue to fight the powers that be and get the NEWS out about what is going on.

I thank everyone for their continued support for you are who I do all of this for. I will be covering more of the corruption of our governing officials and we have a lot of things planned for this new year. Thanks for finding this frequency and staying tuned to it. There is a war going on and I am fighting as hard as I can in this INFORMATION WAR or INFOWAR as Alex Jones has named it. And he is correct there is a war on for your mind.

I will take this opportunity to discuss my believe on who is running the whole thing: I have been called a RACIST. I have been labeled a RUSSIAN spy. I have been accused of working for the SAUDIS and an agent of theirs. Been blatantly attacked by false made up crap, even accused of producing child porn falsely. Watched my good friend die in my front yard, shoot dead by a nut with a gun. Have been called a male gigolo, all manners of crap I have endured to put out verified facts. Been harassed and monitored by the powers that be, under constant surveillance. HACKED and such, the list goes on and on yet I try not to allow this to phase me.

My believe is that the ZIONIST and HUMANS are responsible for a lot of what we see happening in the world today. AND I SAID ZIONIST not JEW, the typical JEW is not responsible for what is going on they are the product of projection. Let me explain if I can. The typical JEW is as much a victim of this crap as we the non ZIONIST are. Are most ZIONIST JEWISH? YES. Are the ZIONIST JEW funded and lead? YES. Are they all Jews? NO. Are there Christian ZIONIST? YES as well as Atheist. Anyone can be a ZIONIST, I don’t bash one religion, I bash them all. Religion in and of itself has a lot to answer for. I do not hate the JEW, I hate the ZIONIST JEW there is a difference. I hold HUMANS responsible and since it is a HUMANS problem, HUMANS can fix it and stop it. Blaming the JEW for all the problems is like blaming the gun for the crime, then blaming all gun owners for having a gun. A few don’t equal the whole,one person commits a crime we blame the whole group. ZIONISM does not equal JEW. Blaming only the JEW is letting everyone who is guilty of the crime off the hook, if it is only the JEW what about those who are non-JEWISH does their crime not rank as high? How about we hold them all accountable, if you commit the crime you will do the time. When we hold the elite guilty and everyone guilty of their crimes then we will have progressed as a species, till then let’s keep bashing the wrong persons like always and expecting change.

HUMANS are to blame for the problem, stupid moronic HUMANS. HUMANS formed societies and secret organizations and give them names to hide the fact that HUMANS did the deed. They push an agenda to force a response, their response is blame a certain group of individuals and foment war and division. Divide and conquer, separate and destroy. WE then do as we are told and push the agenda till the bitter end.

2017 I am changing a lot of things, some will like the change others will not. So have yourself a happy new years and watch for those changes. I now close this volume of my blog with hope and looking forward to a new year and new volume of life. Hopeful that 2017 is as good as I can make it. Thank you for all the support and thank you for reading and following me and as always STAY TUNED.

VOLUME 4 – 1.0 Coming soon.

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