AGENDA 2050 conversation and info dump..

Another conversation I had with someone on FEDBOOK. This conversation involves Agenda 2050 and there’s a lot of good links to research listed. Well worth looking into.

Ian Boyle ·

Is it just be or the economic calamity that followed 9/11 was the time that everybody’s manufacturing jobs got mysteriously sucked out of the country which would also be the time that NAFTA took full effect and millions of financial records got destroyed in the World Trade Center?


Ted Dugas Yep.

Glen M Sutphin

It had been going on before then ever since 1995 but it became visible after 911 because they used that as the drive and push for what we are suffering with now. They also ushered in the NAU around that same time period. and we are here now as the NAU not the USA. So no it’s not just you that sees it.

Ian Boyle

I saw all of these jobs I looked forward to trying to get at age 16 and by age 18, the manufacturing jobs got bone dry where I lived when they were once desperate for help

Glen M Sutphin

as they implode us more even the low pay jobs will go. very few jobs around. but that’s the plan, agenda 2020, is just a few years off, as is 2030, 2045, and following up with agenda 2050 which is basically the hunger games type crap..

Ian Boyle

Exactly. They want to force us to be equals on a global basis poverty-wise. It’s global communism.

Glen M Sutphin

yeap we’ll all be equally poor. so let’s delete the elite and fix it.

Ian Boyle

There is a blueprint that they released called America in 2030. Do you remember the name? I posted it before but I can’t find it. They want to contain us like human hamsters in as highly technotronic statists in small cages who have nothing but crumbs thrown to us to live off of.

Ian Boyle

It all came back to me. This is terrifying beyond words.

America 2050

Glen M Sutphin…/120815_outcome-document-of-Summit…

from the UN itself..

Glen M Sutphin…/stewar…/web/pdf/vision2050.pdf

Glen M Sutphin…/Century-of…

Ian Boyle

I’ve seen their UN Agenda 2030 plan and it’s the most pie in the sky thing I have seen in my life. They are insane. Thanks for the links. This is the kind of stuff I live to find.

Ian Boyle

All courtesy of crony think tanks like The Club of Rome that cook this crap up and send it to the UN or our Congress.

Glen M Sutphin

“2025, the global coal industry doubles in size, and by 2050 it is two and a half times at large. …. leaves the climate change agenda largely disregarded. Despite …”…/shell-energy-scenarios2050.pdf

Ian Boyle

That’s right. It was the Rockefeller Foundation that came up with the America 2050 plan. There’s so much of this stuff that it’s easy to forget but at least I know where to look now.

Glen M Sutphin…/Docu…/2050-agenda-business.pdf

Glen M Sutphin…/future-cities-global-agenda.pdf

Glen M Sutphin

I’ll just data dump some for you and others to see.

Glen M Sutphin

2050 we are no longer fema regions we are megaregions with megacities

Ian Boyle

I’m stockpiling stuff as we speak so that will be awesome. You wouldn’t believe my collection of information I’ve saved back. Thanks man.

Ian Boyle

I’ll put this all in one big post on my page.

Glen M Sutphin…/global-europe-2050-report_en.pdf

Glen M Sutphin

I’m going to take this conversation and put it out as an article so.. thank you as well as letting me get some of this out..

Ian Boyle

This guy has infiltrated a lot of these meetings. The top down control from the UN down to the local level is becoming full circle.


Glen M Sutphin…/World_Population_Projections_Press…

Ian Boyle

Awesome. It works for both of us. I’ve got somebody that I’m going to send this stuff to as well that can spread it. It couldn’t be more perfect.

Glen M Sutphin…/North_Texas_2050.pdf

Ian Boyle

Globalist Plan to Disarm America – PL87-297 Arms Control and Disarmament Act / State Department Publication No. 7277

Ian Boyle


Ian Boyle…

Glen M Sutphin
the one you referenced

Ian Boyle

About the IPCC – Climate Change Reconsidered

Glen M Sutphin

think that should be enough for people to chew on for a bit

Ian Boyle

Definitely. It couldn’t be more clear that now is the time to fight for our sovereignty with every ounce of energy we can fight it with. We are getting attacked from all angles and it’s time people woke up.

Ian Boyle

The Club of Rome (controlled mostly by British Royals) put this in their publication in the early 90’s about using climate change to make us turn on ourselves.


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