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Votes being rigged. Part 2 The AP is behind it.

First here’s the first article I put out before the story started to get big.

I have found out I have responses from the tel-lie-vision station WRCB that even INFOWARS doesn’t have. I will be posting them below. I was not the first to break the links; I am the only one so far that has a comment from the station. Conversation provided here below.

WRCB Conversation started Wednesday

111/2, 4:37am Glen M Sutphin


111/2, 4:37am Glen M Sutphin

Can you guys explain this?


WRCB Channel 3 Eyewitness News

Breaking News: (423) 266-5039. Photos to Press releases to and tips to Obscene posters banned.

1 11/2, 4:38am Glen M Sutphin


Election Results

(not part of this conversation but their response was on their fedbook page now removed below)




All of this has basically been scrubbed from the internet and off of their fedbook page as well but not from my fedbook pages.
(Continue with captured conversation)

1 11/2, 6:19am Glen M Sutphin

Is there a workflow showing Trump winning as well? Or only Clinton?

3a 11/2, 8:30am WRCB Channel 3 Eyewitness News

As we’ve stated to you before, Glen, those were random numbers generated by the Associated Press to test workflow. Key word is random.


111/2, 6:44pm Glen M Sutphin

you have provided me with what I require thank you and have a nice day.

I will be working on a video soon of this as well showing my timeline and showing when I know what I did. I want to say I am not against this tel-lie-vision station WRCB as they did what I required and I wished them a good day. Video of our show will be below as we are working on this as it develops.

I do question their tactics but I did broadside them and they never saw it coming. And to be honest they did respond when I called them out so good job guys you did what I asked of you for that an A+. Erasing and purging the page guess that was following orders for that an F- so you get a C for today; still all in all good job. Wish the media here would respond that quickly hell even just respond would be nice. I also will give you a bonus for responding when the MEDIA here will not. So your final grade is…..


Screenshot from 2014-11-04 20_14_17

Screenshot from 2014-11-04 20_14_32

Election results in the 2014 election showing winners with zero percent returned votes. So I am showing the history of the election fraud. They use these cooked numbers and graphics to push their narrative and push their agenda.

WRCB is the low man on the totem pole they are the bottom of the problem their higher ups are the real problem so going after them is going after the messenger. They were just the ones caught first with the information that they then scrubbed from the internet. And yes putting out stuff like that is stupid before a hotly contested election, but it provides proof of what is going on so I will give them a pass for now.

It comes down to a question of honor and integrity I challenged them they turned over what I asked they get to walk, they are the little fish and may or may not know what they are saying. They are just repeating what their corps-lawyers are telling them to say. If you need to go after anyone at that station go after the station head manager, the top of the company. I got bigger sharks to catch which I did, because the little fish often gives up the bigger fish which they did.



  1. 1. proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern:

the random selection of numbers.

  1. 2. Statistics. of or characterizing a process of selection in which each item of a set has an equal probability of being chosen. *

Not what they meant but what they said. What I asked them, by what they said, there should be a result for each person running to be the winner, there isn’t that I have found. And while I was conversing with them they put out a news story saying killery was in the lead. Yeah in fixed fake polls I guess she is. Hell in fake polls I’m in the lead and ain’t even running so there.
Now based on this I questioned them about if there were results for if Trump wins but since they are being told that Clinton will win and these are the graphics that are being prepared, they are sticking to their prepared script so you will get no more from them.

Since everything comes down from the Associated Press they are the ones that need to be looked at very hard. I have already contacted them and will post what they say when I get their response here the screen capture of me contacting them.


Next question what is the system and what does it go? We’ll explore that in another article.

A man called chris Dorsey and I discuss some more of what I put out in the article. Here in this video segment of Get The NEWS Straight.

“glen sutphin and chris dorsey expose the Associated Press as the source of the 2016 Election 100 percent reporting results released by WRCB NBC News a week before the the polling precincts open.”

Quote from a reader who didn’t want to be named but wanted this information to get out there to let people know what is going on in this election. Sorry you had to go through that but they will do low life things like this. And yes it should be illegal. “I just got a rather upsetting call with a whimpering young child’s voice telling me how she was in a dressing room at school and a male walked in and went on and ended up being someone asking me not to vote for Roman Prezioso. That was THE WORST. That should be illegal. I thought it was a real child needing my assistance. Very upsetting. Have any of you gotten this call?”

If you receive a phone call like this, report it to the police at once. There is no reason for this kind of stuff to happen, and some people could be traumatized  by such things thinking they are real.

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Mini UPDATE… Rigged election 2016 1.5

Thanks go to a man called chris dorsey and Ian Boyle
I have the article out yesterday linked here It contains something that INFOWARS does not have a response from the tel-lie-vision station and I am putting out an update which I am working on now which will contain their response to my next question.. Then it was all scrubbed from the net so most can’t see it. But i have the pages saved and some screen shots as well as links to the actual responses. so stay tuned.

Election rigged it has begun.


Can you guys explain this?

are you guys helping rig the elections? The PRESS wants to know.

Their response was this.
Yes, we can. WRCB, like every other station in the U.S., tests election workflow prior to the actual election. The random numbers are generated to assure accurate results from the Associated press on election night. These are in no way actual votes.


BUT when I have other photos of this same type of thing happening when the actual votes come in I do not believe them. Sounds a little to convenient to me and the fact they dropped off of chat to make up this response then posted the same message to someone else who asked.. yeah too convenient..


Andrea, there is no fraud at play here.WRCB, like every other station in the U.S., tests election workflow prior to the actual election. The random numbers are generated to assure accurate results from the Associated Press on election night. These are not way actual votes.

We will see and yes I will be watching. If these are not votes then what are they testing for? Testing work flow, do they have results of Trump winning? I mean I think they got caught and don’t want to admit it.

And here’s a man called chris dorsey’s video he did after I found this earlier.

“WRCB News released results from all Local, State, and Federal elections a week before election day. Our Government is Treasonous and our elections 100 percent fixed.”

We’ll have more on this later. Going to keep them honest.

Stay Tuned..

AGENDA 2050 conversation and info dump..

Another conversation I had with someone on FEDBOOK. This conversation involves Agenda 2050 and there’s a lot of good links to research listed. Well worth looking into.

Ian Boyle ·

Is it just be or the economic calamity that followed 9/11 was the time that everybody’s manufacturing jobs got mysteriously sucked out of the country which would also be the time that NAFTA took full effect and millions of financial records got destroyed in the World Trade Center?


Ted Dugas Yep.

Glen M Sutphin

It had been going on before then ever since 1995 but it became visible after 911 because they used that as the drive and push for what we are suffering with now. They also ushered in the NAU around that same time period. and we are here now as the NAU not the USA. So no it’s not just you that sees it.

Ian Boyle

I saw all of these jobs I looked forward to trying to get at age 16 and by age 18, the manufacturing jobs got bone dry where I lived when they were once desperate for help

Glen M Sutphin

as they implode us more even the low pay jobs will go. very few jobs around. but that’s the plan, agenda 2020, is just a few years off, as is 2030, 2045, and following up with agenda 2050 which is basically the hunger games type crap..

Ian Boyle

Exactly. They want to force us to be equals on a global basis poverty-wise. It’s global communism.

Glen M Sutphin

yeap we’ll all be equally poor. so let’s delete the elite and fix it.

Ian Boyle

There is a blueprint that they released called America in 2030. Do you remember the name? I posted it before but I can’t find it. They want to contain us like human hamsters in as highly technotronic statists in small cages who have nothing but crumbs thrown to us to live off of.

Ian Boyle

It all came back to me. This is terrifying beyond words.

America 2050

Glen M Sutphin…/120815_outcome-document-of-Summit…

from the UN itself..

Glen M Sutphin…/stewar…/web/pdf/vision2050.pdf

Glen M Sutphin…/Century-of…

Ian Boyle

I’ve seen their UN Agenda 2030 plan and it’s the most pie in the sky thing I have seen in my life. They are insane. Thanks for the links. This is the kind of stuff I live to find.

Ian Boyle

All courtesy of crony think tanks like The Club of Rome that cook this crap up and send it to the UN or our Congress.

Glen M Sutphin

“2025, the global coal industry doubles in size, and by 2050 it is two and a half times at large. …. leaves the climate change agenda largely disregarded. Despite …”…/shell-energy-scenarios2050.pdf

Ian Boyle

That’s right. It was the Rockefeller Foundation that came up with the America 2050 plan. There’s so much of this stuff that it’s easy to forget but at least I know where to look now.

Glen M Sutphin…/Docu…/2050-agenda-business.pdf

Glen M Sutphin…/future-cities-global-agenda.pdf

Glen M Sutphin

I’ll just data dump some for you and others to see.

Glen M Sutphin

2050 we are no longer fema regions we are megaregions with megacities

Ian Boyle

I’m stockpiling stuff as we speak so that will be awesome. You wouldn’t believe my collection of information I’ve saved back. Thanks man.

Ian Boyle

I’ll put this all in one big post on my page.

Glen M Sutphin…/global-europe-2050-report_en.pdf

Glen M Sutphin

I’m going to take this conversation and put it out as an article so.. thank you as well as letting me get some of this out..

Ian Boyle

This guy has infiltrated a lot of these meetings. The top down control from the UN down to the local level is becoming full circle.


Glen M Sutphin…/World_Population_Projections_Press…

Ian Boyle

Awesome. It works for both of us. I’ve got somebody that I’m going to send this stuff to as well that can spread it. It couldn’t be more perfect.

Glen M Sutphin…/North_Texas_2050.pdf

Ian Boyle

Globalist Plan to Disarm America – PL87-297 Arms Control and Disarmament Act / State Department Publication No. 7277

Ian Boyle


Ian Boyle…

Glen M Sutphin
the one you referenced

Ian Boyle

About the IPCC – Climate Change Reconsidered

Glen M Sutphin

think that should be enough for people to chew on for a bit

Ian Boyle

Definitely. It couldn’t be more clear that now is the time to fight for our sovereignty with every ounce of energy we can fight it with. We are getting attacked from all angles and it’s time people woke up.

Ian Boyle

The Club of Rome (controlled mostly by British Royals) put this in their publication in the early 90’s about using climate change to make us turn on ourselves.