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This was a conversation I had with a fellow patriot on their page that I thought was worth sharing.

Thomas Mick

October 28 at 2:12pm

I believe November 8th will be the last time the oligarchs even gives the impression you have a choice, unless the usurper Obama creates a scenario where he suspends the election, then all bets are off.

If Donald Trump wins and betrays the People, I pray that Americans will lose their faith in the electoral system, so we can get to work implementing the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence and restore our freedom.

Glen M Sutphin

October 28 at 3:31pm

Trump will win they will put killery in starting a huge war that the OLIGARCHY wants and One Big ASS Mistake Amerika will be left in office due to civil unrest. Think on that a bit

Thomas Mick

October 28 at 3:38pm

What do you propose to stop them or are you willing to just go along to get along, Glen?

Fear has paralyzed the People; if we do nothing we will deserve what we get.

Glen M Sutphin

October 28 at 3:47pm

What can you do to stop them; I am doing everything in my power to stop it. Getting the word out there about what’s happening. I’m out in my city at these psyops exposing them while they are happening. I am doing shit that people will not. I face DHS, have the feds watching me and monitoring me sitting outside my house, I go after the criminals here. I do not comply with their bullshit. Maybe if more keyboard warriors got off they damn asses and did something we wouldn’t be in the shit we are in., I expose the lies, I face down police with weapons pointed against me. I do not vote in rigged elections. Maybe if the people, who are so against it, were actually against it, it would stop. I do radio interviews telling all the shit I know about what’s going on. And yet that is not enough, what is everyone else doing? Bitching about rigged elections then turning around and going to fucking vote. Yeah I do a lot by posting articles going after corrupt political figures and wastes of oxygen. More people need to be active in real life and not behind the safety of the keyboard behind fake accounts and names. Stand up and do something. Stop complying with the broken made that way system and do the fuck away with the governing bodies that enslave us. I do not go along to get along anyone that knows me will tell you that. I have been fighting this since 1987, I am willing to walk into the white house and arrest all of them, but one man can’t do it alone. Or if I can I will and then shame you all for not acting.

Expose the lies, turn off the tel-lie-vision and get out in the world and get active in stopping it.

Stop complying with the system and evolve away from governments that only enslave us. Withdraw your consent by not voting, it only gives them power. The people made government, the people can fix it.

Government is an idea, a construct of our creation, not an object or living thing as such it can be done away with and re imagined.

I do all this and I have uncontrollable seizure and can barely function due to them yet I still do these things.


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