I am breaking my gag order to bring this out about HIDDEN VALLY CONDOMINIUMS…

I have thought about this long and hard and have decided I can no longer sit and do nothing about a situation I let go on too long due to my commitment to a cause, namely Hidden Valley Condominiums and Andrew Ostrowski’s involvement which wrecked the fedbook group and website that was set up for dealing with and getting the information out.

I was ordered by the advocate to not say anything due to our contract. But there are times when the truth must come out even if it means doing what people are afraid to do. I am doing this against the advocate wishes, and Andrew Ostrowski if you take any actions against the advocate or mention them on your show by name again, I will go to the FCC and have your crappy radio show TWIGS CAFÉ RADIO banned and pulled off the air. Or at the very least your JUSTICE SERVED show what a damn joke, you’re going to fix the corruption when your most of it?


I started to expose it in this article but was ordered to stop and not put out what was happening and to withhold names. Well I am now going to release names which I already have. Most of the problems that Hidden Valley Condominiums website and fedbook group were having were due to Andrew Ostrowski. I was on the story since 2014/02/12 when I first heard about this hell hole, I released the first article on 2014/02/22. I had been putting out articles and about 6 months later or so is when Andrew Ostrowski came on the scene. He was not there first he heard about the place from my articles and people talking.

At first I was happy that this person that was running for congress at the time was willing to help. He seemed like a nice guy. Very pleasant and nice even thought he was a lawyer and a politician I went against my better judgement and listened to everyone’s praises of him. And YES I fell for it too. But that glamour wore off quickly as I started to notice things happening.

Andrew Ostrowski started running everything and started to organize and set up people into positions in the group and started to steal the information from the group and the people trying to get this hell hole shut down. It was little things at first, then it started to progress. Then people started to come into the group and start messing up and disrupting the group. Persons like DEWEY MANK who decided to come after me personally. YES I have the proof. That being said I believe this person was brought in by Andrew Ostrowski to do what he did. I believe they were working together to infiltrate as well as destroy the group, and it worked the pages, website and the group are almost nonfunctional now. They have turned people who were there to help against the advocates and have slandered and harassed the advocates still to this day. The advocates have had threats made to them and their families as well as friends. Anything to stop them from getting this hell hole shut down. I think the whole state of Pennsylvania is corrupt; no one does their damn jobs up there. I will be going up there soon to do some investigations of the hell hole and to get videos and samples which should have been done long ago. I will also be broadcasting live from inside the place to show just how messed up this hell hole is.

I blew up at the advocates and the group when I was attacked after all the work I had done and am continuing to do. But my anger was misplaced as it was not the advocates that were responsible, I said some harsh things and was called out by one advocate in particular named John R. Sebastian, Jr. He is the only advocate that I have permission to use their name. He unfortunately has passed away god rest his soul his fight for this place is over. If he were still alive he would be able to get back the information, since he’s not it’s a little difficult but not impossible to do. I will do my best John R. Sabastian, Jr. to continue what you told me to do because yes these people and the advocates do need help and do need protecting.

Before his death he confided in me his views on what he had as evidence and promised me copies of everything he had. Affidavits, videos and other paperwork, I never got his information due to the fact that Andrew Ostrowski stole it instead of giving me my copies. And not even days after his passing Andrew Ostrowski decided to attack the advocates and cause trouble for them when they were in mourning over their friends passing. What a low life fucking creep.

After Andrew Ostrowski came into the group all the information I was getting stopped because he told everyone to give him the information as he is a lawyer which is technically a fucking lie as he is a defrocked priest of the temple of law meaning in terms people will understand he is disbarred as even the temple of law doesn’t want him. It’s bad when a corrupt system doesn’t want you because you suck so badly. I will include more on this from another source later in this article. Mark Robbins reports are below. I am setting up an interview with Mark Robbins and will let everyone know when it’s out.

I do not trust the groups anymore as there are still plants and persons who report everything to Andrew Ostrowski from the groups, he is still trying to siphon information for whatever party sent him in to infiltrate and get stuff. When I found out about what was going on I stopped all the information I had going to the groups and pages. I have a lot of stuff that Andrew Ostrowski doesn’t have. I also have his video “GERM OF DESTRUCTION” placed on private that I did for him and will let Andrew Ostrowski have it, if and when I get all my information. He’s more worried about that little video then he is about helping get Hidden Valley Condos shut down, or the lives that are being effected and affected by this place. He professes to care so much yet nothing he does shows this care.

But that’s okay he treats those who volunteer for him like crap. He calls women who disagree with him CUNTS and other derogatory names. He freeloads and I want to see his expenditures for his campaign as I believe all the monies he got for contributions he spent on living and not what they were meant for namely his campaign. I want to see an audit on him, and since he was or is trying to run for another position he needs to be looked at very hard, as hard as they are going after Trump. And if I have to be the one to do it so be it here I come. Anyone voting for him needs to seriously see this information.

Because of Andrew Ostrowski a lot of people and groups that were helping have turned against people who really need help. All those advocate groups that have turn against Hidden Valley Condo Advocates should be ashamed of themselves. Are you really there to help or just get likes and push bullshit? I know a lot of people will be against me for this and I could not care less, you’re here to help people not win popularity contests to see who can get the most likes on fedbook but most of you are and that’s sad as there are people dying from this place.

The advocate I represent has put their entire life on hold for 17 years to stop the crap going on and stand up to get that place shut down and the people who promised help leave due to Andrew Ostrowski’s bullshit. The mold groups, the HOA groups and several others. Any of you still supporting Andrew Ostrowski are as guilty as he is. As I said above I will include Mark Robbins reports on Andrew Ostrowski’s crimes as he has been to court against Andrew Ostrowski and will be getting an interview from him soon if I can.

I believe from reading and seeing what I have seen that Andrew Ostrowski files bogus and erroneous lawsuits that get thrown out to future his cause to falsely show corruption. In other words he misfiles suits so they get thrown out so he can say the system; which is broke and corrupt, is against him. A sort of false flag, Misfile, mislead and then charge people, and then they have to give more money to actually get justice.  It’s a scam on top of the scam costing people who really need justice that right.

Andrew Ostrowski and I were working or supposed to be working on a documentary on this hell hole but all the videos and stuff that was online disappeared suddenly without warning. Now who would tell you they are working with you then pull all the information for no reason and with no explanation?  So since everything that Andrew Ostrowski says is shit and lies I don’t feel I need to go to him to ask him anything. I don’t need a bogus excuse for what happened when I know what happened. And no Andrew Ostrowski I don’t need to interview you to get your side. I heard the shit you spew.

I will be serving you with a FOIA soon for all the information you stole. I know you don’t care to follow the law but…. And if asking you for and serving you a FOIA don’t get the information I want I will take your dumb ass to court. Unlike others I don’t fear you; you are a child and a pest. I take on people here that I am more afraid of then you.

I let some of this out on a radio show I did last week on 2 Open Minds which can be heard here https://youtu.be/iEihmgcmUWI

I have also broke down the interview so that only the Hidden Valley segment can be heard here https://youtu.be/5i1lPINe3E4

Now here’s the links to Mark Robbins Articles on Andrew Ostrowski

Since Andrew Ostrowski saw I commented on Mark Robbins blog he sent me a message to the effect of being hostile because I was doing my job. I investigate stuff. Acting like I have to come to you to get answers when all you do is bullshit me. Honestly how many times have you told me you were going to have me on your show? 8 or 9 times now and every time you then ignore me. Yeah seems I don’t need you to get on the radio. Never did. You won’t have me on your show because I would tear you apart and eat you up.

Here’s what I posted on Mark Robbins blog that got Andrew Ostrowski all fired up and concerned about what I was doing.


Anyway here’s what Mark Robbins has been putting out about you and your supposed drug friend. He has several articles so the best way for me to go it is to just list them as they are on his blog. I encourage everyone to go read them they are long but show a lot of the criminal activity of Andrew Ostrowski.











It’s a lot to read but well worth it as it shows it’s not just me picking on Andrew Ostrowski which I am not I am just putting the truth out there. Listed on Mark Robbins blog are documents from the courts themselves on Andrew Ostrowski so you can see from the judges and courts what they say about him.

In closing I will try and set up an interview with Mark Robbins in the near future and will be continuing to investigate Andrew Ostrowski as well as take down Hidden Valley Condominiums. And no Andrew Ostrowski you do not own the rights or anything to Hidden Valley Condominiums it is not your property, intellectual or otherwise since I was here before you and I am still here fighting for it. You are a germ and soon you will be gone from it. You have done a lot of damage to people and to this cause and you are being held accountable for it. I will make sure of it. You have done nothing for me and I owe you for what you have done to the good people involved.. More coming as I have a radio interview later today and I will be covering this article on the show. As always Stay Tuned.

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