Taught to be the SAME, then PUNISHED for being a COPY.

The world we have built.

We are told from birth what to think, then are criticized for plagiarizing someone else. Told to conform and be like everyone else, then criticized for not being different; yet punished if you are different. Told who to believe, and then yelled at for believing them. I hate HUMANS at times. Believing in false crap, lead blindly by peer pressure and the need to conform to the crowd, as if somehow the crowd was correct; which often it is not. Often taking one small detail and making it the only thing that matters when often it is the least of what matters, and then following it blindly to destruction. What a waste.

HUMANS have such great potential, yet most lack the drive or willingness to evolve into something more. Others are thrown fighting and flailing into that evolution. The truth is not blind, and does not care for your feelings, nor your opinion of it, it just is. All those things are your reactions to it. Being blind and hurt feeling about the truth is the way you cope with it till you except it. Once accepted you see clearly that your awakening spoke to the truth.


Remember this the next time you salute the flag and pledge your allegiance to the people who did this.

THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH if you’re pissed off at me you’re pissed off at the wrong person in the disagreement. Go look long into the mirror and tell that person to open their eyes.

I love the idea of AMERICA, I offered to give my life for it, then found out it was a big lie, pushed by peer pressure and conformity to follow blindly and do as your told. Where in the HELL is that called freedom? AMERIKA that’s where. Made to stand and pledge our allegiance to the OLIGRACHY and their symbols they’ve used to brainwash the masses into obedience. Told we are free but can’t see the bars around us all.

Then shamed and ridiculed for not being like the rest. My god what has the planet come too. and yet it will get worse you people will see to it you just can’t stand on your own. YES the HUMAN RACE time and time again lets me down.

 mcdonalds flag

McDonald’s corprate flag


 us flag



Can anyone tell me what the difference is? Would you give as much shit for the top one as you do the bottom one? Would you cuss out some one for not standing and doing the pledge to the top one as you do the bottom one? Yet they are both the same.

How are we supposed to salute the flag of the country that’s doing this to the people overseas to keep us safe? I do not support this fascist dictatorial oligarchy that is built to rule the empire called EARTH.
I will not pledge my allegiance to the oligarch rag. I can’t help that so many have gone and died to push this myth. As a SOLDIER my honor will not allow me to be blinded by fear of what others will say or do.
And in the supposed land of the free why are we told what to do and how to do it. If someone doesn’t believe the way you do that is their right. Simple as that. If you do not want to honor the killing of innocent people that is your choice, just as is your vote. More later.

Take a good hard look at history here for a moment. Seems every war in the past 100 years has been the result of a false flag or psyop to get it going to bring about more and more control over the peoples of the planet. They stage fake events then tell you, you need to be behind your country right or wrong. Well fuck them, if it is WRONG then it is WRONG and going along to get along is more than WRONG. Men and women have given their lives to push the lie and we are supposed to somehow feel this gratitude for the WRONG actions of the global elite? If all being a PATRIOT means is following the crowd because the masses are indoctrinated and brainwashed into a way of being then FUCK that as well. FREE humans don’t need it.

Another thought, some of the same people who show outrage at not standing for the pledge or anthem, will not think twice about passing a vet on the street and shaming them or ignoring them. A lot of our vets are homeless and out of work but you don’t see the same sentiment towards them as you do the worship of the state or the flag. Think about it for a few minutes when you are pissed at someone not doing the worship.

The lies we allow to go unchallenged today will be the false truths they will build the future on.

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