FEDBOOK BOMB: Rocket taken out by UFO

Using “A US LAUNCH REPORT PRODUCTION”‘s video of the event. Saved from http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/video-captures-spacex-rocket-explosion-launch-site/story?id=41803090
I cut the 1.20/second clip from the video that shows the object come zipping in and before it gets over the rocket the rocket gases explode and a bright flash of what looks like a laser or a concentrated beam flashes. Then boom.

Two screen capture I did of the event. Clearly show there is something there. One is in negative the other is X-RAY basically the same but shows something that moves very quickly. For one thing it is moving too fast to be any damn bird. Plus it’s too big of an object to be a bird. I will label it a UFO because I can’t IDENTIFY it and to date no one has been able to so we’ll leave it as UFO. Not saying it was ALIENS saying the object has yet to be IDENTIFY so it is UNIDENTIFIED. I AM TIRED of having to explain simple shit for stupid persons who refuse to learn. UFO’s are not always SPACE ALIENS, THE U stands for UNIDENTIFIED, THE F stands for FLYING, THE O stands for OBJECT. And for you FLAT EARTHERS it’s a mirage or purple people eater because things can’t fly in the atmosphere or some other stupid shit you’ll come up with..

CapturefbbSnapshot - 1

I’m going to try and do a video showing it slowed down by hand. Close to frame by frame as I can get it.


Seems to be a missing frame in the event, right here.. The object is not over the rocket when it explodes, it goes from this frame to the next which shows the explosion already in progress. Just doesn’t seem correct for some reason. It’s too quick to get enough frames to view the time line equipment I have doesn’t like small time frames.


4 frames of the event, this is how quick it happened. Less than 2 seconds. It seems that there’s a missing frame of time in the sequence of events. One FRAME of film seems to be missing, is it because of the speed of the object or some other explanation? I’ve spent enough time on this I have other NEWS to cover. This one I put down as SABATOGE. Stay Tuned.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.