And people say that if I ask for compensation I should not be trusted and crap. Do what I do for no damn pay and see how long you do it. Go to work and not get paid I know all of you won’t. I put every bit of money I can into doing this to get the word out with no compensation, no pay and I have to put up with troglodytes coming after me. Plus having to stare down the police state with weapons aimed and ready to shoot me. BUT I CAN”T ASK FOR MONEY because simple minded fucks think I should do all this for FREE, and getting exposure and likes is not in any way what gets the damn job done. I made more money when I was in the adult industry then I do uncovering the crime underbelly of society. People take the FREE in FREELANCE way to serious. I will be setting up a way for people who want to help me financially. I need new equipment and programs. But regardless of that fact I will still do as much as I can. This is just for photographers, I also write articles and do research and other things that are to much to name. INFOWARS has 40+ people doing stuff for them, I have me doing as much work. Yeah tell me how fair this life is,


Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.