Martial Law PSYOP Event / REX DRILL AKA The Richmond TRUMP Rally 20160610

I’m going to post this as is, it was written at different times so it’s not flowing right but I’ll clear it up later. Watch the videos to see what happened as it happened. Okay where to start with what happened. We walked up to the coliseum from a friend’s house that was close to Monroe park where there was supposed to be a gathering of anti-TRUMPers. There was no one there yet but a press guy. So we decided to walk over to the coliseum to see what was going on and to try and get in. That never happened but we’ll get to that in a minute, I was recording as we walked doing my live feed. As we got close to the coliseum I stayed live for a while. I saw this police soldier standing over by channel 6 news van and walked up to ask where I; as press, go to try to get in. He was less then helpful. Someone said I had to go to the side so we went over there. Still recording live, we walked up and they asked me to turn off my camera which I complied with that time. I asked the state trooper if Steve Drew was around. They didn’t know him. I then realized they were not local guys. So they knew I was search for the Deputy Chief of Police from the beginning. They decided they didn’t want me since I wasn’t on the list.  I asked them to go get someone to see if I could get in. And then I heard them say something and mention Chris Dorsey then the fun began. I believe Chris was filming and that pissed them off.

Long story short here we were rudely treated and then because of my association with my co-host and friend a man called Chris Dorsey, I was banned from ever being on coliseum property again. Which is fine I was only there to cover the event as news anyway, and have only been there one other time in the past, I really don’t care to go there but the principle of the matter is I am press covering an event. I started back up the live feed to go around to the other entrance, never made it. I was trying to find Chris. They chased and marched me towards the other entrance. They had separated Chris and I and then I saw Deputy Chief Steve Drew whom I have been after for a while, so I walked over to him to talk to him and asked him where chris was. I started to talk to him when about 30 soldiers in blue came up and bum rushed me and told me to go to the other entrance and stop filming. I did not comply with the stop filming but did start over to the entrance. They then pincered me from both sides, which was briefly caught at the end of an INFOWARS report, 30 soldier police from the one side and about 10 more from the other, along with a suited official of the coliseum; he was the one that told me I was on private property and was not allowed back. I didn’t have that many police in my front yard the day my friend Shawn D. McKay was murdered. They said I was not allowed to ever be at the coliseum and I was asked to leave which I did; they did allow me in the free speech phony protest staging area. Soon I found Chris in there and we stayed there covering that. Now the whole time this was going on people and INFOWARS was doing exactly the same thing I was. People were milling around with their phones filming and standing, the exact same thing I was told I, in particular, was not allowed to do. That is why I disobeyed their so called ORDERS WHICH ARE ACTUALLY EDICTS. I DO NOT COMPLY WITH BULLSHIT. I do want to thank them for being so concerned about my safety that they didn’t want me in the coliseum. The place is a deathtrap and falling apart anyway so keeping me from entering is sort of doing me a favor.

I am an accredited press photographer, a legit card carrying member of the press and have been published worldwide, as well as been in the New York Post taking on FEDBOOK and on C-SPAN covering the EPA hearing on chemtrails. Yet here in my own front yard and the damned city I live in they will not give me the respect they give those that are phucking fake ass non-carded PRESS that made up their own passes. And since I’m not MEDIA, I’ll say no more about that; everyone knows I despise MEDIA. These assholes know me and who I am, yet decide to mess with me and slaughter every right I have. I am told time and time again not to film in my own front yard. I’m not permitted to do my job. Read my entire blog it’s all in there.

Okay enough of the rant I’m over that part, on to the PSYOP / REX DRILL still in progress at this point. I’m now in the free speech phony protest staging area and start looking at the scene and there are a few of the normal suspects in there. Charles Willis was one of them. As well as the one supposed trump supporter and his female friend.

Now I was going to continue telling and laying out what happened but you can go watch the video of the events. I need to touch on a more important issue; being what is actually going on. These events taking place or seeming to taking place are PSYOP/ REX DRILL’s. I came in on the last half of that program when I was in the ARMY back in 1986 – 1987. They were just starting the THREAT FUSION CENTERS and gearing up for several plans that they successfully implemented.  I am fully aware of what I speak and write. If I can call an event as it happens like the little child at a WWE event telling everyone Hulk Hogan’s next move WHY don’t people listen and pay attention? I know you all hear me I yell loud enough.

Instead of finishing my breakdown of the event I am going to shift my focus and tell you what the event is instead of describing the event.  Let’s get into what REX DRILL’s are.

What are PSYOP / REX DRILL’s?

I will be covering this more in further articles.

PSYOP / FALSE FLAG / REX DRILL the terms can be used interchangeably but they do differ slightly in how and why they do different ones. But more and more I feel these events we are witnessing are REX DRILL’s. They are pushing more and more the narrative and talking points of several OPERATIONS’ and BLACK PROJECTS; Pushing more and more for a HARD / HOT MARTIAL LAW.

Most people know what PSYOP’s and FALSE FLAGS are so I won’t spend too much time on them but get into the REX DRILL’s in detail. So a PSYOP is by definition a Psychological Operation usually carried out by the military / federalized police state in order to bring about a desired change that they want. Usually the event is just a mind game played on the public.

psychological operation n. An operation conducted as part of psychological warfare. Also called psyop.

The contemporary term false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

REX DRILLs have evolved since their inception as all things of this nature do. They are multi-faceted and have many overlapping layers, to say that it is only one aspect and ignoring the whole picture plays you right into the psyop. There are many sub-operations and sub –objective’s going on during the main event. Person’s often get tied up in the minutia and the fine details that they often miss everything that has happened. Their emotional attachment to the normal is often the first victim that they hold dearly too no matter what. Person’s cling to the sense of the normal and the fact that they can’t fathom anyone wanting something different than their collective hive mind think. Too afraid to view life as it happens and not the way they perceive it to be. That is why the PSYOP works so well.

I am tired of the learned helplessness and the scared to break out of the cognitive dissonance that so many have been afflicted with. People too afraid to stand up to criminals because criminals might commit crimes against them; All the while criminals are still committing crimes against them and haven’t stopped. When do we stand up and say ENOUGH? When do we start taking back that which we throw away so carelessly? When do we make the criminals pay for their wrong actions?

When do we finally break the trance and wake up and do what we must to make the world a better place? With the recent events that have happened I am convinced that the whole house of mirrors and illusion is going to fall. The BREXIT was a big crack in the façade, a great blow to the oligarchy; but I somehow can’t feel too certain that that was somehow staged as well to bring in something worse.

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