Baby born to soon, Wyatt Lynn Russell 12/26/15

Okay this one is sort of personal. My sister-in-law is good friends with this woman and this family that needs help. This wee little one needs our support and prayers. Wyatt Lynn Russell born 12/26/15 at 10:46am weighing 1lb 2oz. In North Dakota. Mommy was 24 weeks pregnant. I heard about this but it slipped past me, but when I saw it, I had to post and share to try and help anyway I can.
I will link more of the story Their gofundme page is here .


I do remember hearing about this around Christmas. This little one and his family need our help. If you can give, please go to their page and support them, prayers help as well. This little one is a fighter and let’s see what we can do to help him. I want to report on some good for a change.. So please go and do what you can.
I’ve been told that Crystal Russell the mother has lost her job, “She had to go on leave and her job fired her because 12 weeks were up so she doesn’t have insurance after January” “They let her go because the jobs policy stated 12 weeks of fmla and they can choose to let go, Texas is a hire and fire at will state” Which really is asinine, people need to have their heads examined.

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Author: lordnelga

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