Hidden Valley Exposed: Again.

Hidden Valley Condos
Hidden Valley Condos

DRAMA the part that needs to be told.

How do you hold to promises and keep secrets while telling parts that are off the record without betraying peoples trust? What happens when one person tells you something and you are allowed to tell it and another person says it’s off the record? Here’s how I’m going to handle the DRAMA. I do not like to air stuff that was already taken care of PRIVATELY. Case in point THIS mess. This is also why I don’t do GROUPS, WAY too much crap to deal with. GROUPS have this tendency to bring in unwanted crap. Bring out trolls and shills that are on lt there to stop progress and destroy the effort. Anyway this is the part I didn’t want to do. I don’t allow the DRAMA to interfere with what I must do. Covering the DRAMA is not going to get this place shut down or help these people it will only glorify things that are detracting and hurting the story. Save the DRAMA for the movie about your involvement after the place doesn’t exist. Bringing it up and doing it now only is to derail and show your only in this for yourself. I also do not cover it as it tends to breed into what can be called a real life soap opera. Again save it for the movie after the fact.

Before I get into this issue that should have remained a nonevent I must say this. I speak for Hidden Valley Condos and the Advocates that have brought this to my attention; I deal with them not everyone else. I do know things that happen and I am filled in and know most of what is goes on.

I side with the Hidden Valley Advocates as I have said all along. I was here since 2014/02/22 and will speak for them whenever they need me too. I have many times publicly been the voice of reason and I do lose my temper at times because I am so far away and can’t get there to take care of things myself. I have gotten involved personally and consider these Advocates my friends. But I try not to let their personal and interpersonal relations cloud the story. I try not to include the he said, she said bullshit sort of thing in the articles. Unless it has to deal with the CONDOS or the CONDITIONS I tend to let it go. But some things need to be said.

I have been asked to tell what I know about some things that have come to light about Hidden Valley Condos. I will tell what I know about some of the DRAMA and set right some of these so called TRUTHS. I am the official spokesperson for Hidden Valley Condos and the Advocates so pretty much if you don’t hear it from me it’s most probably not true or a half truth. I do know a lot about what has transpired and things that are being pushed as fact are not wholly true. I have to rework my article to include some things I didn’t want to cover and take away from my goal. I have broken the article up into two articles. But by telling my side and getting the truth out there I am helping the goal which is to get the innocent people help and to get this death trap shut down. I’m not pushing this as a political platform or a way to make me look like something that I am not as some seem to be doing. I have been involved in this story since before some of those who have caused the trouble. I also have some experts taking a look into this and I will be contacting others I know with the information I have in my possession which I will be covering as well. There are times when holding what you know comes to odds with doing the right and honest thing and I feel I now must tell what I know. Some of this drama happened 7 months or so ago it is not recent and bringing it up now is pointless other than to push an agenda. I will also address the Dewey Mank crap as he was never a part of Hidden Valley Condos or the Advocates. He started a lot of trouble as TROLLS do and he was dealt with and removed and some people left with him. Anything he said or says are lies and people need to take their grievances up with him. He came after me and was dealt with and we have moved on. I will only refer to him as “Diseased Maggot” from now on. I do not wish to give him any publicity but since I have to defend this story and the people in Hidden Valley Condos and the Advocates I will.

This piece of work came into Hidden Valley webpages and fedbook group, as a tag along with a group of people who said they were helping the cause, instead they disrupted the group and caused a lot of unwelcome and undue strife. He saw fit to come after me and he was dealt with. At no time did this “Diseased Maggot” ever represent or even speak for the Hidden Valley Advocates. I WILL NOT include what I have found out about him or persons I believe to be him from the public record, but I WILL provide it to anyone interested. I have refrained from saying anything about the matter because as said it was considered over and dealt with. But his name has come up again and again and I was asked by several persons to say what I can on the matters that have come up.
I no longer have what all he said as it doesn’t matter. I have never said an advocates name in print unless I had permission anyone pushing names of people involved that have asked to remain nameless is very suspect. I will never go against my word even after persons betray me I will simply walk away. And since this DRAMA happened almost 7 months ago and was put to rest why bring it up now? If it is still going on then you need to take it up with him. Don’t involve Hidden Valley Advocates with him.

2014/02/22 I first ran the story of Hidden Valley Condos. I have put out there the facts and have been their voice in the press. I work with the Advocates and have grown to know them personally. I’m not politically motivated and anyone who doesn’t include me in the discussion about or when talking about this death trap doesn’t support the truth. Since the first article I have done several more and have tried to get the EPA and other government agencies involved to no avail. We have had DRAMA and have taken care of it PRIVATELY.

How should I work this article? I do not want the DRAMA and unneeded crap to interfere with the already growing crap that this headache already is. Before I go on I want to say John I could really use you mate RIP.. Help from that side or guidance to follow the correct path is needed. I’m torn by several ways to handle this problem, So here I GO..

I will include some comments I have made in public after this. I’m not here for the DRAMA. If it isn’t helping get the condos condemned or those innocent people help, I don’t want to hear it. Stop it because it is hurting those innocent people who really need help. I’m here to help a woman who has taken it upon herself to put her life on hold and in DANGER; to stand in the way to stop others from being hurt, injured, or killed. And she gets threatened and ridiculed. I’m here for the faceless nameless child that lives there that doesn’t know what is making them sick, for the old woman that knows but has nowhere to go and is forced to live under these conditions. I’m here for the man who died from injuries from the fire. I’m here for the nameless people who are forced by a greedy HOA to live in unsanitary conditions so they can keep raking in the money. I’m here to see this place shut down. And if you’re trying to do harm or spread false truths, I will be standing there to see you fail. I’m here to give those persons a voice and to air their grievances. I’m here to hold the guilty accountable.

People have already died tragically in a fire and people are still being hurt and made to live in horrid conditions needlessly.
Glen M Sutphin – I too have kept my piece of mind out of the matter. Some of the same persons mentioned also saw fit to attack me as well. But I am putting aside all that to get that place gone off the map. That IS the important thing at the moment. Sorry they saw fit to get a lawyer after you Andy Ostrowski instead of going after the HOA and the people that should be gone after. I support the cause not the actors involved. I have tried to be a voice of reason in times of chaos there and have lost my temper a few times. I have been attacked twice from this group. I will continue to fight for what is right. I honestly think people need to consider what others are doing and still doing on their behalf and reevaluate their lives and get back to the task at hand or tell me to bow out.”

Glen M Sutphin – See the truth doesn’t care about your opinion and facts are facts. I will be doing another article soon. I have stated before and I say it again, I don’t care about the drama and what people’s opinions are. I release facts and stand on that and the truth. And I too know things that are happening behind the scenes as it were. I am here to get the people in those condos help and the crap that is going on is hurting those people just as bad as the conditions they are living in. My concern is getting that condo destroyed and getting the innocent people help. Anything else I don’t give a rats ass about at the moment unless it starts interfering with that goal. I will work on my article and get it out as soon as I can. And thank you every one that is truly here to get those people help. Stay tuned.”

“Glen M SutphinIt’s best to let the drama go and get back to the real issues. HV condos are a death trap and that’s going to be my focus of my article. people’s interpersonal drama is not needed to get out there. the HOA and building issues are what I will be covering.”

Three posts I posted on Andy Ostrowski’s fedbook posts.

I have to quote HELLOWEEN for a moment here bear with me.
“It’s my god given RIGHT
To stand and fight
For what I LIKE.”
Remember the dead, but fight for the living.

A wise person once told me to “Disregard the DRAMA and FOCUS on the task at hand” and they were right. I will start the next article off FOCUSING on the conditions and what the file I have in my possession states. I have some experts looking at and they will be giving their professional opinions on it soon. I’ll be posting their opinions and thoughts, in the next Article:

Engineering Investigation Report Regarding Structural and Mechanical Conditions
UNIT 13348
YE Project No. -14-0437

Prepared by:
421 W Chocolate Avenue
Hershey, PA 17033

<link to the pdf> There’s a problem with the link I will post the PDF in the next article

I have the PDF file on Hidden Valley Condos; the document is 91 pages and says exactly what I have been saying all along that is wrong with the place. I will continue with the next article in a few days to give some of the expert’s time to go through this long document. I will be doing some podcasts and radio shows as well as my own show so stay tuned.

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