John R. Sebastian, Jr. RIP mate

memory 1I am officially high jacking the term:


It now stands for:

Your Other Life Online

And in mYOLO I had an online friend pass on. Now other than this spy program called FEDBOOK I didn’t really know this person; YET his passing has affected and effected my IRL <In Real Life>… Thus the high jacked term. I want to stop and take a moment to thank this individual who followed my works and help guide me along life’s path. A BIG THANK YOU TO

John R. Sebastian, Jr.

For your guidance and input, it will be these I will truly miss the most. Both the insights and the input, there will be a void there. I think that, that in the end sums it up best. It’s the lack of input we miss most of all. We get use to that input and data coming in, and then when it stops we feel the loss.
Trying to accurately put into words some feelings that are just FEELINGS, EMOTIONS, It’s hard. Try to sum up someones life in a few words, YOU CAN’T DO IT. I can say I FEEL for John R. Sebastian, Jr family; their pain and loss will be beyond what I a mere bystander will feel.
John R. Sebastian, Jr was an advocate helping with the Hidden Valley condos story. He was very passionate about getting these people the help they need and keeping me on the right path. And for that alone, trying to keep me on the right path, I will try and continue upon this path. Thanks again

John R. Sebastian, Jr

 you will be missed

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