UPDATE: 20150807

Going to start this off with this line from The FOO FIGHTERS: learn to fly.

“Hook me up a new revolution
‘Cause this one is a lie
We sat around laughing and watched the last one die”

Been running wherever, doing everything and most others work as well. Will bring you all up to speed after this weekend and the event I’ll be covering in DC. Not going into details just be looking forward to reports and such. Not really much of an update but things are going and as soon as they let me talk about it, I’ll have the articles up.
I’m dealing with some issues that I will not print but yeah. Questioning the path others take and force me to go down, which in the end if they would have listened and did as I had asked them we would be farther ahead than we are; and them trusting in blind dead ends is useless BUT.. I’m just going to leave it on that note no more said. No one person meant by that statement just an observation as a whole. Damn I wish people would listen to me when I have been here before and done these things before. BUT what do I know after 20 years in the PRESS business, GUESS not much.. I’ve played this game before. I know most of the traps that people love to get into.
In the end your HEROS aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Most of your HEROS have over inflated egos and little else. They have charm of sort but no real merit when the rubber meets the road. And most are more concerned with their public image and maintaining their ego driven image of themselves that they promote with a vengeance. But when the mask is off, they are naked, scared, cowering, little children that just want attention to be on them. Doesn’t matter who gets hurt as long as they maintain their image. And god forbid if you tell the truth about them, they get very angry and lash out, and people defend them because in the end image is all they have. Take them out of the game, they turn back to being cowering, sniveling; little children who throw temper tantrums if you don’t do as they say.
And I pity them. They are stuck in this little fragile world that collapses way to easy. One little bump and that image is shattered. I care less for my image, I rely on the truth. My image has been shattered, broken, soiled, lied about and tarnished yet on I fight, WHY? Because I’m not here for a popularity contest where I can see how many likes I can get. How many people will follow me. Whom I can impress with my bullshit.. I’m here to win the war and right the crap that I can. And sorry rose get covered in shit and mud and still people love them so you know something, I guess I can shine through all the crap that people put on me as well. Doesn’t stop me from doing what I must, or mean shit to me. I will be me and do me as I please. No apologies, no crap, just ME.
On that I’ll end it.. Stay Tuned you don’t want to miss what’s coming up.

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