UPDATE: Chris Dorsey 2015/07/22-2015/07/23. Camera retrieval.



Okay so how should I put this, the City of Richmond does not obey the damn law…PERIOD. They refuse to do what they are, BY LAW, supposed to do and I am being told I have to sit here and wait for them to eventually maybe someday do what they are supposed to do.

The Trial was continued and they were supposed to hand over the video today. Well they didn’t. I don’t want to jeopardize Chris’s trial and anything he is going to do, but the facts are that is my property they are holding. That is my chip in Silver Persingers camera that was loaned to Chris to do his job. As such they are holding my chip which I want back. They do not have a warrant, they are not following the damn law and I WANT TO PRESS CHARGES. But I am held up by not being able to because everyone is afraid to do what they hell they need to do, playing in the system with the people in the system never works.


<insert the footage and photos if I”M ALLOWED>

Okay we went down and actually got the camera back. We checked it out to see if it had the chip and yes it did. The chip had the some of what happened on it. There appears to be some stuff missing as well, there was a folder clearly marked with my name on the chip so right there as said IT WAS MY CHIP. I’ll get more into what was in that folder in a later article. For the moment I will not release the videos that were on the disk, but I will not sit on them long. They must get out so the public can know what really happened. I will OBEY my ORDERS OR COMMANDS for the time, but only for a short time.

I am going to now go do what I MUST do and NO ONE WILL TELL ME I CAN’T, DON’T, OR ANY OTHER STUPID COMMANDS FROM A PERSON THAT DOES NOT OWN ME. I know what the hell I CAN AND WILL DO; I know the laws and know what they will do. I HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE.

I NOW MUST DO THINGS THAT NEEDED TO BE DONE WEEKS AGO. I am tired of having to listen to persons that are wrong, scared or not acting for whatever reason. If it were your property that was stolen would you just sit there and listen to persons tell you to not worry or not to do anything because it doesn’t affect them?

I’ll leave it here at the moment. Will update in a few days. Have to figure what my next plan of attack is.

http://www.CFAPA.org I’m now a proud member of CFAPA as of 20150715. Constitution First Amendment Press Association. As well as a member of AI News Service, just re-upped my press credentials for another 3 years so yeah…

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