Police violating the law in Richmond, VA in front of the police HQ.


Yeah they don’t care they are the law.
The photos were taken as I went into the police hq. The video was after I came out of police hq. 20 minutes later. Yeah the uniform gives them super abilities to do as they please. Things that if you or I did them we would go to jail..

typical of virginia

Posted by Glen M Sutphin on Monday, July 13, 2015

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Police violating the law in front of police headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. (VIDEO)
The police job is to serve & protect not to be above the law.
As you can see from this video taken by my friend Glen M. Sutphin, Press Photographer for “American International News Service” in Richmond Virginia shows that the police wants to be above the law. What a great example they are for us!

My thanks to AI News Service Puerto Rico for carrying the video. I think It’s important to remember the police are human and they make mistakes, to use your position to do whatever you please is wrong.

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