a man called chris dorsey story to date.

chris dorsey and max
                    chris dorsey and max


Articles I wrote on a man called
chris dorsey:

NEWS UPDATE: Chris Dorsey kidnapped and detained by police for filming.
NEWS UPDATE: Chris Dorsey

Virginia Man Arrested and Assaulted by Police for Recording Firefighters Misusing Public Property

I’m in your base hitting your dudes and you don’t like it.


Richmond Fire Department #20 Hose Malfunction during Fire.
The KIDNAPPING of PUBLIC and POLITICAL PERSONAS off the streets “LEGALLY” has to stop.
Why do the police break the law to uphold the law? A look at the inner workings of the RPD.


Videos from the event.

11266531 10153029402618722 738328491 n. Published on Jun 10, 2015
Chris Dorsey kidnapped by police for filming.
Amanda Williams, Chris’s girlfriend shoot this footage. Not to be confused with the other Amanda Williams. Crazy story gets crazier.


20150612-05. Published on Jun 12, 2015
Chris’s interview right after the ransom was paid and he was free.



Madisonstar moon show – 20150615 Recorded on 6/13/2015 – Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/get-the-news-straight-live simulcast on Get The NEWS Straight.
Amanda Williams AKA Madisonstar moon was the first person to help me when she found out shortly after I posted what happened. She helped me get everything rolling and get stuff together. She’s a true friend.


Thanks to Silver Persinger for the video work on this one. https://vimeo.com/tag:Chris+Dorsey
“Chris Dorsey described a recent incident where he filmed a firefighter working on his personal vehicle in the station house, then they called the police, Chris was abducted without being arrested, spent the night in the Richmond City jail, and then was transferred to Pamunkey Regional Jail the next day, despite that fact that his mother and girlfriend had raised the money to pay his bond.
Susanne Posel’s podcast may be heard here, blackkatenterprises.com/archives/Hardline-32k-061515.mp3”

Hardline with Susanne Posel – great interview. FULL Story in this interview. Go to minute 24:00 in the show.



chris dorsey interview . Published on Jun 19, 2015
chris dorsey tells about himself



Reporting sexual crimes & other violations while unlawfully detained Published on Jun 13, 2015
A man called chris dorsey reports sexual crimes and other violations that were carried out against him while he was unlawfully detained at the Richmond City Jail and the Pamunkey Regional Jail.



Phone Harassment. Published on Jun 29, 2015
My number has been public for years and i have never got calls like this. Now loved ones and myself get countless calls like this from local 804 numbers. These calls come in addition to the usual in person and online threats well documented on this Chanel. This harassment is due to my political activity exposing government corruption,



More Phone Harassment. Published on Jun 29, 2015
Phone calls like these have become a regular occurrence lately. My phone number has been public and available for many years and rarely do i receive calls and never before two weeks ago like the one featured in this video. Loved ones are getting calls like these along with abusive and threatening text messages we have documented with a number of individuals the threatening and abusive nature of actions taken against us.



Psyber Attack My Computer Crashes @ Same Time As Associate. Published on Jun 29, 2015
This was very unusual, and had never happened before. My computer crashes at the exact same time as my business partner Glen Sutphin while we are working on a project together. The psyber-atacks began two weeks ago and never happened before that time.


Videos related to the story:


man assaulted and abducted by Richmond Government. Published on Apr 14, 2014
a man known as chris dorsey has a false report made against him by Richmond Government agent Steve Skinner he is then assaulted, unlawfully detained, and has his property stolen. dorsey was also sexually assaulted later on by the police. dorsey ordered the government to release him however the unlawfully detained him with no charge and without giving a reason.



Richmond Police Are Enemies of The Constitution. Published on Apr 14, 2014
a man sometimes called chris dorsey is assaulted and unlawfully detained by costumed government thugs.



Unlawful detention of a man aka chris Dorsey. Published on Apr 15, 2014
a man also called chris dorsey sovereign gives lawful orders to public servants who do not comprehend their duty. dorsey refuses to comply and then under duress writes the letters NA on an unlawful document he is handed. The letters NA symbolize the non assumpsit-The general issue in the action of assumpsit; being a plea by which the defendant avers that “he did not undertake” or promise as alleged.



Richmond Government’s Skinner Laughs About Filing False Report On Video. Published on Jul 14, 2014
Richmond PR agent Steve Skinner laughs and pretends to be busy when confronted about a false report he placed against a man called chris dorsey. Skinner was caught on camera harassing dorsey in a threatening manner then filing a false report with multiple government agencies including the Richmond Police. As a result dorsey was assaulted unlawfully detained and his property was stolen.



man proves government crimes in court of record. Published on Sep 8, 2014
a man called chris dorsey makes lawful claim in a court of record during the September 8th meeting of Richmond City Council. Steve Skinner the causal agent of the trespass along with Charles Samuels along with Richmond PBS attempted to censor the live broadcast this video provides court orders completely.



Talking Cop Car Threatens To Steal Camera. Published on Mar 14, 2015
A cop that does not know the law using a microphone threatens to steal the property of a man called chris dorsey of the Virginia Militia. This unusual looking cop car was driving around in circles in south Richmond on Westover Hills Boulevard and the parking lot of the corner “dollar” shop.


2014 April 14 – The Abduction of Chris Dorsey from Richmond City Council Chambers – Richmond, Virginia
Chris Dorsey was illegally removed from a meeting where he was scheduled to speak on the subject of government corruption.
See more footage surrounding this incident filmed by Mr. Dorsey, himself.
from Silver Persinger https://vimeo.com/tag:Chris+Dorsey


More evidence and all of Chris’s videos can be found on his youtube channel here

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