The KIDNAPPING of PUBLIC and POLITICAL PERSONAS off the streets “LEGALLY” has to stop.

What is going on in Amerika? You can be walking down the street and the next thing you know you’re in jail and having to pay a ransom to get out. Case in point; Chris Dorsey and what happened to him let me explain.

What happens when you videotape a crime being committed?

Me talking to the eyewitness that picked up the camera
Me talking to the eyewitness that picked up the camera during the indecent
What happens when you see something illegal taking place, you’re in public, and you pull out the camera to record the offense. I’ll show what should happen and what actually happens. In a perfect world if you were to see something wrong happening and filmed it, then reported it the person doing the wrong offense would be punished and you would be praised for what you did. However that’s in a perfect world and as such it does not exist.
In this world we live, in which is anything but perfect, things happen that make you scratch your head in wonder and stare in disbelief. Case in point what happened with Chris Dorsey. Chris was out walking his dog to the dog park down the road from where he lived. Passing the fire hall on the way he notices the bay doors open and the fire fighters changing their oil and doing maintenance on their vehicles using the taxpayer’s dollars to do personal things. Which everyone who drives by the fire hall has seen numerous times as it’s on public display. Using the fire house equipment to work on their personal vehicles is an offense and against regulations and the fire fighter can be disciplined for it.
So seeing them breaking the regulations Chris pull out his camera and started filming the infraction. Long story short, to cover up their wrongdoings they conspired against Chris and made up fake and bogus charges and had Chris kidnapped and held for “RANSOM”. Most people in the area know Chris, he is well known in Richmond, VA.
He is very outspoken, very brash and abrasive at times but that’s not a crime either. The man knows what he says is true and doesn’t listen to those who say otherwise. Sort of like me, but unlike me he cannot really do much damage to someone in a fight. But that said Chris wouldn’t get into a fight he would walk away, much like Gandhi, Chris would never fight back. In all the time I have known Chris I have yet to see him take his “LEGALLY” owned, “LEGALLY” purchased, “LEGALLY” carried weapon out of its holster. And he says it’s a prop it could be just that a prop. Which brings up this point, if Chris were a threat and this BIG menace why has he never once reached for his weapon? Even with a weapon he gets beat up and picked on for speaking the truth. You persons are so afraid of an inanimate object that you have to remove them illegally and get rid of law abiding legal rights.
I HAD a permit to carry and was told by members of the priesthood of the temple of law that “I would be shot dead for carrying it”. It’s not illegal to carry open in this state persons need to comprehend this fact. You have a right to defend yourself. You have the duty to defend others as well. So I will now open carry and fuck the state out of their $45.00 they would have got for my renewal of my permit to carry. And they also don’t get to track me as registered in their data base.
Chris Dorsey was ”LEGALLY” carrying his ”LEGALLY” owned “LEGALLY” purchased weapon when he was snatched and grabbed off the street in broad daylight. That’s what you get here in Richmond, VA for telling the truth and exposing lies. And speaking of exposing lies, later in this article I will be exposing and shaming persons and organizations that I reached out for help to and they much like the citizens around here abandoned someone they used to get ratings.
First let me tell you, they kidnapped a lawfully armed man off the street who refused to use his weapon in his rightful defense and you “CITIZENS” ran and cowered in fear. He was never at any point in this ordeal “ARRESTED”. He was never told he was under “ARREST”, he was never read his “MIRANDA RIGHTS” and was not afforded his attorney till after his “RANSOM” was paid and they messed with him some more.
Even eyewitnesses will not come forward on camera to defend Chris Dorsey. I am ashamed and appalled at the whole damn stinking lot of you when we as society allow our rights to be taken so cheaply. And not standing up for someone because you don’t like the way they look, talk, or act. And what are the bunches of you that are telling him to kill himself? Maybe you all need the help. He did nothing wrong and wrongs were again committed to him and his being.
I have documented the numerous crimes this city has committed to me and my family. Chris Dorsey is now under my protection as afforded him by rights of family and by my honor. I am coming after this city. I will make sure this city pays for the crimes they commit and omit from the public record and in the public eye.
Some history as to why Chris Dorsey is constantly attacked. Seems this fair city of Richmond, VA has this thing against people and persons exposing their crimes. The timing of this crime against Chris needed to be better timed for the city as “BIKE WEEK” is coming up and this city RICHMOND is so worried about their public image to the world. Well there’s this BIG international dark cloud coming and I intend to make it as dark and as nasty of a storm as I can. I have already shown the true colors of this city to the INTERNATIONAL community at large and now the profits of crime will descend upon this city.
Chris Dorsey is a political analyst, commentator, figure as well as a Press Correspondent and a friend. He cares about people even those who harass and pick on him. He just wants justice and peace and that’s why he ran for sheriff. He was trying to get the corruption to stop in the city. And then the corruption and crime ran him over to get him out of the way, and conspired against him to frame him as well.
WAS CHRIS RIGHT, did he do anything wrong? The only blame I can place on Chris was he didn’t make it out with the video. That’s the first rule of this game, get the video out or it didn’t happen. That is the only blame I place on him but in the situation he had no options and I can’t in all honesty fault him. The full blame has to lie with the firefighters and the police.
Which brings up another I WANT THE TAPE.. I want the surveillance tapes from the gas station and fire hall. But no one will do what is LEGALLY REQUIRED OF THEM TO DO… This city prides itself on its image and loves to go on the media and tell these wondrous lies, and push their crappy agenda driven corruption on the public at large. And the dumbed down masses eat it like candy and regurgitate it like the crap fill vomit it is.

I’ve said it before, this stuff is Sesame Street level at best. Hell even ELMO could figure this crap out. Yet persons still can’t see it.. Well it’s time for the blinders to come off and for me to expose this dog and pony show for what it truly is.


Since I said I was going to shame some persons let it start. First up is STEVE DREW who could of put a stop to a lot of my problems and whom I will now be a great big pain in the ass to..

And next up is CHRISTOPHER MILLER of internal affairs. Is this what I was promised at the “Peeps and POPO PSYOP”? Is this the way this city takes care of problems and gets solutions for people? Because if this is what I’m to expect in way of helping I’ll think I’ll pass. And I will be calling you all soon.

Everyone really needs to go watch the coverage of these events on my youtube channel to get the whole story. Persons and people don’t watch what I post.

As always Stay Tuned more coming…

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

3 thoughts on “The KIDNAPPING of PUBLIC and POLITICAL PERSONAS off the streets “LEGALLY” has to stop.”

  1. Fully support Chris Dorsey. Is there a link to Richmond Police Departments to post something ? Don’t let the cops, the municipality and whomever “officials” mess around with our Civic Rights !

    1. I will be posting all the links and phone numbers in the next update getting all of that prepared. Still dealing with the legal stuff he has to go through.

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