I’m in your base hitting your dudes and you don’t like it.

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Story on Photography is not a crime thanks Carlos Miller and your writer. I will be sending you updates as they happen.

You only get 3 strikes in baseball, and this is the 3rd strike for the city of Richmond,VA. 2 times already they have done more then illegal crap to me and my family. And with this attack on a man called Chris Dorsey and myself this city has beyond shown their rue colors.

They have been electronically trying to sop me from broadcasting for months. It feels so good right now during the power outage. NO ELECTRICS SCANNING ME. NO ONE in my head but me. Silent signals, NO PAIN!!! Now I can track when they come back online. I can hear when the SMART METER DROID on the side of he house is on. Right now IT’S ASLEEP AND OFF. I have documented a lot of what has been happening.

And EWE persons who are saying Chris deserves this need to realize something. “What they do o the least of us, they will do to us all.” Persons will learn, I WILL DO WHAT I SAY I WILL DO.

I  do not require you to help me as I am mostly doing everything myself anyway. I am full capable of doing all this on my own. EWE will do as EWE do. I ask each person to do that which they CAN DO to help. Several people are already helping in BIG WAYS to those people you have my undying support.

And IF I stood by and let this happen to Chris, why would I then stand up and help EWE?

I knew this was coming/ I have been correct on everything and still person’s QUESTION?

“This stuff is already Sesame Street level as it is. HELL even ELMO could figure it out.”

This is and will test the metal of ALL involved. You have to steal yourself to the task at hand. Some are finding out that the reality of my words are a lot worse than what I said. And REALITY IS A BITCH with puppies, that lives next door.

RIGHT NOW the soft kill is silent. So I am recovering and doing things. STAY TUNED.



Since Reality is only a waking lucid dream….

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