NEWS UPDATE: Chris Dorsey kidnapped and detained by police for filming.

Chris Dorsey my co-host was kidnapped and detained by the police for filming. This is a timeline of tonight’s events. I will be updating and filming an interview when we are allowed to see him again.

9:06 pm I posted “chris dorsey was just arrested details as I get them.”
Having been rustled from my sickbed by Amanda G. Williams. Who had just come over from where chris was arrested.

She posted this about the event she witnessed after she got to my house.
“A kind stranger called me to tell me that Chris was in trouble and this is what was going on when I showed up. Going to head downtown soon. Please reach out to me 804 ***-**** or 804 938 7773”

She and I then sat down to figure out the next plan of action as I posted this:
“NEWS UPDATE: The latest we have on Chris Dorsey is we don’t know. the police are playing hide and seek with him. I am covering it and will let people know as soon as I hear something. Amanda G. Williams posted this a few minutes ago: “Just tried calling the justice center at 501 north 9th st still no Chris. When I was at the 19th street location I was told if he was in one of the paddy wagons he could be riding around for several hours due to other stops along the way. “I don’t know what they did with him” was one of the last things I was told on the phone. Very worried.”
More NEWS as it happens if there’s any break I will be doing a live broadcast when we find him so as always Stay Tuned.”

After a long wait and run around we came back to my house and she got a phone call while I was out taking care of the dogs.
Posted by Amanda G. Williams
I finally got a phone call from chris. He is being held at the Richmond City jail with NO BOND and being charged with disorderly conduct. This whole thing started from chris filming on Forest Hill Ave. He was filming city firefighters changing their personal car’s oil in the firehouse. Once he was noticed this prompted the fire department to file a FALSE police report and have chris arrested. He was originally charged with obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct but the obstruction of justice charge was dropped due to lack of evidence. This police report that was made sounds completely fabricated to simply remove him from the situation. He wasn’t in contact for so long because he was also taken to MCV medical center due to injuries he sustained to the head, back and shoulders from being slammed to the ground during his overly aggressive arrest. He is scheduled to be seen by a judge early in the morning. I will be calling the clerk of the court first thing to try and figure out which courthouse he will be at and when he will be seen. Chris’s camera is also in the possession of the police and is being held as “evidence”.
Filming is NOT a crime and this is a gross abuse of authority as usual.”

That is all I know so far. I am going to get some sleep and hope my stomach stays calm. More NEWS later today when I get more information.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

6 thoughts on “NEWS UPDATE: Chris Dorsey kidnapped and detained by police for filming.”

  1. Once again the infringement of civil liberties,illegal search and seizure, police brutality, as well as disregard of constitutional rights concerning freedom of the press when city officials are caught on camera either stealing city property for their own personal use, or embezzling city time for their own personal use. This is both embarrassing, and unconscionable.Where is this going to lead to. Is this going to be another miscarriage of justice, or is Richmond finally going to acknowledge their culpability and their responsibility.. Some how I doubt it.

  2. Tell Chris to sue both the Police Department AND the Fire Department, as well as the individual copsters who assaulted and kidnapped him. You can sue the cops individually, that is why they are bonded and insured.

  3. Seems like police and fire com are working together violating peoples rights same here in my area

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