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Why do the police break the law to uphold the law? A look at the inner workings of the RPD.

The only evidence to the crime that was committed against a man called Chris Dorsey.
Shot by Amanda Williams Chris’s girlfriend.

Why do the “PRIEST OF THE TEMPLE OF LAW” never follow their “HOLY WORD” yet expect you to “OBEY” their every “ORDER” and “EDICT” that issues forth from their lips and theirs alone? How can a “PRIEST OF THE TEMPLE OF LAW” tell you to “OBEY”, “FALSE” and “ERRONOUS” orders that are in direct violation of what their “HOLY WORD” says? Why do I ask these questions?

I ask them because they need to be addressed and answered. Why are we not allowed to question the wrong doings of someone wearing a “CLOWN SUIT” be it a “PRIEST OF THE TEMPLE OF LAW” or a “PREIST OF THE TEMPLE OF FIRE” or even “SELECTED OFFICIALS”?

To find out who runs the show, look at whom you can’t talk about. Chris and I have been documenting and exposing the inner, “NOT”, workings of what has been going on for a while now. We got together to form a sort of PRESS unit to expose these crimes; Two individuals with “PRESS” histories. We figured together we could be more effective and we are. Look at what they are doing to us to stop us from getting the story out. I am now even more determined to see what Chris caught on video since they are going to great lengths to cover this incident up. ILLEGALLY and with the help of LAW ENFORCEMENT and I do think it is a CONSPIRACY in that two or more individuals have CONSPIRED together to do this thing. It’s not the first or even the second time they have done so this is their STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE. I believe it will go to the highest level of our government here in RICHMOND, VA.

So for a little infraction, it’s now becoming a huge waste of the tax payer’s money to frame a so called “NO BODY”. And if Chris is such a danger why do they only do these things to him when I’m not around to film them? They wait for little 100 pound Chris Dorsey, this big ass menace to be alone to do stuff to because he’s so big and bad. NO the real answer is obvious, they wait till he’s alone so they can gang up on a little guy and they get off on it. They know the community at large will turn a blind eye and look the other way. Plus they know Chris WILL NOT fight back or throw any punches or what not, he just WILL NOT do that. Even if it’s in his right to do so to defend himself, also his weapon WILL NOT come out in a fight either. The only time the PUBLIC is in danger from the misuse of Chris’s weapon is when the aggressors; either the police or other public servants; are mishandling it. A man called Chris Dorsey is a PACIFIST who will not fight physically meaning he will not throw a punch in a fight. They look for the mild, unassumingly, small, frail looking individuals who are timid and meek, then mercilessly harass and pick on them because they are easy targets.

People like me who would fight back and then be able to destroy them; they harass in other ways and try to stop us from defending the meek, docile and innocent. They don’t like me, yet they haven’t gotten rid of me either so they try to ignore me and paint me as UNIMPORTANT. Well I’m glad. NOW I get to show what I can do.

So far to date I have not been challenged or approached by one “LEGIT” person in power to tell me I am wrong. I have been attacked by several “FAKE” accounts on youtube and fedbook. But I don’t count TROGLODYTES and BOTS as anywhere near “LEGIT”. And then there’s the “FAKE” accounts and hate clubs that have popped up to mock me. GUESS WHAT? I DIDN’T, DON’T AND CAN’T CARE about your asinine crap. You’ve spent a lot of time setting up that shit to debunk and ridicule me yet I still get the NEWS and the story out. 10 years now I have been chronicling the injustice and the wrong workings of this shitty council and city in general on my blog and in the international NEWS services. I was here before most of the cop lead groups popped magickally into existence around the time OCCUPY became an ”OP”. I will still be here and standing long after you’re “OP’s” and crap are forgotten history. Your “FAKE” cop lead protests that do nothing, your phony cop lead opposition taking orders from the police and police liaisons. OPPOSITION that is designed to lead the masses to the SOLUTION you already had planned through your thought out PROBLEM – REACTION – SOLUTION Strategy.

The bubble popped a long time ago for me, I see through the lies and deception, they don’t like that. I play along with their phony crap to expose and unmask it. These person use fear, intimidation, coercion, collusion and downright terror to make people and persons “OBEY” them. They don’t care the “LAWS” they break, for they think of themselves as the LAW, and as such they can do no wrong. They use their position, history, uniform and their rank in the community to commit and omit crimes that they do. They are now the LAW and make persons believe it through the mass manipulation of the corrupt DODO MEDIA and stupid PEER PRESSURE. The dumbed down public at large goes along with it for they were taught to “OBEY” and trained to do the same.

I’m not blinded by the things that men see. I see through the lies that men tell themselves to see the truth in the matter. Not what I want to see or am lead to see. Their illusions are clear to me and I see through to what is. This even puts me at odds at times with those I protect for I don’t see what they want to see. And I’m not swayed by the moment and false hope.



Since Chris’s ILLEGAL kidnapping and abduction there has been an increase in the “SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIES” of the city government around the location of my domicile. I have been watched for several months now and have been making a note of the activity. We have recorded, recent more aggressive events and I will list those now with the photos and videos as needed.

The most egregious and horrendous of the events involved Amanda Williams, Chris’s girlfriend the one that shot the footage of his kidnapping. After making comments to her as she was filming the situation and getting their dog and leaving, she was followed to my house. She has since been followed and harassed by unknown individuals. Their house is being monitored as well.

But the incident I want to bring up is WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR POSTING THE CRAIGSLIST AD? And whom do I talk to about investigating this injustice she has had to go through? There was another CRIME committed and it is not being investigated or reported so it is being omitted as well. Posting a fake ad on Craigslist asking persons to send “DICK” pictures is a punishable offense and this city needs to get off its ass and do something about it.

I will include the screen captures that I was sent by Amanda to show what is going on. I am truly sorry she has had to go through this due to the fact that a crime was witnessed and then covered up to stop some public servants from being reprimanded. And they then harass and ridicule the innocent party to make them seem guilty in the public eyes to justify their crimes.

tncopyNow I want to know who place this ad and whom to charge with the crime? Craigslist can tell us who placed it and now I have to add them to the list of things I need to check out. It’s a growing list as I have to do everyone in creations job to get answers because I’m the only one doing it.

I have as of this writing contacted Craigslist and am awaiting their response to my questions. So everything is moving forward. Craigslist reply was we need a court order or subpoena so be it. If I can get one I WILL. A real question I need to ask my readers is this truly the AMERIKA we want? An AMERIKA where telling the truth brings so much trouble that most will never speak it again? An AMERIKA where you see a crime and you are blamed for far worse things to get the public servant off? An AMERIKA where you have to do as everyone says because none are willing to stand up for the innocent? Is this truly the AMERIKA we want? It’s the one we have now at this moment. I for one don’t want AN AMERIKA I want the AMERICA I grew up in and that was stolen from me. That is now being forced to be AMERIKA. AMERIKA, where cowards hide, conspire and charge innocent people for far worse crimes, for the act of speaking out against them.

AN AMERIKA where witnessing a crime can carry more of a penalty then an aggravated assault. Where murders get away with murder, but legally carrying your legally owned and legally purchased weapon is a criminal offense if the wrong persons say so. YES THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE LET HAPPENED TO THE AMERICA I GREW UP IN. I DIDN”T LET IT HAPPEN AS I AM STILL TRYING TO STOP IT FROM HAPPENING. YOU let this happen by being silent and going along with the crowd and not doing that which is right.

Getting back to them following us, I’ll link some footage of them following us.

This is just one of the numerous times they have done this. I WILL be including more of what they have done in a later article.



I was able to track down the incident report number for the incident that nobody seems to want to give me any more.

When and if I get the incident report I will be including it in an update. As this story goes on it gets more twists and turns that will take you off course. They always do this to confuse the hell out of those following their wicked paths.
The rule and the letter of the “HOLY WORD” called “LAW” has become the “LAW OF THE EDICT SPEAKERS”, where what they have spoken becomes the rule of law. Yeah somehow, in this land we live in, that isn’t supposed to be the norm but it slowly is becoming just that.

Let’s take a look at what the law is.
Ҥ 18.2-11. Punishment for conviction of misdemeanor.
The authorized punishments for conviction of a misdemeanor are:
(a) For Class 1 misdemeanors, confinement in jail for not more than twelve months and a fine of not more than $2,500, either or both.
(b) For Class 2 misdemeanors, confinement in jail for not more than six months and a fine of not more than $1,000, either or both.
(c) For Class 3 misdemeanors, a fine of not more than $500.
(d) For Class 4 misdemeanors, a fine of not more than $250.
For a misdemeanor offense prohibiting proximity to children as described in subsection A of § 18.2-370.2, the sentencing court is authorized to impose the punishment set forth in subsection B of that section in addition to any other penalty provided by law.
(1975, cc. 14, 15; 1990, c. 788; 2000, c. 770.) “

Chris was held on a class 3 misdemeanor. His bail was 10 times the maximum fine allowed, WHY?

“Class 3 and 4 misdemeanors, the least serious misdemeanors, are punishable by fines, but no jail time. A Class 3 misdemeanor is punishable by a fine of up to $500.”

So from everything I have listed and have read, the city is not following the law and they are charging Chris for the only crime he has committed. As my roommate has said “They charged a man called Chris Dorsey with being a man called Chris Dorsey in public” and I think that just about says it all. Chris is only guilty of being Chris in public, which is no crime, nor is it illegal. So it brings back up the question what was so bad as to railroad Chris Dorsey? What are the firefighters and the police trying to cover up? What will the city do when they figure out Chris is innocent? Will they still continue this farce? Why was his bail so high and why the big stink, was it that inanimate object he called a “PROP”? And the answer to that question is a resounding YES. A BIG HELL YES.


Chris Dorsey story to date.
NEWS UPDATE: Chris Dorsey kidnapped and detained by police for filming.
NEWS UPDATE: Chris Dorsey
Virginia Man Arrested and Assaulted by Police for Recording
Firefighters Misusing Public Property
I’m in your base hitting your dudes and you don’t like it.
Richmond Fire Department #20 Hose Malfunction during Fire.
The KIDNAPPING of PUBLIC and POLITICAL PERSONAS off the streets “LEGALLY” has to stop.

The KIDNAPPING of PUBLIC and POLITICAL PERSONAS off the streets “LEGALLY” has to stop.

What is going on in Amerika? You can be walking down the street and the next thing you know you’re in jail and having to pay a ransom to get out. Case in point; Chris Dorsey and what happened to him let me explain.

What happens when you videotape a crime being committed?

Me talking to the eyewitness that picked up the camera

Me talking to the eyewitness that picked up the camera during the indecent
What happens when you see something illegal taking place, you’re in public, and you pull out the camera to record the offense. I’ll show what should happen and what actually happens. In a perfect world if you were to see something wrong happening and filmed it, then reported it the person doing the wrong offense would be punished and you would be praised for what you did. However that’s in a perfect world and as such it does not exist.
In this world we live, in which is anything but perfect, things happen that make you scratch your head in wonder and stare in disbelief. Case in point what happened with Chris Dorsey. Chris was out walking his dog to the dog park down the road from where he lived. Passing the fire hall on the way he notices the bay doors open and the fire fighters changing their oil and doing maintenance on their vehicles using the taxpayer’s dollars to do personal things. Which everyone who drives by the fire hall has seen numerous times as it’s on public display. Using the fire house equipment to work on their personal vehicles is an offense and against regulations and the fire fighter can be disciplined for it.
So seeing them breaking the regulations Chris pull out his camera and started filming the infraction. Long story short, to cover up their wrongdoings they conspired against Chris and made up fake and bogus charges and had Chris kidnapped and held for “RANSOM”. Most people in the area know Chris, he is well known in Richmond, VA.
He is very outspoken, very brash and abrasive at times but that’s not a crime either. The man knows what he says is true and doesn’t listen to those who say otherwise. Sort of like me, but unlike me he cannot really do much damage to someone in a fight. But that said Chris wouldn’t get into a fight he would walk away, much like Gandhi, Chris would never fight back. In all the time I have known Chris I have yet to see him take his “LEGALLY” owned, “LEGALLY” purchased, “LEGALLY” carried weapon out of its holster. And he says it’s a prop it could be just that a prop. Which brings up this point, if Chris were a threat and this BIG menace why has he never once reached for his weapon? Even with a weapon he gets beat up and picked on for speaking the truth. You persons are so afraid of an inanimate object that you have to remove them illegally and get rid of law abiding legal rights.
I HAD a permit to carry and was told by members of the priesthood of the temple of law that “I would be shot dead for carrying it”. It’s not illegal to carry open in this state persons need to comprehend this fact. You have a right to defend yourself. You have the duty to defend others as well. So I will now open carry and fuck the state out of their $45.00 they would have got for my renewal of my permit to carry. And they also don’t get to track me as registered in their data base.
Chris Dorsey was ”LEGALLY” carrying his ”LEGALLY” owned “LEGALLY” purchased weapon when he was snatched and grabbed off the street in broad daylight. That’s what you get here in Richmond, VA for telling the truth and exposing lies. And speaking of exposing lies, later in this article I will be exposing and shaming persons and organizations that I reached out for help to and they much like the citizens around here abandoned someone they used to get ratings.
First let me tell you, they kidnapped a lawfully armed man off the street who refused to use his weapon in his rightful defense and you “CITIZENS” ran and cowered in fear. He was never at any point in this ordeal “ARRESTED”. He was never told he was under “ARREST”, he was never read his “MIRANDA RIGHTS” and was not afforded his attorney till after his “RANSOM” was paid and they messed with him some more.
Even eyewitnesses will not come forward on camera to defend Chris Dorsey. I am ashamed and appalled at the whole damn stinking lot of you when we as society allow our rights to be taken so cheaply. And not standing up for someone because you don’t like the way they look, talk, or act. And what are the bunches of you that are telling him to kill himself? Maybe you all need the help. He did nothing wrong and wrongs were again committed to him and his being.
I have documented the numerous crimes this city has committed to me and my family. Chris Dorsey is now under my protection as afforded him by rights of family and by my honor. I am coming after this city. I will make sure this city pays for the crimes they commit and omit from the public record and in the public eye.
Some history as to why Chris Dorsey is constantly attacked. Seems this fair city of Richmond, VA has this thing against people and persons exposing their crimes. The timing of this crime against Chris needed to be better timed for the city as “BIKE WEEK” is coming up and this city RICHMOND is so worried about their public image to the world. Well there’s this BIG international dark cloud coming and I intend to make it as dark and as nasty of a storm as I can. I have already shown the true colors of this city to the INTERNATIONAL community at large and now the profits of crime will descend upon this city.
Chris Dorsey is a political analyst, commentator, figure as well as a Press Correspondent and a friend. He cares about people even those who harass and pick on him. He just wants justice and peace and that’s why he ran for sheriff. He was trying to get the corruption to stop in the city. And then the corruption and crime ran him over to get him out of the way, and conspired against him to frame him as well.
WAS CHRIS RIGHT, did he do anything wrong? The only blame I can place on Chris was he didn’t make it out with the video. That’s the first rule of this game, get the video out or it didn’t happen. That is the only blame I place on him but in the situation he had no options and I can’t in all honesty fault him. The full blame has to lie with the firefighters and the police.
Which brings up another I WANT THE TAPE.. I want the surveillance tapes from the gas station and fire hall. But no one will do what is LEGALLY REQUIRED OF THEM TO DO… This city prides itself on its image and loves to go on the media and tell these wondrous lies, and push their crappy agenda driven corruption on the public at large. And the dumbed down masses eat it like candy and regurgitate it like the crap fill vomit it is.

I’ve said it before, this stuff is Sesame Street level at best. Hell even ELMO could figure this crap out. Yet persons still can’t see it.. Well it’s time for the blinders to come off and for me to expose this dog and pony show for what it truly is.


Since I said I was going to shame some persons let it start. First up is STEVE DREW who could of put a stop to a lot of my problems and whom I will now be a great big pain in the ass to..

And next up is CHRISTOPHER MILLER of internal affairs. Is this what I was promised at the “Peeps and POPO PSYOP”? Is this the way this city takes care of problems and gets solutions for people? Because if this is what I’m to expect in way of helping I’ll think I’ll pass. And I will be calling you all soon.

Everyone really needs to go watch the coverage of these events on my youtube channel to get the whole story. Persons and people don’t watch what I post.

As always Stay Tuned more coming…

Richmond Fire Department #20 Hose Malfunction during Fire.

AI News International press photographer/ press correspondent, Glen Sutphin reporting from my front yard where most of the news seems to happen. I was in the house waiting for the power to come on, after being two days without it due to a storm, when it flicked once and then came on fully. Then the fireworks started. We hear a series of loud bangs. I go out my front door where I notice a sparking power line that turns into a fire on Stratton Road in South Richmond. Dominion Resources Trucks beat RFD # 20 to the scene. RFD # 20 take their sweet time to get the hose then are further delayed when the hose malfunctions. The equipment “glitch” causes uncontrollable laughter from a RFD employee. This is disconcerting considering the RFD # 20 is regularly seen using the firehouse to do mechanical work on personal vehicles, filing false police reports. In addition an RFD Battalion commander attacked/assaulted a co-worker inside RFD # 23. All this less than a week after a car fire killed two in the city.

This is the same truck and fire company that have repeatedly been seen and caught violating regulations and statues as well as leaving fire hall property to harass and conspire to commit cover ups and other crimes. Everyone on Southside where we live sees them, messing around every day. It’s no secret what they do in public and they use their position in the community to do things you or I would go to jail for.
There have been several complaints I am compiling for numerous individuals that have been ignored. The local media needs to catch up with the international press that is already a week or more on this story. I will be contacting the fire chief Creecy to file a formal live complaint. Are they going to arrest me for filming them in public and mocking them to their faces? NO IT’S NOT ILLEGAL BUT covering up your crimes and making up lies is so yeah…

I’m in your base hitting your dudes and you don’t like it.
Scroll to the bottom of the page.
Story on Photography is not a crime thanks Carlos Miller and your writer. I will be sending you updates as they happen.

You only get 3 strikes in baseball, and this is the 3rd strike for the city of Richmond,VA. 2 times already they have done more then illegal crap to me and my family. And with this attack on a man called Chris Dorsey and myself this city has beyond shown their rue colors.

They have been electronically trying to sop me from broadcasting for months. It feels so good right now during the power outage. NO ELECTRICS SCANNING ME. NO ONE in my head but me. Silent signals, NO PAIN!!! Now I can track when they come back online. I can hear when the SMART METER DROID on the side of he house is on. Right now IT’S ASLEEP AND OFF. I have documented a lot of what has been happening.

And EWE persons who are saying Chris deserves this need to realize something. “What they do o the least of us, they will do to us all.” Persons will learn, I WILL DO WHAT I SAY I WILL DO.

I  do not require you to help me as I am mostly doing everything myself anyway. I am full capable of doing all this on my own. EWE will do as EWE do. I ask each person to do that which they CAN DO to help. Several people are already helping in BIG WAYS to those people you have my undying support.

And IF I stood by and let this happen to Chris, why would I then stand up and help EWE?

I knew this was coming/ I have been correct on everything and still person’s QUESTION?

“This stuff is already Sesame Street level as it is. HELL even ELMO could figure it out.”

This is and will test the metal of ALL involved. You have to steal yourself to the task at hand. Some are finding out that the reality of my words are a lot worse than what I said. And REALITY IS A BITCH with puppies, that lives next door.

RIGHT NOW the soft kill is silent. So I am recovering and doing things. STAY TUNED.



Since Reality is only a waking lucid dream….

NEWS UPDATE: Chris Dorsey

cd 20150610Footage from today at the ransom headquarters of the priest of the temple of law.
20150612-01 Amanda G Williams and I getting the ransom money
20150612-02 Me breaking their rules for the first time today and filming the fire station.
20150612-03 Me being ordered to stop doing what they were doing to us.
20150612-04 Me getting angry as crap at their bullshit
20150612-05 Chris Dorsey being handed over from his kidnappers
20150612-06 Me again breaking their rules and filming the firehouse again.. So that two infractions on me.

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