It’s not just JADE HELM 15, there are other OPS going on as well.

Operation JADE HELM 15 has been a big news story here lately but it’s not the only OP or game in town.

Emerald Warrior coming in April

Operation EMERALD WARRIOR 15 kicks off April 21 through 30, 2015. Anyway this is best described the way the Air Force did it. “Emerald Warrior is an annual, joint exercise to train special operations, conventional and partner nation forces in combat scenarios designed to hone special operations air and ground combat skills, and is the Department of Defense’s only irregular warfare exercise. Emerald Warrior was conducted in May 2014.”

Emerald Warrior 2014

They are also including DRONES in these scenarios as well. These drills are not for overseas as they claim. They are to get us use to being spied on and having drills, exercises and SPECOPS done on us to get us ready for the next step in the plan.

Operation JADE HELM continues after Operation EMERALD WARRIOR.  Operation JADE HELM now includes at least 10 states in the exercise. There are reports that Operations have been carried out already in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Video shows troops training to intern citizens Martial law-style in Fort Lauderdale

Needed to get this out there to make people aware this is a big Operation and the marks are us. We are the sucker this is for not overseas. Open your eyes and wake the hell up.. We have been taken over and they are moving to the next step without your approval or consent. GET IT YET?,d.ZWU


This document shows a list of all upcoming OPS and drills for the Air Force and you can bet the Army and the rest of our so called forces do as well.

2014-2016 Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan for Florida

Multi-Year Training & Exercise Plan 2013 – 2015 For Official Use Only for Florida

Outdoor Briefs March 12, 2015

The Year in Special Operations: 2014-2015

Premium DOD exercise hones special operations skills

After Steep Climb, US SOCOM Funds Begin To Slide

Operation Emerald Warrior 14

Operation Emerald Warrior 13

Operation Emerald Warrior 12

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