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It’s not just JADE HELM 15, there are other OPS going on as well.

Operation JADE HELM 15 has been a big news story here lately but it’s not the only OP or game in town.

Emerald Warrior coming in April

Operation EMERALD WARRIOR 15 kicks off April 21 through 30, 2015. Anyway this is best described the way the Air Force did it. “Emerald Warrior is an annual, joint exercise to train special operations, conventional and partner nation forces in combat scenarios designed to hone special operations air and ground combat skills, and is the Department of Defense’s only irregular warfare exercise. Emerald Warrior was conducted in May 2014.”

Emerald Warrior 2014

They are also including DRONES in these scenarios as well. These drills are not for overseas as they claim. They are to get us use to being spied on and having drills, exercises and SPECOPS done on us to get us ready for the next step in the plan.

Operation JADE HELM continues after Operation EMERALD WARRIOR.  Operation JADE HELM now includes at least 10 states in the exercise. There are reports that Operations have been carried out already in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Video shows troops training to intern citizens Martial law-style in Fort Lauderdale

Needed to get this out there to make people aware this is a big Operation and the marks are us. We are the sucker this is for not overseas. Open your eyes and wake the hell up.. We have been taken over and they are moving to the next step without your approval or consent. GET IT YET?,d.ZWU


This document shows a list of all upcoming OPS and drills for the Air Force and you can bet the Army and the rest of our so called forces do as well.

2014-2016 Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan for Florida

Multi-Year Training & Exercise Plan 2013 – 2015 For Official Use Only for Florida

Outdoor Briefs March 12, 2015

The Year in Special Operations: 2014-2015

Premium DOD exercise hones special operations skills

After Steep Climb, US SOCOM Funds Begin To Slide

Operation Emerald Warrior 14

Operation Emerald Warrior 13

Operation Emerald Warrior 12

Vigil for Jimmy Higgins: Tragic event that unfolded on the 20th. 4 activists died.

Jason Spitzer III
David Alexander Armstrong
Stephen Kim
James Higgins

All four tragically lost their lives on the 20th. R.I.P. guys your fight is now over. Don’t have the words for such a tragic event. Vigil is at White Bank Park in Colonial Heights at 5pm

I will attempt to do a live broadcast from the event for those who can’t get there. I will be covering the event and will have the event recorded and posted later.. R.I.P. James Higgins
The link to the live feed. The video will be there after the event as well.

Dakota Austin Lane

memory 1


Birthdate: Aug. 8, 1996
Date of Death: Mar. 10, 2015
Resided In: Virginia Beach

Too short a time spent here.

It is with a sad heart and tears in my eyes that I post this. This young man and his father have been active in the area here with Chris Dorsey and myself. Chris lane has been on the radio with us and Dakota was active at several events. I thought it was nice that a young person was there to see what was going on and to voice his opinion. He was about a year older then my son. It hurt when I found out. Some wounds never heal. Chris Lane you and your family are in my prayers. Hang in there and take care mate.I can only imagine the hurt your feeling.

Chris Dorsey as well sends his heartfelt condolences. He asked me to quote him.

“my prayers are with Chris and his family along with the many loved ones of a Dakota Lane. i am humbled to have stood along side him in standing up for liberty and the people. John 11:25-26King James Version (KJV) 25 Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: 26 And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?”


Remember the dead fight for the living..

Links to the news coverage below:

I want to say “THANK YOU” to someone very special to me….


I want to take this moment to say a big “THANK YOU” to someone very special to me. This person has stood by me as a friend for about 28 years and has been my wife for 20 of those years. I am very honored and privileged to be hers.We have had our ups and downs and we have had our moments.. We have yelled and screamed in pleasure as well as anger at each other. I have grown with her and love what she has guided my life into. She gave me a handsome son who is smarter then me and better looking. He’s a fine gentleman him self.

I wanted to take this moment to thank her most of all. Thank her for there are times I do take her for granted and just know that since she has been there it has helped.. I always rely on her.. This woman picks my sorry ass up off the floor when I’m having a seizure, Has thawed peas out on my head when I was unconscious in the tub from busting my head while having a seizure. WE then had those same peas for dinner.. TRUE STORY..

We’ve had our fun times as well. Mountains of Virginia, I’ll say no more.. 😉 And through it all we have learned that being together makes us much more powerful then standing apart trying to each be something.. I have an unconditional love for Susan L. Sutphin. I have been through hell with this woman and will continue on till the end with her. I gave her a promise a long time ago way before we were anything but friends and to this day I hold to that promise. She is always my friend above and beyond anything else.

If more people started their relationships out as friends and remember you’re friends first there wouldn’t be as much problems in the world. People tend to get wrapped up in being someones girl or guy they forget they are suppose to be a unit together or just take the other for granted and use each other.

My fevered brain isn’t doing to well so I’ll end it there.

To my beautiful, darling wife whom I love so much HAPPY 20th ANNIVERSARY babygirl. I did, I do, I will..4ever and Always..