2015 first article: Fan Club

Seems like Chris and I have another fan club. And here’s the president of the club now with some remarks. Please send all my hate mail to him, no kidding aside for the moment, I don’t even really know him so, but he seems to like me, and really loves Chris.


Jamil Dee Jasey

To Chris Dorsey & Glen M Sutphin I have to say you both are dumb as shit…conspiracy theorists whose conspiracy theories don’t make sense..but there must be stupidity in the world and Hollywood needs a replacement in the remake of Dumb & Dumber you two fit the bill just fine…the funny thing is being called a Federal Agent or working for the C.I.A. smh… Chris Dorsey you sir are an asshole…but you’re Glen’s asshole so I see why the two of you are full of shit.

<Sarcasm> No, I’m actually insane and I live in an Insane Asylum and they let me out from time to time to be amongst you normals, but the more I’m involved with your kind the happier I am safe in the Asylum. </Sarcasm> But since you rattled my cage what can I do for you. And mind you if you’re not working with the city or with the police, I’m not against you. You’re not my target. But since you decided to jump up I’ll hit you first.

And not Dumb & Dumber more like Beavis and Butthead. I would agree with that more.

But before we start the shit where you’re going to tell me how wrong I am about stuff that doesn’t even matter to me in the long run, and sling a bunch of shit you might know nothing about, unless there’s true then that’s different. Let me fill you in on some of what I have done over the years and also so the readers can see as well. I back my talk up.

Where were you in 2005 activist wise? Where were you in 2006? 2007? 2008? 2009?

In 2005, I was being shot at by a drive by in my front yard, this city and police force did little to nothing about. I save a black man’s life that night from the carjacking that took place. I went after the chief of police and the city council for not doing their jobs. I have been fighting them ever since.


July 3, 2005 – Car wreck in my front yard

In 2006 – 2007, I was fighting the CPS and police being in my house illegally over a bunch of false allegations that resulted in the next year and a half or so fighting the damn hood I was in plus the city and the police. The pedophile CPS worker on my case went to jail for raping a 15 year old mentally challenged girl he was working with. I told the CPS to and I quote “KISS THE FATTEST PART OF MY ASS”.

In 2008, I was fighting the police over them not doing a damn thing about a mentally unstable idiot who nearly killed 4 children in their front yard while having a seizure driving a vehicle he was not allowed behind the wheel of.


Guess what happened 8 months later from that same piece of filth that the city said was okay to give me death threats. He killed my good friend in my front yard and then himself.


“Police have said a neighborhood dis pute might have been to blame for the shooting, but McKay’s wife and a neighbor, Glen Sutphin, have insisted that McKay had no disagreement with Sauer.”

I look at the lies people tell and yes I am against some of these very people that grandstanded in my front yard over my friend’s murder in 2009; when again they did nothing, and made my family homeless because of their lack of action. So I do have a beef with some of those who gather to do nothing in this damn city. YES, YES I DO. Are you one of them, you’re turning out to be? I don’t give a rat’s ass about your stupid feel good surrender to the occupying army movement.


city council 20090323

Persons on the council knew what happened and they did nothing to help.

In 2010-2012?, I was rebuilding my life and getting ready to come after the city and the police again.

In 2012, I took on fedbook with the help of John Crudele of the NY Post, 2 stories.


“One of these tipsters — oddly enough — is a guy who says he’s a photographer in the adult-entertainment industry. He started monitoring Facebook’s pedophile sites because he didn’t want his 14-year-old son running across the disgusting images.

“My son was online one day and these images popped up in his in-box,” he said. “You do what any parent would do, investigate.”

He tried to report them to Facebook, which he says didn’t seem interested. So he contacted me.”

That was me as you’ll see in this next clip from the paper.


Glen Sutphin, who lives in Virginia, investigated pedophile use of social media sites on his own after his son wandered onto one of these disgusting Facebook pages. He’s already met with the FBI — according to my law enforcement sources.

Sutphin, who was told politely but firmly by the authorities to leave the investigating to them, says pedophiles will typically keep an empty site on Facebook and advertise to “friends” that an inappropriate photo of a child will be posted for a short time at a certain hour — usually in the middle of the night.

The person posting the picture will then say something like, “If I get 100 ‘likes’ the next hour will be pedo hour,” explains Sutphin.”

Yeah that was a great CONSPIRACY THEORY to bust. The FBI runs the child porn as does the DHS and other agencies in the pentagon as well on record, but I wasn’t allowed to put that out there, but the fedbook one I was.  But not to worry just because it’s all over the news doesn’t mean that it’s happening.

And tell me are you for aborting 52% on average each year of black children? Don’t their black lives matter as well?


You march around flying the George Soros funded #BLACKLIVESMATTER hash tag sign he owns and promotes, but then expect people to not question you about why your using the hashtag of his? And not expect people to question who is funding it? THAT’S PHUCKING COMMON SENSE AND IF THAT’S CONSPIRACY THEORY THEN YES I’M GUILTY AS CHARGED. But if on the other hand you know nothing about me and yet want to continue please do. I will now start looking harder into these groups since people want so much to try and hide in them.

Actually if you want my honest opinion I don’t think you’re a narc or a cop. You’re too damn stupid to be in the CIA or the FBI but your dumb enough to be in InfraGard , homeland brigade type ops  or one of the many groups around run by the police and the FBI. You could be a part of the Clergy response teams as well. I don’t know you weren’t my target. But I will start looking into it harder since you want to play. I think you’re just a blind citizen follower following where your lead by your leaders and you will blindly follow them; a useful brainwashed idiot to be lead to the slaughter.  Marching around inside a police barricade saying that you’re protesting police brutality, while the whole time surrendering to the police. While listening to the cops tell you where to march and what to do. You will march to the tune of whatever piper is playing the song you want to hear.


“InfraGard is a partnership between the FBI and the private sector. It is an association of persons who represent businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies, and other participants dedicated to sharing information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the U.S.”

And some of the same protesters that were part of that psyop occupy are among those running the show. And when some of these same people are on TV saying the police and protesters are working together????? But I say it and it’s crazy.

Maybe the hell I am crazy because I can’t figure you troglodytes out yet. I get a handle on what I think is going on in your brainwashed minds and bam you’re dumber than before and I’m confounded to try to figure your stupid asses out again.

Okay so I have shown you what I do. I get a story I investigate it and I work on it then if need be I video tape it and then I put it out for publication from my own blog to the world and to the media I am in contact with. I verify and document my stories probably better then CNN or some of the other ones out there.

Here some posts from fedbook that are sort of relevant to what is going on and may have helped to get this new fan club going. But some of what you have said happened when I wasn’t even there so you’re full of it, from the word jump.

“Chris and I are going to be there. Me sick as hell with a massive sinus infection and a double ear infection. So I don’t want to hear anyone’s excuses for not being there. And it looks like it will be yucky as hell. Show up and show your support. IF You’re not there today you’re not worth it in my opinion. Because if you don’t show up now when all you have to do is show up. You won’t show up when it hits the fan either and you’re worthless to me. I will continue to fight this crap as long as it is going on in this country. Give me liberty or give me death. Sic Semper Tyrannis.”

“Today was a day to say the least. I was close enough to joe morrissey to slap his smilition self. Had I have felt better I just might have, but feeling as I did he was just caught on video.. Video will be up l8r. I need to rest and I have some thinking to do.. I’m cancelling my show for the next two weeks at least till I get over this infection. And will be restructuring my show and how I do some things. And my arm froze to the trash can I was using to hold me up..  So yeah fun day.”

“This came up today and here’s my response. I do what I do so I can show and enlighten others to what is going on. And then people still question what I am doing and tell me I am not do right what I am doing. My response “At least I’m doing something. I am doing what I feel is right and what I know how to do. So how in that fact is what I am doing wrong.” And if what I am doing is wrong how would you change it to make it more effective? What really comes across is “you’re not doing the way I would therefore you are wrong.” And looking to me as a leader.. I ain’t here to join a club or feel good about myself, my job is to get the information out there and get the truth to as many as will listen.
The time to ask about tactics and what we are doing is for the get together meetings we had that no one shows up to, not the rally when we are suppose to have it all together. I’ll be covering this more when my head settles down. At the moment I don’t really give a phuck about any of it. I am tired of covering hypocrisy and corruption, to have to turn around and have to go back over years of research and time online to be asked why I do what I do.

“As of today, from this day forward. I am done with anything to do with any “MOVEMENT”, if you say you are part of any freaking “MOVEMENT” I will phucking ignore anything you say. I will only respond to people out there trying to make a difference and doing what is right.
“MOVEMENT” has now become as repugnant as the word “CITIZEN” to me. “MOVEMENT” is now meaning to me a group of sheep looking for a shepherd or sheep herder to lead them so when the masses phuck up they have someone to crucify and make a target. I have never joined any freaking movement so how can I effect or affect the outcome of any of these so called “MOVEMENT”s. I am tired of trying to fit in to crap that does not do what needs to be done then told I am disturbing that movement.. The so called “LIBERTY MOVEMENT” for starters. More later trying to congeal my thought to make them understandable to persons.”

“I understand and comprehend what my job is. It’s everyone else that thinks they know what I should do and they love to tell me how to do it. And if I one little man can derail and mess up your whole entire “MOVEMENT” by myself just doing what I am doing well what the freaking hell does that say for your entire “MOVEMENT”? “

“For everyone’s information, my job is to document and record the events I cover.. THE END, I then make comments on what I have observed. That’s it. My job does not include holding your damn hand through every single thing and leading and guiding the direction your “MOVEMENT” is going. Setting up and organizing and telling you all the knowledge that you don’t listen too anyway..”

I’ve said it before I don’t have to like you to support what you do, but if you’re fronting a false image I will never like you and then yes some if not all of what you do at that point becomes suspect. No matter how good you try to make it. I don’t understand nor comprehend why persons can’t get their heads around it.

I also don’t know why people who are supposedly fighting the same battle are attacking me for attacking who we’re fighting against. But when looked at as an OP then it becomes clear why I get attacked. And the harder you attack me the stronger I will fight you.  And sorry I will go super saiyan on your ass.

If we’re fighting the same enemy why fight each other. I’ve said I can’t give a phuck about these “MOVEMENTS” because every damn one I’ve looked into was cooped or fed run from the get go. So no I don’t care for them. Now individuals doing the right thing as a group together, with no leaders and no feds, I’m all for you. And to be honest I’m offended that you marching around surrendering to the occupying force. That does concern me.

In closing I want you to show me where I first said “Jamile Dee Jasey, if that is your real name, you are a CIA AGENT or a fed” considering that is the first time I have used your name in print ever that I know of. And so at the end of the day when things have calmed down and time has pasted you will have gone on and will be doing other things and will have felt good for a moment and think you did something, I will still be here fighting them and taking them on which you claim you are doing.


2015 first article Fan Club Downloadable PDF of this article a new feature from now on. Each article will include the PDF file with it.

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