Still Think Your Government Is There to Protect You: Fake Cellphone Towers on Military Bases

Going to be filming a segment about this soon for the show. Notice that Virginia is one that the LOCAL police have these towers. So yes they do break the law.


Android is receiving extreme product placement all over the mainstream media as a story built for conspiracy theorists, such as myself, is flying around the internet confirming the police state agenda even further.

Proving once again the US government doesn’t trust its citizens and in fact will go to any length to illegally spy on them, last week 17 “cellphone towers” were discovered across the country with expectations there are many more to be found—only there’s a catch; they aren’t real cellphone towers. They don’t unlock access for users at all, which are what normal towers do, they actually unlock private access to phones and make all the information within them—live conversations, voicemails, text messages, memos, pictures, videos, emails, locations, etc.—completely accessible to whoever is tapping in through these “towers,” which is unknown at this point. All that is known is they are all on top of or close to American military bases.

“Using a CryptoPhone…

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