An observation I had of OBAMA

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

People seem to lack the balls to come out and say what needs to be said for fear of being called a racist.. I’ll say IMPEACH One Big Ass Mistake Amerika <OBAMA> and try him for war crimes as well as any others who have been responsible for them. Which would include most of congress.

And if any call me a racist know this about me, well I am a racist, I am all for the human race as a whole, we as a race have so much potential. If your saying I’m against a certain skin color then you’d be more then wrong. I am against the damn stupidity of the race. All colours of the race can harbour stupidity, and that is what I’m against.

I’m not against One Big Ass Mistake Amerika <OBAMA> because he’s part black. He has committed crimes and is helping foreign interests. But since we don’t know where exactly he was born how can we say he is a traitor? He might be doing what he said he’d do and we just don’t know it. He DEFINITELY doesn’t have America’s best interests at heart and is not following his sworn oath but here again I have to say he is following his oath if you watched what and how he said it..

Let me show you what I mean. Look back at him being sworn in.

Here’s what was said “I Barrack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear <pause> that I will faithfully execute <pause > the office of President of the United States. <pause and smirk> and will to the best of my ability <pause> preserve, protect, and defend, <pause> the constitution of the united states <pause> So help me god.

I Barrack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear <pause>

that I will faithfully execute <pause >

the office of President of the United States. <pause and smirk>

There is a pause between execute, and, the office of the President of the United States. And he has this small smirk, well if you read it with the pause in it he just said he would execute the office of the President which he is doing so there he is doing what he said.

Author: lordnelga

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