My redaction to my story.

Thank you Susanne Posel for sending me this article on what the rights of people like me are. I already know I am doing nothing wrong. And before you say any crap I do have her permission to post this she sent it to me herself. Just got done talking to her. So how much do you really know about me? Not much apparently..

“And I’m confused when does the 24 hours I have to take down my article begin? Is that New Zealand time or amerikian time? And who do you work for again you never said? Yeah a lot of questions, and a lot of laws you have broken to tell me to do something that isn’t illegal…” Get a court order and send me a business letter showing who you are and what company you work for.. You do bring up some things I will work on bettering though thank you for that.

If you are also the one that was using my image pretending to be me you have broke even more laws and I am going to the New Zealand authorities to see what I can do about you violating international laws as well. But by all means continue your crusade to tell everyone what the hell to do because you said so..

“And since chemtrails are what caused this mess I’m in at the moment I am going to do a story on the chemtrails that some people say there is zero evidence for. Well if that’s true why do you fight so hard to stop people from believing in what isn’t real. Do you go after people believing in the Easter Bunny? or Santa? Boy no wonder your such an idiot, but I bet you support the government.. I know you love telling people what to do…”

“Okay so now I have been contacted by the first person that started the crap against me telling me again with out stating who they work for or anything other then do what I say that I need to retract my article “” And their proof is CHEMTRAILS don’t exist and are unprovable. And if they were really who they said they are Why won’t they tell me who they work for.. Every reporter or news person I know always says who they work for not some mythical I work for this big company you don’t need to know the name of. I’m tired of idiots. They have used chemical sprayed out of plane since the invention of the airplane. They did it in World War 1 when they sprayed the trenches with gas from the planes.. So right there I just proved more then someone saying these things don’t exist. and with the geoengineering conference that just came to a close here a few days ago.. yeah.. So get a court order and produce who you work for. the article stays up. And if they don’t exist why are you so damn adamant to get rid of people talking about them..”

Two of my posts on fedbook in case you missed them. Produce a court order and who you work for and shut the hell up.. I do feel sorry for you.. I’m posting this here because I know you’ll read it. You come on my boards and pages and tell me what to do. But I have never posted or even cared about your board or pages.. STRANGE YOU ARE.

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