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Today is GMACAG day..

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

In honor of today being GMACAG day I have their permission to repost their 3 articles dealing with TROGLODYTES / TROLLS. They did a fine job of telling normal people how to deal with these creatures that lurk the fedbook and other places of the internet. Interestingly some of these names they show in the article are the same ones I’ve been dealing with. I smell a big story here is I could get people to actually take a look.


I got connected with them earlier this year around the end of January. It is photo’s from the rally in Carytown, VA that are on the troglodytes site right now. So I will say thanks to them for allowing me to report their pages on how to deal with trolls / troglodytes.

disinfomationGlobal MARCH Against Chemtrails and Geoengeneering

New Launch for Disinformation Directory Website and FB Page. Exposing Those Who Deceive The Public About Geoengineering. Facebook

As we continue to gain ground in the fight to expose climate engineering, the well funded “disinformation” corporate media and the “experts” they employ for the bidding of the global power cabal are rapidly increasing their disinformation campaigns to hide the crimes of geoengineering.

The purpose of the “Disinformation Directory” is to expose those that are willing to lie for a paycheck. Such behavior makes these people accessories to the crimes being hidden. We also post the public email contacts for the featured disinformation candidates so that the public at large can let them know what they think of them for putting out disinformation that hurts us all. Hope you can help us give this site some exposure. People who lie for money don’t like to be exposed, lets shine the light on them.

Dane Wigington.

You could be the solution to this ecological crime. What are you doing to save the world today ? Join the truth revolution today for a brighter tomorrow. March with us September 27th 2014 everywhere against all forms of aerosol injections, commonly known as Chemtrails, or Geoengineering.Global Events Listings.

For more information on geoengineering visit

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Ec·o·cide [ek-uh-sahyd, ee-kuh-] noun.”The destruction of large areas of the natural environment by such activity as nuclear warfare, overexploitation of resources, or dumping of harmful chemicals.” –


wolf sheepGlobal MARCH Against Chemtrails and Geoengeneering

REPORT – The CULT – Jim Jones’ disciples had nothing on these guys. Dispelling internet disinformation tactics – Debunking the debunkers. July 22, 2014.By Rebel Siren.

Gauging the amount of hostile, full page comments we received (and chose not to allow due to our comment policy stated at the end of the article that they obviously failed to comprehend), in response to Dispelling internet disinformation tactics – debunking the debunkers, many facebook user cult members, also known as trolls/shills/deniers, were upset because they weren’t included in the list of known offenders and did not receive any attention. We decided to do this follow up piece and oblige their request. (To make screenshots bigger just click them, then use your back button to return to the blog)

Congratulations, Miss or Master Bates, (depending on your gender), not sure if you realize, you’ve received top billing this time!

The following list is not exhaustive, it begins with their leader, and may also include other various geoengineering proponents, deniers & their supporters. All are PUBLIC facebook profiles. We will edit this post to include more screenshots of the over 200+ cult member profiles, as time allows.

This should suffice in giving this whiny, self righteous, bullying CULT all the attention they deserve for doing their worst to suppress awareness, including relentlessly attacking the character of anyone that dares to speak up to protect humanity; with their relentless and transparent tactics, displaying their selfish, narcissistic, anti-humanitarian behavior.

This CULT and its geoengineering proponents and/or “denial” supporters whether knowingly or unwittingly, target and publicly harass anyone that they perceive has “beliefs” that differ from their own. That is pure discrimination, yet is rampant on our social media forums, and will continue unless we start speaking out against it. A couple of these profiles may be actual names, but the majority are fakes, take a close look.

This CULT chooses to focus solely on proving others wrong, rather than doing anything constructive to benefit humanity. Their negativity is only overshadowed by their ignorance and/or willful suppression of awareness to aid and abet what is surely going to go down in history as the biggest crime against humanity this world will ever see, and undoubtedly the last because when the climate system collapses, there will be life on this planet no more.

How many of YOU have been targeted and bullied by the following CULT and its members?

Images of Troll Facebook Profiles:

Some of these compiled screenshots include a few of their fake public pages designed to make fun of legitimate pages concerned with health and the environment, like Food Babe. All this cult knows how to do is attack, make fun of, and name call, just like bullies on the playground in elementary school.

Here is an example of how they spend their time, attacking whistle-blower Kristen Meghan’s inkwork? This is a perfect example of the cult putting others down to make themselves feel bigger. They pick on anything and everything in an attempt to discredit others. It’s a waste of valuable time and speaks volumes as to the lack of character of these cult disciples. Blank stare, soulless, lost. Sad that they can’t think of anything better to do with their time. Out of all the ills of our society and planet in desperate need of solutions, THIS is what they choose to focus on? Shameful. Such a disgrace to humanity.

Getting into a “debate” with a cult member online is reminiscent of a grade school argument with a “copy cat” bully. When we say they should get their head out of the sand, they repeat, “get your head out of the sand”. When we say, wake up, they say, “wake up”, when we say that they are subscribing to pseudoscience, they repeat, “that’s pseudoscience”, except they usually misspell it. We recommend that honest people avoid their fake pages and refuse to get into futile debates with them for the aforementioned reasons. Save yourselves the frustration because the cult trolls are not worth your time.

The cult uses a tactic that likens those that are aware of geoengineering to religious zealots, but it’s in fact, that is precisely what THEY are. It is an incorrect description to say that there is “belief” in geoengineering; there is knowledge that it’s happening with an overwhelming sense of responsibility to our children, their future children, and all life on this planet, to do our best to use appropriate channels to put an end to this dangerous scheme. For instance, the Shasta County, CA Board of Supervisors set a precedent when they voted unanimously to further investigate geoengineering. Does the cult respect this? Of course not, that would mean they have a sense of humanity, unity, and compassion, which they clearly do not. All they have done is ATTACK ever since the outcome of the meeting was publicized. The attacks in the mainstream stem from their far reaching, insidious cult. This Disinformation Directory article shines light on the disinformation in the mainstream, also bears the video of the entire 3 hour Board meeting. Why listen to the cult when we can see what took place for ourselves?

It’s not like there is a “church of geoengineering” where people worship chem-planes, like the cult apparently does. Did you get a load of “International Chemtrail Association” listed above? Their motto is “darker, safer skies” or some drivel like that designed to ridicule the movement for health and sustainability that is beyond disrespectful to the efforts of all that are working diligently to save this planet and all life on it. The denier cult is an affront to every living thing and the planet itself.

Makes us wonder if the deniers have ever stopped to consider the magnitude of the ramifications that will surely manifest when they end up wrong? How terribly ignorant and/or devious they’ll end up looking when the truth finally comes out into the open as it slowly and surely is. What are they getting out of such vehement denial without taking into consideration the consequences that their stance may be unfounded, as intelligent people would do? They exhibit the fervor of a CULT. Some of the cult members think it’s funny to be a paid shill and put it on their facebook profiles, others obviously couldn’t care less about future sustainability or life on this planet and that is their motivation, as their behavior clearly dictates. If they had a shred of humanity, why would they be operating out of such zealot like behavior just to prove they’re in the majority? In true copycat fashion, the cult continues calling us the “status quo” while simultaneously claiming they are in the “majority”, but it cannot be BOTH. It’s either one or the other. Well, cult trolls, which is it? Are we in the “majority” or are you? Make up your minds because the revolving door of lies and betrayal to the human race is dizzying.

Why do the cult trolls waste their time on a bunch of “crazy conspiracy theorists that are not to be taken seriously” anyway? What’s it to them?

Hmm, let’s think about the true motives behind their actions? Could it be deception and disinformation at work to suppress awareness and prevent public outcry because an ignorant public is a compliant public? BINGO.

Comments by honest people will be accepted. Troll comments will NOT and frankly, we don’t care how much the cult trolls whine about it, we laugh at their pathetic attempts to invade the blog with their rehearsed, memorized, regurgitating baseless spews, whining that they’re being “censored”, as if. There is a difference between censorship and having the right to not be discriminated against and abused. “Baseless” is another word they like mimicking, “you’re baseless“, usually misspelling “you’re”.

Again, since the cult members have the mentality of 12 year old bullies, we’ll spell it out in Pig Latin especially for them, “uckfae ouyae, ultcae”.

“The Cult” part two will be published shortly revealing more offenders to be on the lookout for.

Novim – just science.

Even if geoengineering weren’t happening already despite the overwhelming visible evidence we observe in the sky and conclusive lab results from all over globe, (we all know field experimentation is a crucial aspect of science despite the debunkers claims that no experimentation has been, or ever will, happen), then prospectively, it will only be a matter of time before it is openly implemented. Either way, why such vehement denial in the mainstream and all over social media? What would be in it for the denier cult trolls unless they’re either getting paid to suppress awareness, or have fallen prey to the tactics used on them?

Integrated Assessment of Geoengineering Proposals.

This one left a (disallowed) comment comparing geoengineering awareness to a “cult“, haha! He couldn’t think of anything better than that? This is just another in the growing list of immature, self centered “copy cats” with no concern for humanity or sustainability of this planet, serving as the perfect example of everything this blog outlined above, proving the point. “Supastar DJ Bob” and all the other cult minions only have the capacity for mimicking and insults. Do we seriously want to listen to a word they have to say about science or anything else for that matter? Mick West must be so proud.


Thanks To – Rebel Siren for this high quality information that helps us all kick the tolls to the digital curb !

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You could be the solution to this ecological crime.What are you doing to save the world from aerosol geoengineering ? Join the truth revolution today for a brighter tomorrow.September 27th 2014 everywhere against all forms of aerosol injections, commonly known as SRM Geoengineering and Chemtrails.Global Events Listings.,,,

“We are only as strong as we are united and as weak as we are divided.They know that “an ignorant public is a compliant public.Silence implies consent.Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world” –

Information On Geoengineering.
[2].”Why In the world Are They Spraying?”
Multi Award Winning Documentary HD (multiple language subtitles). Over 1,061,728 million youtube views !
[3].”LOOK UP”
Multi Award Winning Documentary with a smart phone

“If you are not out raged by now then you are not paying attention.There is no planet B!” –

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Ec·o·cide [ek-uh-sahyd, ee-kuh-] noun.”The destruction of large areas of the natural environment by such activity as nuclear warfare, over exploitation of resources, or dumping of harmful chemicals.” –

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cute troll troglodyteGlobal MARCH Against Chemtrails and Geoengeneering

REPORT -> PLEASE DON’T FEED THE TROLLS.Dispelling Internet Disinformation Tactics Debunking the Debunkers.Disinformation Strategies Exposed –

REPORT – Internet TROLLS, also known as paid “forum posters”, “internet bloggers,” or if we call them what they really are, SHILLS, are increasingly being employed by private corporations, and contracted agencies, sometimes for marketing purposes, but mostly to distract from the truth to prevent public outcry about dangerous programs such as geoengineering, the dangers of genetically modified foods, and any issue where profiteers put their bottom line, and lust for control, over the destruction of the planet at the expense of our health. Trolls are employees that answered a work at home job ad on craigslist or some other venue.

The geoengineering trolls, specifically, are employed by the two main disinformation sites, metaxxxx and contrailxxxxxxx, both ran by a gaming programmer. He and his band of hired internet trolls lack expertise in science, meteorology or any other field related to geoengineering, yet claim to be experts in atmospheric science, and fancy themselves “debunkers”. Shillidiocy is a term that best describes the rapidly growing industry of people ready and willing to sell out humanity for a few pennies per comment. Disinformation has been used throughout history for political purposes and the same strategies are being utilized today by these paid internet trolls.

1) CHARACTER ASSASSINATION (Psychological Warfare – discredit, distract, intimidate, frustrate, divide & conquer) – Disinformation shills often make outrageous comments for the sole purpose of deflecting focus from the truth to distract us by creating a “controversial debate” where none truly exists. Often, trolls use the “Trojan Horse” method to attempt to elicit an emotional response from people online, to evoke hostility with the intent of twisting it around to make the person look volatile, a classic “character assassination” tactic to discredit them, making them appear weak.

On some occasions, they intentionally keep pushing a person into a heated argument, and will go so far as to “report” the person as being a “threat” to try to get them kicked off of the forum. Another major character assassination tactic is to highlight any negative or perceived flaw of an otherwise reputable person, whether true or false, to intentionally discredit them in an attempt to invalidate their viewpoint and make them seem baseless, to detract focus from the information they are sharing.

The trolls often “make stuff up” if they can’t find anything real to highlight for this goal, after all, shills are paid liars. Another trick these liars are taught to do is to use semantics to twist people’s words around and make it seem as though they’ve lied, to discredit them. These are all character assassination tactics that you will easily recognize happening all over the internet once you become familiar with them.

2) DEMANDING IMPOSSIBLE PROOF – Disinformation shills sometimes pose as a supporter of the truth, or “friendly folks on the fence” politely asking simple questions, in a sly attempt to later discredit the movement. Often trolls posing as friendly allies will resort to posting long, incoherent diatribes (usually on fake blogs & articles) for the purpose of associating the movement with insanity; or other times to act as “the voice of reason” and create a debate (where none exists) to make it appear as though the data isn’t strong enough, and they offer to play “devil’s advocate” to “help the movement”, then render any and all data as invalid regardless of how legitimate the source.

They will “demand proof” then ignore it when it’s presented, or continue to demand impossible proofs. Regardless of what material may be presented by an opponent in public forums, they will deem the material irrelevant and demand unattainable proof that is virtually impossible for the opponent to retrieve; for the purpose of detracting focus from the mounds of legitimate data available for those of us that take the time to do some real research beyond the disinformation site links.

3) DOMINATE THE THREAD: Trolls often interject themselves into productive web discussions in order to make themselves appear credible as though they have a “real” argument, where none actually exists. Their job is to create controversy and instigate a “debate”. They scour the net and attack awareness videos, articles, blogs, public facebook pages, etc., posting links from metaxxxx or conxxxxxscience, but fail to post legitimate links with verifiable references. They relentlessly keep commenting on a thread to dominate the discussion with the intent to keep their comments at the very top.

They also vote their comments up and everyone else’s comments down, (if the forum offers that feature). This is evident when you become familiar with their methods. I have yet to see a disinformation shill post a reputable link, or ANY link, other than from those two disinformation sites. In addition, they adamantly refuse to look at real data. They intentionally divert attention from credible documentation, dismissing it without examination. They regurgitate the same tired harassing insults, and repetitive generic jargon about how water vapor condensation trails are formed, which has nothing to do with the persistent, spreading, lingering trails we often see covering the sky that is being done as “scientific research”, the prelude to fully implementing global geoengineering programs.

4) PRE-WRITTEN SCRIPTED RESPONSES (cut & paste comments): Trolls are supplied with a list or database with preplanned talking points and a format designed as generalized and deceptive responses to honest arguments. Geoengineering (chemtrails) “debunker” trolls are notorious for this, and note they never actually “debunk” anything. All they do is deflect from the truth to try to cast doubt and keep the denial tactic going so the profiteers of geoengineering can continue to suppress public outcry in order to keep spraying us without us balking and rising up to stop them. If you pay close attention and track the trolls, you will see that they often post the same comments over and over on many different threads.

5) FALSE ASSOCIATION: This works hand in hand with #1 (character assassination), and the “Trojan Horse” troll. The goal is to sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule, engaging them in a hostile argument to try to discredit them, also known as the “attack the messenger” ploy. The goal of “false association” is to associate opponents with unpopular titles such as “paranoid conspiracy theorist” to make them look crazy and try to discredit them, or call them derogatory names such as “chemtard”, “ignorant”, or “liar”, attempting to invalidate anything they say regardless of how true it is.

The trolls seek to deliberately associate the movement with far fetched concepts like “Big Foot”, aliens, false flag conspiracy theories, etc., because of the inherent negative connotations, (tying in with “character assassination”). The ultimate goal is to provoke argument, create biases, and dissuade people from objectively examining any evidence presented.

6) FALSE MODERATION: Pretending to be the “voice of reason” in an argument with obvious and defined sides in an attempt to move people away from what is clearly true, into the murky waters of “doubt” where the truth becomes “relative.” And if that doesn’t work they will antagonize and goad opponents with insults, name calling, and bullying. If they can’t do anything else, they will chide and taunt their opponents and draw them into emotional responses with the goal of making them look foolish or mentally unbalanced, in hopes of rendering their point invalid merely by shifting focus to show how “sensitive they are to criticism”, in an attempt to deflect from their point and invalidate any data they are presenting. This is why it’s best to ignore their taunting.

7) STRAW MAN and “AD HOMINEM” ARGUMENTS: A very common technique is that the troll will accuse his opposition of subscribing to a certain point of view, even if he does not, will make it appear so, then attack that point of view (Straw Man). Or, the troll will put words in the mouth of his opposition, and then rebut those specific words. He will use conjecture, ridicule, and accusation to try and prove himself as valid while discrediting others with absolutely nothing, shouting “you have no argument, that is just ad hominem”, which is ironically, exactly what he is doing. The troll is trained to appear confident, unwavering, and that he is undoubtedly right, when in reality, it’s the exact opposite. Basically, he is a paid liar and his goal is to create doubt and discredit the truth.

8) POSING LEADING QUESTIONS and “PLAYING NICE” – (with actual examples of real paid troll’s comments). When the internet shill realizes people are aware of his tactics, he will then try to play nice, act innocent, and pose a seemingly “harmless” leading question, example posted below. The following bold, italic quotes are actual troll comments made by username William01702 who is known to routinely attack youtube geoengineering awareness videos:

William01702, (a known disinformation troll) used tactic #s 6, 8, and 2 to troll the video (link below) of the courageous Kristen Meghan, who stands strong to do what is right in the face of adversity to warn people about geoengineering and the disinformation sites. If you watch the video and listen to her, it is clear what is happening with the rampant disinformation in our mainstream; PAID shills are ready and willing to contribute to the demise of our world, and sell out their humanity to perpetuate lies for a measly buck.

The shill “Hama Neggs” also trolled it with some derogatory comments about Kristen Meghan using #1 (character assassination). These troll’s comments may, or may not, get deleted by the page moderator; but if they remain, notice the date and how quickly they found it. It’s their job to scour the net and attack, so in time, even if theirs get deleted, more paid trolls will appear. If you check other awareness videos, you’ll see the same usernames in action repetitively. Save LI Forum – 09 – Kristen Meghan – Geo-engineering

(William01702‘s trolling comment uses tactics 6, 8, 2, posted below. If you examine the troll’s initial approach and compare it to the subsequent comments, you’ll see the contrast, and the tactics become crystal clear. Frankly, no effort is required to expose these paid trolls, they do that themselves as their “bait then antagonize” routine becomes glaringly obvious when you know their strategy)…

William01702 (troll): “Could you please tell me what “disinformation” you have found on Metabunk or contrailscience? I mean, you claim the information isnt factual, and then provide no evidence to support such a claim. Why?”… “It really is a legitimate question which deserves an answer. Despite what paranoid liars like GalileoGalileisGhost say.” (If William01702 was just a random viewer, why would he care whether those sites have been exposed as disinformation, and “demand proof”, unless he IS an associate (a paid shill)? The answer becomes evident if you notice how he followed with the classic “false association” & “Trojan Horse” tactic to disparage shill buster, GalileoGalileisGhost. Would a random user that’s not associated with those disinformation sites have cause to do this)?

William01702 also posted this comment on a different thread, (note the contrast when confronted for his shill activity): “ I’m not a troll I’m just someone who is better educated in atmospheric science and aviation that all chemtards, combined.” (notice his derogatory use of the word “CHEMTARDS” a classic Trojan Horse move).

William01702 also wrote this: “Chemtards couldn’t be more stupid if they wanted to be. You people are evil alarmists who spread fear, hate, and ignorance based on a lack of education. I pity the chemtards!” (does that sound like someone educated in atmospheric sciences or anything else for that matter)?

William01702 also wrote this on an entirely different thread, “Oh really and where do they say that THIS trail has ANYTHING to do with what they have “admitted to”. NO WHERE! It’s hilarious that you people read about some basic testing and then assume everything you see in the sky must be related to such testing. Chemtards are idiots! Oh, and BTW show me where anyone has admitted to any such thing! If you say HR2977 you’re a fucking moron!”

William01702 also wrote this on yet a different thread (verbatim, spelling errors & all): “Tat should have read “because you are too stupid and lazy to understand basic fucking science”. But, does it matter?! Will it change anything?! No, you will always assume that just because you hate/fear the government that it must mean that you and your chemtard friends must be right about the trails in the sky. Nevermind the fact that you have never actually studed these subjects! You have visited conspiracy sites! You know it all real pilots are just STUPID for going to school for years!”

William01702 also wrote this on yet a different thread: “Poor chemtards unable to understand he difference between an intentional nefarious release of chemicals and business as usual”.

William01702 also wrote this on yet a different thread: “Why do you people pretend to understand that minor differences in temperature, engine power settings, engine types, and engine size can result in differences in trails, when its obvious that you are all fucking clueless!!! This video isn’t evidence of anything more than the ignorance of chemtards”!

William01702 also wrote this on a video about chemical fallout from geoengineering (notice the pattern from the previous comments): “Yup, I’m sure that she is a moron. And so are you. There is ZERO evidence that this “affliction” has ANYTHING to do with the trails in the sky. NONE! It’s nothing more than paranoid fantasy made up by those who like to pick at their skin. And you are right, she IS just one moron in a line of many. By the way accepting ignorant bullshit from OTHER paranoid losers on the internet is NOT “research”.”

William01702 also wrote these various comments on various different videos as well: “Stupid chemtards”, “Idiot”, “Moron”, AND “that is technology that is not only public knowledge, but is highly regulated. It also has nothing to do with any trails in the sky. That’s the problem with you people. You are completely ignorant but are too stupid to know it”!

Compare the subsequent comments with the name calling & insults, to the first one that was on a video where his disinformation sites were brought to light and notice how he tried to recover by looking innocent & friendly despite his hostility and antagonistic comments on other awareness videos.

Who are these trolls that have time to sit around and make comments on youtube all day and night, and WHY target awareness videos? The answer is clear, they are SHILLS. I took photos of the comment pages in the likely event that this loathsome user attempts to attack this blog and denies ever making those comments. So, unless he deletes all of his comments off of all the youtube awareness videos he has attacked, and closes his account, (let’s hope he does), you can plainly see his existing comments (and more) on youtube by checking his page activity or tracking him on awareness videos. Just remember to not let the trolls bait you. They get PAID to antagonize you and LURE you to those disinformation sites.

It is apparent that some of these shills share usernames and have round the clock shifts because no one is online that often to target that many awareness videos without backup. William01702 is joined by known shills such as Hama Neggs (a particularly loathsome troll), Lizoir, Terry Ram, Nwoflyer, epsilon892, Niglet Gook, Belfrey1, Jazzaconda, Baba Loo, MrFubar75, and several other usernames that have been identified as paid shills/trolls, all utilizing the same tactics and associated with the two known disinformation sites, employed by gaming programmer, the grand daddy of them all, Mick We$t, (or at least that’s the name he “goes by”).

Their format is always the same and they often attack in teams to “back each other up”. Anyone that does a little digging will find these same usernames frequently darkening awareness videos all over youtube, regurgitating insults, performing their usual antagonistic, tactical routine, and attempting to lure people over to their disinformation sites because they get compensated for it.

Less frequently, you’ll see these strategies mimicked by average people in the mainstream that have willfully succumbed to cognitive dissonance and easily fallen prey to the disinformation tactics that have been used on them. They seem happy to regurgitate the lies they have been told and are content to post links only from those disinformation sites, while refusing to look at any other credible data presented to them. It’s like a mass Stockholm Syndrome in which their limited intellects are easily held hostage by their disinformation captors, and they’ve fallen “in love” with Mick We$t and his band of marauding minions. These victims of mass brainwashing also exhibit the common trait among trolls, of refusing to examine credible, verifiable, REAL data (such as several scholarly documents that can be found through this link:

Sadly, people’s refusal to examine any data beyond the disinformation sites, means success for the disinformation campaign. Getting the public to do their bidding, not only meets the goal of “divide and conquer” in the battle to pit us against each other, it keeps us distracted, engaged in their fictitious debate, and prevents us from focusing on the fact that heavy metals such as aluminum, barium, and strontium, and other toxic chemicals such as sulphuric acid, and silver iodide, are being sprayed into our air supply globally for the purpose of Weather Modification and Climate Engineering.

In this war on awareness, the truth becomes irrelevant, and the sleepwalkers, happy to remain blissfully ignorant, are proud to belong to the band of trolls that have, ironically, convinced them that we are the “ignorant” ones, and that they are the geniuses that have all the answers.

The telltale difference between mass cognitive dissonance and a paid internet troll, is that the trolls usually have obscure usernames, no profile pic (or a generic one) and if you track their previous comments on other threads, you will see that they have attacked using the same format over and over; in addition to attempting to lure people to the disinformation sites, where they get compensated to engage them in a futile “debate”, waste people’s time and distract them from spending time increasing awareness in their local community, and doing REAL research on geoengineering.

Don’t let the trolls cause you to feel stupid for considering that geoengineering may be a reality and suppress your awareness. Keep watching the sky and research information beyond the fixed mainstream search engines. Watch the documentaries, Look Up! and What in the World are They Spraying?, take notes and look up the information presented. The TRUTH is there for anyone that is intelligent enough to look past the deceit & lies.


1) Never “reply to” them; (do not fall for their tactics).
2) REPORT them, because what they’re doing is a form of cyber-BULLYING.
3) On your page, DELETE their comments and BLOCK them.

Share this information to increase awareness and dis-empower their lies.

Visit reputable sites such as and for more information about how geoengineering adversely affects our health, and is damaging our planet’s ability to sustain life.

#chemtrails #geoengineering #gmo #weathermodification #haarp #disinformation


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Again I thank GMACAG for their efforts in bringing to light the chemtrails and also how to deal with the troll / troglodyte issue. Please go support them and their page on fedbook for more information.


By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT part 1 part 2 part 3

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this part of the article I want to thank these guys for their help:

This program and the makers of it have helped immensely with this article and helping me track down this person and get the service provider. Which I have contacted to see about getting his IP address shut down to at least stop him from logging on from that IP. Thanks a lot guys. Please go check out their site and see if it can help you as well. I’m not telling you how to get the IP address, but when you have it this program is wonderful. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. Now on to the article.


And why does it matter.

That’s the question I had to ask myself when this predator decided he wanted to target me. So here’s what I found in the public record and trust me it wasn’t much.. He is very active commenting his piece of crap opinion all over YouTube, and being a self proclaimed EXPERT in everything he talks about because he’s talking about it. If he had of done one tenth of what he claimed he was an expert in he would have been able to find so much on me it’s not funny. Just use the spy program GOOGLE and Search for my name and like 5-6 pages of stuff comes up. Do the same and search for him you’re going to be searching for a long time. So now I have to amend what I have called him and say you are a “MICROSCOPIC OR MICROBIAL RETARDED TROGLODYTE. You are so small I almost didn’t find you.

Now some of what I have found out to be fact on this MRT.


IP :

Neighborhood Host : OK

Country : New Zealand










He has claimed he is this fabulous journalist and he went to school and has top honors and such. He’s also this famous well renown Press Photographer. He’s so wonderful and such a person of high esteem. Yet when you go to find anything he has done you can’t seem to find him anywhere. He has also change his fedbook page recently deleting one of the places he worked for. Wonder why? Maybe because I contacted them and made sure he didn’t work for them and they wanted nothing to do with him.

Here’s one such statement he has made to try to intimidate me to removing something from my fedbook wall and from my blog as well. Okay I have to say this, “No one without a court order can make me take down or write a retraction”. Trying to bully me or order me to do something is a sure fire way to get me after you.

Who am I to judge your journalistic integrity?

I am a qualified, tertiary trained journalist and photographer, who does not feel the need to embellish the sources in his contacts-book to gain credibility.”

In comparison, our newspaper recently won Best Community Newspaper 2014 at the national media awards, with an active regional readership rate of 82%, according to independent Nielson surveys.

One thing you will never find beneath my byline is the kind of wild, subjective interpretation of evidence required to support the “chemtrails” conspiracy theory.”

Now let’s examine your statement here. I went to the two papers you have so nicely displayed on your fedbook page.. Funny thing you don’t work for either of them. Did some more checking can’t find you anywhere. This statement isn’t exactly truthful. I did find your pathetic posts all over YouTube, G+ and fedbook. Your BYLINE doesn’t appear anywhere I can find, maybe you would care to share where exactly you do work? People I know are curious. They want to see your evidence. But since you are a fake there isn’t any. I can’t find your made up experts that don’t exist. So it’s just you and your opinions. Which you state as fact because you said them. Then you get your friends to support it because well, what do you expect TROGLODYTES to do other than stick in a group so they’re more dangerous. Harder to hit them all together. So we have you and your opinion that you use as fact and your Self Professed Experts Of Nothingness. Then you use fake accounts and harassment and terroristic tactics to push your opinion.

The two newspapers you posted as working for:

Neither of which have ever hear of you. Neither has the National Press Club. I emailed the president of the club Peter Isaac. Never heard of you. The more I look the less I find.

Now about another inconsistence in his story..

Studied Journalism at Aoraki Polytechnic NZ

Notice the date he posted as attending. Now you also said you worked for

The New Zealand Press Association.

The paper ceased operation on 31 August 2011.. So you would have had to have worked for them before you went to journalism school. Isn’t that a little bit backwards, working in the field for 7 plus years then going to school to learn how to do your job? Something seems more then off about that.

Some of the flimsy excuses used to defend what you and the other troglodytes do.

1. she kicked me off her page

2. she uses copyrighted pictures without permission.

3. she’s not allowed to have any opinion but mine

4. she’s crazy and I don’t like her so I’m going to harass her and get my friends to do the same.

5. because she did what she did we will break as many laws as we can to show her we are all powerful.

6. because we don’t like what she has to say we will tell her to take whatever we say down. She has to believe what we believe.

Since the only place anyone can find you is fedbook, youtube and G+; You’re a glorified youtube troll. But that really gives trolls a bad name, so MRT it is.

About fedbook:

Fedbook says on the news they are doing everything they can to stop cyberbullying on their spy platform. Yet will tell you when you report it that it doesn’t go against their terms of services. The only thing they are doing “everything they can on” is they are doing “everything they can on” ignoring the situation. I have been on them for a long time for the content on their site. I was ordered by the FBI to stop my investigation into the child porn and gore porn rings because I was interfering with their operation on there. Fedbook has taken me off their site twice and has made it almost impossible for me to report anything. And when I do get to report one or two pages they now don’t go against their terms of service then a few days to a week or so later they come back with a review and a changed look and say I was initially correct in the first report to them.

*Still has my copyrighted photo up… Evidence… scroll towards the bottom of the page July 14th

When I reported the fake pages pretending to be me I got back the normal this doesn’t violate our terms of service crap.. Then after others reported it they came back with the page was removed before we had a chance to view it by the person who put it up. So yes yet again fedbook is helping to hide and protect the bad content on their spy platform. Not that that is anything new. I have been on them for years showing them not doing what they say they do.


Now after this article has been published and has set for a day or so I am contacting fedbook and I will have my photo’s removed from that little hit page you or your fellow troglodytes have erected to smear Amanda Williams. I am trying to get the video you have up on YouTube removed as well. I will do whatever I can to you. You have taken up too much of my time already and I hope you enjoy actually having your name in print finally by a nobody to boot. You were so not worth it. I actually was hoping you were something of what you said you were. I hate battling people who are so stupid they couldn’t hit the water if they fell out of a speeding boat.

Let me take a moment to visit another story that was in the news here recently:
The person in this story made up a parody twitter account with the mayor’s name on it and was guilty of a crime. Then WHY isn’t this as much of a crime as that. Especially when that account was made to slander, harass, and torment someone else using my name and face?

Two accounts that were impersonating me on fedbook. Both finally removed but by what was said above there’s a possibility they could pop back up. Because if all the person did was shut the page down they can reopen it later under the same name, so there’s a chance it could be back.

fake 1fake 2

A word about law enforcement and I use that term loosely here. They went after Brandon Raub for posting some lyrics to a song and saying he was against the government.

then set him up again in the latest which hunt which is falling apart.

But wont get off their butts to take this guy on who happens to be from the Christchurch, NZ area over even more disgusting remarks? When there are laws on the books saying what he is doing is illegal. Here’s what the law is in Virginia. No where does it say that this is up to the desecration of the individual officer. It clearly states that what is happing is in fact a crime.

About what the law is here in Richmond, VA.

VA Code Stat. § 18.2-152.7:1- Computer harassment law that directly relates to cyberbullying. Makes many acts of cyberbullying a Class 1 misdemeanor.


H.B. 1871, signed by governor on July 1, 2013. “‘Bullying’ means any aggressive and unwanted behavior that is intended

to harm, intimidate, or humiliate the victim; involves a real or perceived power imbalance between the aggressor or aggressors and victim; and is repeated over time or causes severe emotional trauma. ‘Bullying’ includes cyber bullying.

Bullying’ does not include ordinary teasing, horseplay, argument, or peer conflict.”

H.B.1624; Virginia must design a model policy for means of Harassment and others means of bullying including standards, consistent with state, federal and case laws, for school board policies on alcohol and drugs, gangrelated activity,

hazing, vandalism, trespassing, threats, search and seizure, disciplining of students with disabilities, intentional injury of others, self defense, bullying, the use of electronic means for purposes of bullying, harassment, and intimidation, and dissemination of such policies to students, their parents, and school personnel; and (iii) standards for inservice training of school personnel in and examples of the appropriate management of student conduct and student offenses in violation of school board policies; § 18.2

152.7:1. Harassment by computer; penalty. If any person, with the intent to coerce, intimidate, or harass any person, shall use a computer or computer network to communicate obscene, vulgar, profane, lewd, lascivious, or indecent

language, or make any suggestion or proposal of an obscene nature, or threaten any illegal or immoral act, he shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

§ 18.2-152.7:1. Harassment by computer; penalty.

If any person, with the intent to coerce, intimidate, or harass any person, shall use a computer or computer network to communicate obscene, vulgar, profane, lewd, lascivious, or indecent language, or make any suggestion or proposal of an obscene nature, or threaten any illegal or immoral act, he shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

(2000, c. 849.)

§ 18.2-11. Punishment for conviction of misdemeanor.

The authorized punishments for conviction of a misdemeanor are:

(a) For Class 1 misdemeanors, confinement in jail for not more than twelve months and a fine of not more than $2,500, either or both.

(b) For Class 2 misdemeanors, confinement in jail for not more than six months and a fine of not more than $1,000, either or both.

(c) For Class 3 misdemeanors, a fine of not more than $500.

(d) For Class 4 misdemeanors, a fine of not more than $250.

For a misdemeanor offense prohibiting proximity to children as described in subsection A of § 18.2-370.2, the sentencing court is authorized to impose the punishment set forth in subsection B of that section in addition to any other penalty provided by law.

(1975, cc. 14, 15; 1990, c. 788; 2000, c. 770.)

And in this day when you mention the word ISIS and people pee themselves and hide under tables, this group of cyber gang stalkers say stuff like this:


That was one of the fake accounts pretending to be her. But it doesn’t matter to the police. This is some craziness if I have ever seen it.

And since the TROGLODYTES have asked so many times what I know about chemtrails and to show the proof, one of my next articles will be about chemtrails. And all the evidence behind them. I’m doing the intense research on it now.

Some links that deal with this article or maybe of interest to some.

Links for reporting crime in New Zealand.

Cyber Criminals Most Wanted

New Zealand Police

Only works if your in NZ

National Cyber Security Centre

National Crime Agency

Used to track down the IP address after I got it.

Stay Tuned.

20140923 city councils so called safety meeting.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

Last night City Hall Council safety meeting was a complete and utter joke. First over half the city council wasn’t there. The police were not there till Chris Dorsey called them out. It’s a great hour long comedy from start to finish. And it was free. Didn’t have to pay to be entertained. Here it is in it’s entirety.

City council hasn’t even had a meeting to address whether the press boxes on either side should be opened back up or not. Reva Trammell says at first she doesn’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be opened back up. Then the police spoke and the tune changed to we are afraid to open the press boxes back up.

Go check out the crap they said from their own mouths. People are getting fed up with this non working government all of it. Right down to the local non working part. They have a reason to be afraid we are pointing out they don’t work are a bunch of crooks and we’re not taking it any more.

Stay tuned people more coming.

Again I have to play the “WHO THE PHUCK AM I GAME”

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT


Screenshot from 2014-09-11 00:54:53a

I’ll start this off with this piece that I ran in my article “I have now become a jackass whisperer.” Just so the readers can see where this is from and what I am talking about. The person that posted this came out to my blog and threatened me with all manners of you do what I say for I am all mighty. Yeah right the 24 hours has come and gone, come and gone again still nothing.. So now my turn.

The first article that mentioned me not by name. John Crudele wrote:

One of these tipsters — oddly enough — is a guy who says he’s a photographer in the adult-entertainment industry. He started monitoring Facebook’s pedophile sites because he didn’t want his 14-year-old son running across the disgusting images.

My son was online one day and these images popped up in his in-box,” he said. “You do what any parent would do, investigate.”

He tried to report them to Facebook, which he says didn’t seem interested. So he contacted me. “

The big article that mentioned me. After the FBI had verified me and I had a long meeting. John Crudele wrote:

Glen Sutphin, who lives in Virginia, investigated pedophile use of social media sites on his own after his son wandered onto one of these disgusting Facebook pages. He’s already met with the FBI — according to my law enforcement sources.

Sutphin, who was told politely but firmly by the authorities to leave the investigating to them, says pedophiles will typically keep an empty site on Facebook and advertise to “friends” that an inappropriate photo of a child will be posted for a short time at a certain hour — usually in the middle of the night. “

And if I have been checked by the FBI and the NY Post I think my integrity is pretty solid, I don’t care what you say. And if you were so smart you would know this. Not saying you’re dumb but…

MY article that got the NY Post interested in the story.

Me mention in PINAC Carlos Miller wrote

UPDATE: Glen Sutphin, a friend of Dorsey, posted a video interview of him after he had gotten out of jail, which you can see below.”

And see the interview I did at the bottom of the page.

My column on RMB NewsReport

Proof that the photo on the troll site is copyrighted. HUM… Did I say copyright.. Think I did.. And my other photo is registered with my press pass and is printed by the company I have the pass through.. So yet again copyrighted.. So I want my compensation for my copyright being violated.. Actually I’m going to forget about that. I’ll just make your site go bye-bye instead. So your piece of crap copyright checker must not exist either.. Just another made up lie to try and sound scary.

Vinny Eastwood Show with Susanne Posel.

Madisonstar Moon Interviews Chris Dorsey and myself on her show.

Now all this is readily available on the internet. But again I am forced to play the “WHO THE PHUCK AM I GAME”. This time however they made a big mistake you attacked me. So you shall get me. I can bring my friends in to party as well. And my friends happen to really work in the news field unlike yourself. To follow up from my last article and to round out what was said to me. I never went to journalism school, never have I claimed that. You don’t need to go to school to tell what’s going on. I did however take journalism in high school so I do know a little bit.. Tiny bit actually. I am an Accredited Press Photographer, I have had my own company for a long time. If I was making any of this crap up I wouldn’t be here now. Too many people would have found me out and proven I was a fraud. And yes the FBI has verified my credentials as well. My articles have been used as references for other stories. So I am tired of telling people the truth and they tell me their fantasy trumps the truth.. Fiction is more real to them then facts. So trying to prove anything to them is lost and beyond hopeless. And they are “TROGLODYTES”. The one that came after me and attacked me is a “RETARDED TROGLODYTE”. And since I have not released your damn name publicly yet “RETARDED TROGLODYTE” I defy anyone other then you, to tell me who the phuck I’m talking about.. It’s not slander if I never say who this person really is.. Now in my next article I am doing a full profile of you by name so this should get fun. You or one of your friends however has stolen my identity and have pretended to be me which is a damn crime. So are all your fake accounts with celebrities names and identities all over them. So I’m doing everyone a favor by standing up to you.

Now I’m not telling you what I am doing or not doing. Much like everything else you spout off about you don’t know jack crap. So toss off wanker.. I am in contact with the authorities and I am going to do whatever I legally can to you to the full extent of the law whatever that may be. If all I can do is be your shadow well you are now my hobby.

I told you I am not playing with you and I will take care of you. Whatever that may be. It is people like you that cause children to kill themselves and I am sick of reporting about another Amanda Todd, or more like her. And if YOU come after me and YOU come after Amanda Williams AKA Madisonstar moon you will go after anyone. And yes I would put a bullet in your head, or beat the living crap out of you. I had a friend murdered in my front yard because the police wouldn’t stop someone who threatened my life, and acted exactly like you. I would drop you in a heart beat mate. NO THREAT that is a PROMISE. But since you live supposedly half a world away, I’ll let the authorities do whatever they are going to do. Baring that I will post here on my blog what the hell ever I want to.

I also can’t help what you don’t want to believe in. I have stated fact after fact to you and you tell me I’m full of crap. Yet you produce nothing but straw man arguments and then try to gaslight me like I’m an idiot that can’t find my feet.

And as proof your a “RETARDED TROGLODYTE” all this information is on my blog that you were on and you’re too dumb to look at.. So you are RETARDED meaning in this instance “stunted growth” and a TROGLODYTE meaning “wilfully ignorant person”.

I apologize to Amanda Williams for the condition I left your board, group, page what have you in the other night. I am beginning to believe since only one person has stuck their head up that this one person is the cause for most of your problem. At least with some of the fake accounts. And when a radio persona is allowed to be death threatened, cyberharassed, cyberstalked, cyberbullied, her photos and video stolen and used to facilitate that goal. We have a big problem.

As far as your crappy ass excuse for why you are doing what you are doing, saying because she stole copyrighted photos, does that give you the right to do the same to prove your point? You or your buddies have stolen my copyrighted photos and did what ever you wanted to them. And I believe since you were on my blog you did it. Not hard when only one person threatens you then all this stuff happens to you. There is a very limited amount of suspects at that point.. So YOU did what I am accusing YOU of. See how that works. If YOU were the only one threatening me; YOU have been on my blog; There were accounts made with the photo off my blog it’s easy to figure out.

Fedbook has ways to get copyrighted photos taken down. I will be taking my down off your slam site soon am just leaving them up for proof. Evidence if you will and yes I do have the whole site copied.. So removing them is a waste at this point.. They’ll get removed with the site. I am coming for it.

We have a growing phenomena on our hands and everyone’ advice is to SIMPLY IGNORE IT, ignore it. Ignoring it is what has enabled it in the first place. You tell everyone they need to secure their profiles yet their stuff still gets stolen and used in the commission of crimes. Children are starting to kill themselves in record numbers, we need to ignore that as well? Tell the parents of those children just ignore it. Why not it doesn’t seem to matter. Nothing we can do go hide in a closet and shut yourselves out of the world so the bad people can do as they please. Ignore threats that they send through the phone and tormenting you. Ignore it.. Don’t worry when someone uses your copyright and slanders you.. Ignore it. Don’t worry when people tell you, you said something so bad to them and they will never speak to you again because it was so bad.. IGNORE IT. Then when it happens to you, I am going to tell you I don’t want to hear it IGNORE IT like everyone has told the rest of us.. And IGNORE THIS AS WELL. Don’t worry that crimes are being committed and there’s no one to help, and when you lose something or someone special IGNORE IT… Don’t worry that POLICE will not do their job in helping in this matter.. IGNORE IT. Well then we should just shut down all the clubs and organizations that fight this crap because they should sit down and be idiots like those who are IGNORING the problem.. Then why should I phucking care about the EBOLA OUTBREAK. Why should I care about the out of control government. Why even tell you people what’s going on just stick your heads up your asses and IGNORE IT don’t worry about it.. Much like your images and id’s being stolen IGNORE IT.. JUST PHUCKING IGNORE IT. It’s not important.. I AM TIRED OF YOU HUMANS… Much like everything else just IGNORE THIS AS WELL you’re all good at it.. And you wonder why we have so many problems in the world today..”

Quote from my fedbook wall.

Okay I’m going to break this one into two parts because this next section is too important and I want everyone to see it. STAY TUNED for part 2 when I reveal who I am talking about.. BY NAME. Full data dump on this fraud. I will call him MRT<Revealed in the next part what this means> because he is and it fits him, so I am just defining your character, not defaming you. Since you’re a fraud it isn’t slander. PLUS THE FACT I’m not the first person to say this to you. I’m not even the first one who has threatened to kick your ass either so yeah. I have to stand in line your so popular. I’m doing everyone a favor. I’m also breaking it here so that the next part can be published in the news everywhere. It will be a day or so I have to wait for some information to come in. And still doing research.

lol1lol let me know if you ever want to duke it out bud. I see your youtube channel. All you have are comments against Christianity, islam, just god in general. BTW, Jesus in his time did not foresee everything. He did not know he would be put on the Cross. And yes. I am cherry picking. Anything else? Your most probably a 13 y/o kid who’s going through a bisexual phase and hates his parents LMFAO! Get a life kid. Before someone ends it.”

Also not the first to say they were going to kick your butt.Screenshot from 2014-09-19 03:48:39Wow, you REALLY love using the ad hominem logical fallacy. I’m on the fence about geoengineering but when I see name calling and terms like “circus” “nutter” “tin foil”, I lose all interest in what that person is saying because slander and name calling are almost always used by those who are defending the lie. Not only that, it shows complete lack of character and maturity on your part when your attacking people who simply dont share in your views. Besides, why would someone need to work so hard to defend the truth to the point of trying to marginalize their opponent with ad hominem attacks if what they are really defending is the facts?? Anyways, Im taking my research elsewhere. “

Not the first to call you on slander. I like this one.


In parting here’s what my blog count says to you…



My redaction to my story.

Thank you Susanne Posel for sending me this article on what the rights of people like me are. I already know I am doing nothing wrong. And before you say any crap I do have her permission to post this she sent it to me herself. Just got done talking to her. So how much do you really know about me? Not much apparently..

“And I’m confused when does the 24 hours I have to take down my article begin? Is that New Zealand time or amerikian time? And who do you work for again you never said? Yeah a lot of questions, and a lot of laws you have broken to tell me to do something that isn’t illegal…” Get a court order and send me a business letter showing who you are and what company you work for.. You do bring up some things I will work on bettering though thank you for that.

If you are also the one that was using my image pretending to be me you have broke even more laws and I am going to the New Zealand authorities to see what I can do about you violating international laws as well. But by all means continue your crusade to tell everyone what the hell to do because you said so..

“And since chemtrails are what caused this mess I’m in at the moment I am going to do a story on the chemtrails that some people say there is zero evidence for. Well if that’s true why do you fight so hard to stop people from believing in what isn’t real. Do you go after people believing in the Easter Bunny? or Santa? Boy no wonder your such an idiot, but I bet you support the government.. I know you love telling people what to do…”

“Okay so now I have been contacted by the first person that started the crap against me telling me again with out stating who they work for or anything other then do what I say that I need to retract my article “” And their proof is CHEMTRAILS don’t exist and are unprovable. And if they were really who they said they are Why won’t they tell me who they work for.. Every reporter or news person I know always says who they work for not some mythical I work for this big company you don’t need to know the name of. I’m tired of idiots. They have used chemical sprayed out of plane since the invention of the airplane. They did it in World War 1 when they sprayed the trenches with gas from the planes.. So right there I just proved more then someone saying these things don’t exist. and with the geoengineering conference that just came to a close here a few days ago.. yeah.. So get a court order and produce who you work for. the article stays up. And if they don’t exist why are you so damn adamant to get rid of people talking about them..”

Two of my posts on fedbook in case you missed them. Produce a court order and who you work for and shut the hell up.. I do feel sorry for you.. I’m posting this here because I know you’ll read it. You come on my boards and pages and tell me what to do. But I have never posted or even cared about your board or pages.. STRANGE YOU ARE.

I have now become a “Jackass Whisperer”.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

As many of my readers know I have helped many pages, clubs what have you out on fedbook. Several of them like the Amanda Todd Reporting Team, and United Against RIP Trolls and Cyberbullies just to name two. I have helped report to the RCMP the crimes committed against Amanda Todd by the cybertrolls that were abusing her name and image after her death. I have always stood up and did what others can’t or won’t do. I have also stood up and helped my friend Amanda Williams AKA Madisonstar moon which brings me to why I am writing this article now.

For those of you who don’t know her Amanda Williams AKA Madisonstar moon is an activist cover the chemtrails and death-towers that are popping up all over the country. She is also a friend and has had Chris Dorsey and myself on her radio show. Due to the topic she covers she gets a lot of harassment and abuse. Right now there are probably 20 or so fake accounts that fedbook has allowed to exist all in order to harass and destroy her reputation. Because I am speaking out these troglodytes which is actually a poor name for these criminals have taken it upon themselves to now come and threaten me. Okay so I did call them out on my page mind you and their self appointed leader came after me.. So be it you wanted me here I am.

Since fedbook is a useless piece of cesspool filth much like Hidden Vally Condos and will do nothing to stop cyberstalking, cyberharassment and cyberbullying. Report this crap is useless to that crappy ass spy program, I am force yet again to take matters into my own hands and do what I can to protect myself and my friends. I am also calling on the authorities to look into this matter as the person responsible and the self appointed leader supposedly resides in New Zealand. I also now want compensation for the crimes committed against me and Amanda Williams. Which I will come to in a minute.

First here’s the post:

Screenshot from 2014-09-11 12:58:06

Go help her out in this fight against the TROGLODYTES and trolls. Funny they never contact me or message me wonder why? Maybe because I would take care of them. Hang in there madisonstar moon there are still people who support what you are doing..”

Madisonstar Moon

*WARNING* There are several FAKE accounts posting as me on this page. They are using my profile pic and name to create accounts so they can comment here FOOLING people into believing they are me. They have told several of my friends to F off using their impostor Madisonstar Moon accounts and my friends actually thought it was ME. This is all one big PSYOP. It is very humiliating to be gang stalked in front of the world, but that is what is happening. Please remember to CLICK the profiles to make sure it is actually ME you are speaking with. Again I apologize for not being able to participate with my online activism right now, but I am in survival mode. I love you guys and thank you for your support.”

and the troglodytes response:

Screenshot from 2014-09-11 00:54:53a

First, people would have to know who the fuck you are, and you my friend, are a nobody.

Secondly, Maddy Loonstar is “in survival mode” because her repeated violations of copyright have landed her in the shit and FB has apparently suspended her ability to upload visual content.

As a self proclaimed “citizen journalist” [gag, vomit] I am surprised you would side with someone who has repeatedly stolen copyrighted original works owned by media outlets, aircraft manufacturers and freelance photographers.
You DO understand copyright law, don’t you?

After illegally copying these images, Loon-Star has been cropping them to remove the copyright stamps, photographer’s names, and any captions explaining what the images depict.

She has then been reposting and recaptioning copyrighted original works with misleading or fraudulent captions in an attempt to portray the images as showing things they do not.

She found herself in hot water after a freelance photographer, whose images were recently published in the Seattle Intelligencer, was notified of her theft of his work.

The photographer who owned the copyright posted a comment on Loon-Star’s page informing her of the photo’s ownership and ordered her to immediately remove the image.

She did not, choosing instead to block the photographer, delete his comments, and continue using his original works illegally.

If you want to maintain any shred of credibility as a “photographer/videographer”, be very, very careful where you place your next step.”

Now he has two thing correct in his statement. First one yes I am a nobody, I have never claimed to be anything other then what I am. Second thing “citizen journalist” [gag, vomit] I so agree. Other then that who appointed you guardian of the copyright. Considering you or your retarded butt buddies have taken a photo of me and used it on your page without my permission.

Screenshot from 2014-09-12 18:22:16

Slandered and ridiculed me, plus the fact you yourself have done the same damn thing you are accusing Amanda Williams of doing. Your pages are also full of copyrighted photos that you have altered and done whatever with. Everyone that shares a photo on fedbook is guilty of copyright infringement if you get right down to it. And so by what you have said what gives you the right to break the law by cyberstalking, cyberharassing and cyberbullying which are all violations of the law to enact your crap on her? What does that really say about you and your integrity?

If this mythical person, this photographer really was concerned about his copyright why hasn’t he taken her to court and enforced his copyright? Maybe because it’s just a piece of crap lie like the rest of what you push. So if she broke the law take her to court and charge her with the crime. All I have heard from you types is whine and piss and moan about crap. She threw me off her page, she won’t talk to me, whine snot crap… BOO HOO..

And how do these troglodytes get fedbook to do something that ordinary people can’t do is really getting me to think that these people are run by fedbook or are government shills. How they can report something and fedbook reacts, but the normal person can spend years getting nothing done without an act of god is staggering. I am calling them all out.

And yes I do understand copyright laws, having had all my work stolen and used all over the INTERNET with no compensation and no recourse, I fully understand it. What I don’t understand is how this gives you any damn right to do what you are doing. I also don’t understand why you have taken it upon yourself to crusade against Amanda Williams and make that your seemingly life’s work.

As for my integrity as a journalist, who again appointed you to judge anything. My integrity is based on whether or not I put out the truth, and if you are the judge jury and executioner of what I do, I am already damned because your integrity is very much in question. My reputation will be based on what I do, not what you say. And considering the fact that before I even had a chance to make my move your retarded butt buddies came and attacked me, I could now care less what you have to say because you have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that all you are is a phucking retarded troglodyte whose word is meaningless.

If you were closer to me I would take you in a wrestling ring and beat the living crap out of you. If you approached me on the street and said half the crap you do on the INTERNET you would have a bullet in your head. I do not care for your damn threats and yes you may get a group of your lowlife piece of shit friends and come after me I fully expect that. That is after all what cowards do, gang up on people and mob them because in a fair fight you would get the crap kicked out of you. Plus if I’m such a nobody why am I a threat to you?

I have politicians, reporters, celebrities and other important people I talk to and communicate with. My reputation is what I make it, if they judged me and found me to be something I wasn’t then I might worry. I have been a press photographer since 1995-96, and yes you might damage me with your crap. I can’t care because if that’s all it takes to ruin all I have done then so be it. I fully expect people will listen to your crappy ass lies and made up shit they always do. The people that really know what is going on will see it for what it is and stand behind me.

All you are doing amounts to character assassination and lies are the perfect weapon for that. If you really were a man and had integrity you would stop this crap and go on with your life, but since your all low life scum sucking troglodyte’s vomit bed wetting living in your momma’s basement trolls I fully expect you to retaliate and come after me. So my next step after this if it keeps up, or you or your little butt buddies start your crusade against me, I will seek out the authorities and I will come after you. I better not see any fake accounts made in my name or your crap on my page again.. Oh wait you can’t because I have also blocked you, which I know will piss you off since that’s all you say about Amanda Williams. She blocked me and won’t let me pick on her. WHINE SNOT CRAP PISS MOAN.. Grow the hell up.

In closing I again want to thank those who follow me and support what I a nobody does. I do not take threats lying down and I do what the hell I say. It doesn’t matter to these idiots how much proof you have or what you can show because to them proof is irrelevant. They are only after the foam which is how much trouble they can cause. I have now become a “Jackass Whisperer”.

As always stay tuned and have a safe one.

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