20140524 March Against Monsanto. Or why is MONSANTO funding the MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO here in Richmond.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

http://youtu.be/0K3_FcujchQ The video is not in order and a mess. This thing has been a nightmare from the get go. Sorry for the mess.

Due to the heat and health issues this article is not timed close to the event and I apologize for that but the information I found out needs to be out there so people can see if maybe they are being mislead. Also I will probably get a few hate mails about this article and that’s fine. I understand that when you tackle an issue that people are behind they will get agitated and will come after you for the truth. Everything I will show in this article was taken directly from two websites and is in plain view it’s just not looked at the way I will present it.

I attended the March Against Monsanto rally here in Richmond,VA again this year. Several things were different this year from last. First and foremost there were not nearly as many people who showed up this years as opposed to last year. Last year there were at least 400+ people there, this year there were maybe 100. Next up was the police presence at this rally. I swear they had almost as many police as there were people in attendance, maybe that’s an exaggeration. There were a lot of police around and in the public space where the rally was being held. And it was strictly for the rally nothing else. When the marchers left so to did the police. Nice to have a police escort everywhere you want to go.

The city must have a huge budget to employ all those police for the simple fact of standing around and watch nothing going on. And you bet they were armed and making their presence known. I have a few photos of them all over the place and some of it is on video as well.

The march itself really wasn’t as impacting as it was last year. And all my equipment was also failing as well. Batteries were dying left an right in my equipment as too did my laptop which I was going to use to do the live feed. So it was just a crappy day.

There were some things that came up at the rally that I was going to address in a different article but since I’m here may as well talk about it here. I will state this now, I am fully against MONSANTO. I do not believe we should be forced to eat their poisons and there crap needs to be banned from the planet. I fully support the movement to get rid of GMO’s and such so this piece I’m about to write is not against the people standing up and getting rid of this crap. I’m of two minds as I write this, on the one hand I believe people need to know what they are supporting and the truth, on the other there’s is it doing good in the community.

But in the interest of the truth people need to be made aware of some facts that are out there in plain site but are being mislead or maybe the people just don’t know what their organization does at the top. Maybe they are compartmentalized, I get the feeling that it’s the other they know and are intentionally lying and hiding stuff in plain view because they know you won’t go look. Well I look and I check my facts before I say something. Let me try to explain as best as I can. My intention is to bring the truth out to people not put down organizations, but at the same time if organizations are misleading people they need to be brought out for their misleading people. And a lot of what I am finding really makes me think. I will also show what lead up to my receiving a nicely worded letter in my in box for something that happened while I was there which I will explain after which I will share some facts. First the nicely worded letter in my in box on fedbook from John R. F. Lewis.

“Please get your facts straight before you approach my mother with misinformation. My position at the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority as Prevention Specialist was partially funded by the Virginia Tobacco Settlement, a settlement suit won by the US attorney General with the four largest tobacco companies in the United States settling those state suits to recover billions of dollars in costs associated with treating smoking-related illnesses. Our tobacco prevention and tobacco cessation programs were funded by that settlement which had connections to Philip Morris’ and Altria’s debt to the American public suffering from smoke related lung cancer. Renew is the nonprofit I run that has no ties to Philip Morris or Altria. You heard what you wanted to here. Fact check before you try to discredit an organization that doesn’t receive any corporate or gov funds because we work on donations and fundraising through food sales. We are not big and we are not tied to corporate entities. It hurts me that you would put us out there like that when all we do is grow food and give it to people who have no access to it…. That’s it. We grow food and provide people with education about sustainable practices. If you checked us out you would know that. But you didn’t, you went off something you thought you heard and now you wish to attack your peers who working to empower the people with food instead of going after the real entities negatively impacting the people… Why would you feel that you need to discredit someone/organization doing nothing but giving their blood sweat and tears working toward something positive??? What do you have to gain? Why not support your peers instead of working against them? I can’t make you stop picking on a nonprofit org that can’t defend itself because it answers to the people to help and serve the people, but I can remind you that if you say these things without any facts to back it up then you are a hypocrite, a false speaker, a poor journalist and researcher and a liar… for the benefit of yourself and your personal vendetta against someone planting vegetables.

If you don’t care about what I have to say then maybe you care about your conscience or maybe your credibility as a messenger of the people to relay the truth.

oh sorry, wrong person lol

My bad, ignore the above”

This nicely worded letter was meant for Chris Dorsey I’m sure. But since it came into my box I will take it personally and take it as a challenge to do my best to show your words are untrue and down right lies.. I will continue this after I say a few words about the video Chris put up about the incident.

http://youtu.be/G0cXBnpXYo0 Thanks Chris Dorsey for this up close look at what happened.

Saying someone attacked someone when all that happen was people were talking to one another, grow up. Circling around Chris Dorsey like sharks ready to strike for no reason other then you don’t like what he says is childish at best. I was standing right there I saw what happened. And if speaking to someone is attacking them, what do you call sending me that nicely worded message telling me to get my facts straight before I go off on someone, then saying you sent it to the wrong person? What do you call that. And yes I do check my facts before I say anything. So since this is me saying things now and checking facts here we go let’s find out what I have uncovered.

And using that straw man tactic of changing what it is we are talking about won’t work either. This is about lies told to the public, not about if I’m against farms and people growing their own food. I am 110% behind people being self sufficient. My grandfather had a few acres he farmed most of his life, so I am all for small farms. I am 200% behind people being what they say they are and doing what they say they are doing. This is about lies or omissions of truth. If your project is doing good for the community that is the only saving grace for you. But with all the things I have found out and I’m not even scratching the surface from what I have been told where does that leave us. For me I will go on continuing to fight Monsanto and not support them in any way. I want this crap off my planet, not to be content with it just being labeled because it mutates and infects regular crops as well. Not going along to get along and compromise. NO I WANT GMO’s AND GM Humans banned from the planet.

The March Against Monsanto rally here in Richmond,VA was organized by the HandsOn Greater Richmond and Renew Richmond. Let’s start by taking a look at Renew Richmond first. On the Renew Richmond website they proudly say they support 4H. And they have help from HandsOn Greater Richmond. I have been checking my facts and will now show what I have found. Brace yourself for this is where the bottom falls out and you hear the truth backed up by their own website and words.. If you don’t want to hear the truth stop reading and call me a nut… Go ahead I’ll wait.


Bank of America – YES

Exelis – ?

Hasbro – YES

JPMorgan chase & CO. – YES

Target – YES

UPS – ?

Disney – YES.

Allstate – YES

Altria – YES

Belk – ?

Fidelity – YES

Google – Government owned… – YES

Hilton worldwide – ?

PWC charitable foundation – Yes believe so

Capital One – ?

Points Of Light – YES and government run

Generation On – YES

Americorps alums – YES on this one I believe

Hands On Network- YES*

4H – YES

Renew Richmond – YES *

*TOO MANY STRIKES MEANS THEY ARE. For those counting that’s 5 ? and 16 YES votes.

So how many links do you need to have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that these two organizations are linked to Monsanto and possibly funded or owned by them as well.. Okay I hear you say well just putting words up doesn’t prove a damn thing.. Okay you are correct let’s see where I got this information from..

I will provide links to websites and screen captures..

First here’sHandsOn Greater Richmond’s webpage footer.


Here’s some links to who some of these sponsors are. Some are listed in this next website that shows who contributes to Monsanto



Here’s a list of Monsanto investors.



Notice the little Points Of Light symbol on the Monsanto page as well as the presidents service awards page.




Notice the 4 H and the GenerationOn symbol.. HUM.. seems they are all over Monsanto’s web pages and all this support from Monsanto. Doesn’t that appear to be at best a conflict of interests? Does any of this seem to be maybe what Chris Dorsey was saying all along?





List at the top of their page showing they are connected and supported by these organizations which are all connected to MONSANTO.

Notice the 4H… Oh by the way 4H is MONSANTO OWNED. So proudly flying that banner on your site means you except Monsanto. A good 90% of HandsOn Greater Richmond and Renew Richmond is Monsanto owned and government operated just by the websites alone. This is what is known as facts. Cold hard facts. I do not care what your pretty words say, or how you pretend your this sophisticated little man pretending your act. The truth is that your whole facade is coming down. And Yes I do check my facts.

And for all you people telling me all I do is repeat crap off fedbook is beyond funny. If all I did was sit and repeat crap on fedbook then what the HELL is this article which no one has said crap about? And saying that because I don’t get paid I can’t be believed, if I was getting paid you idiots out there that attack me would say I was bought and saying what the person who paid me wanted me to say. So I don’t win either way. Sure I would love to get paid for all the hours I put into researching and digging for facts that I present to you, that others steal and make themselves look big. Trust me I’m the first one who would be happy if I got paid. I do this because I care about the truth and what is presented to the public. I hate being lied to, I also hate working my butt off telling people stuff and then finding out I was lied to makes me go off and I have to tell the truth at that point to redeem and prove myself. And then comparing me to CNN, yes they make more money then me, they are also government funded and George Soros bought, have 100’s of employees who do their work for them and have a big budget to do lots of stuff. I on the other hand have me, get no money and do as much as them, I wish I had their money then yes I would be a big success. I thank people for the comparison but I’m not that big yet, I’m working on it. Everything I do I do myself, no help, no overhead, just me doing all this research and putting my time and effort into it. If you cared so much maybe you should support me and my effort instead of telling me how I’ll never be as big as CNN which by the way is dying. So yes one day I will be as big as them. I get tore apart for bringing people the truth, they tear into me because they either are jealous, or they have an inferiority complex that makes them lash out, or their hiding the truth. All I do is try to get the truth out to as many as I can and hope that one day it will change the way we do things.

To sum this article up, be careful who you support. Don’t take things at face value, and do some research. I don’t know if John R. F. Lewis is a government operative, a shill or just stupid. From what little I have found out so far without digging too deep he’s a fraud at best. And by fraud I mean he is not what he appears to be portraying. He has lied, told inaccuracies and misrepresented himself so he is fraudulent. Learn the meanings of words and stop buying what they sell you.

Is he doing any good for the community, as I said that would be the only saving grace for them. But since everything they seem to be connected with by what they show is MONSANTO owned and funded, are they really doing any good for the community. This seems to be more and more a straw-man operation or a PSYOP, paid opposition so it appears that there is resistance to MONSANTO to lead the gullible away from the truth to learn to except GMO’s and to compromise away your rights to be taken over by MONSANTO. Push for labeling not banishment. Try to keep the controversy in their own little game court so they can control the game. Then some crazy nut cases come in and upset the wagon.

Well I’m one of those nut cases and I’m overturning the wagon and raining on the parade. I refuse to support MONSANTO or any company that supports MONSANTO. And since I have found this out about these two organizations, I can not with a clear conscious support them in any way and advise you to do the research and open your own eyes. And you people need to start looking into things yourself and listen to both sides of the argument.

The crazy people and nut jobs might not actually be crazy. The just appear crazy because your conditioned to only hear the lies. So they appear crazy to you, when they might actually be the only ones who are seeing it clearly. I’ll end it on this note. I will be doing more on this later but I gave you enough to chew on for the moment. I wish to thank those who helped me with some of the research and gave me direction and ways to go with this story. Thanks to those nameless info-warriors who stand for truth and don’t get paid to do this. As always Stay Tuned.


Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

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