So what did Chris Dorsey showing up at Richmond City Hall Council meeting prove?


By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

What does Chris Dorsey walking back into the City Hall Council meeting prove? For one it proves they are liars and they have no real power over anything. It proves the newspaper reports are at best inaccurate and MAYBE just out right lies. It proves that when you are doing nothing wrong and people don’t like your message they will go to great lengths to do as much damage as they can to kill your character.

What I see happening amounts to a character assassination on Chris Dorsey. All they proved is they don’t like the fact that he says they need to be arrested for their crimes. Want to know something, He’s right, they do need to be arrested for their criminal activities. And if every one knows there’s crime going on and does nothing about it, does that make the crime legal?

Here’s the way I’m seeing this played out. There’s this bank robbery in progress. Everyone knows who the bank robbers are, everyone can see them. Chris Dorsey steps up and says “Hey the bank robbers need to be put in jail”. Nothing wrong with that statement, the crime was committed and everyone knows who did the crime. But public opinion of Chris Dorsey says we don’t listen to anything Chris Dorsey says because we don’t like him. So the crime goes unreported.. Next week same thing happens. Same exact lines play out.. Same story over and over again. What changes? Nothing.

If everyone knows there’s crimes going on and covers them up, that makes the people who cover it up as guilty as the criminals. It also goes to show you how far the City Council will go to stop someone they don’t want to hear from. That’s a long way to take something, and I have to ask WHY? What are they so afraid of from Chris Dorsey, maybe it’s because again he is correct. He is right and when your right there’s only so many ways that you can say it. And when it’s the truth it will sound like others telling the same truth.

This Truth is the City Council needs to be investigated and charges brought up on them. I’ve been saying this for years. They have committed and omitted crimes from the public records. They have grandstanded in my yard telling me what they were going to do for me and all I have to show was their empty promises and broken worn down lies. Nothing they told me they would do did they do. I still have no answers to questions asked. So why should I listen to them lie and tell me crap, yet I have to do everything I say. I have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that stuff I have recorded on film is true yet they can with the mere mention of a word make up something and it’s gospel.

Also what gives the city council any right whatsoever to touch any member of the public. I have seen it too often where city council members will stand up and go attack members of the public speaking. When did they become our “SUPREME OVERLORDS” that they can treat us as serfs and slaves to do only their bidding. I’m getting tired of the “NEO-ROYALS” who think they own the universe and can do as they please.

I heard in one meeting one of the City Council said they demanded “RESPECT”, Well I got news for them “RESPECT” is earned not granted by whim of “SUPERIORITY”. You can demand all you like, that doesn’t grant you the right to “RESPECT”. I for one have no “RESPECT” for your lying ways and talk that amounts to nothing. I tire of hearing you talk and talk on things that no one has any cares for yet the real issues you hide and ignore.

Another thought I’d like to bring up that I hear all the time is “When does your opinion boarder on slander?” It’s one thing to say “In my opinion” it’s quite another thing to “Slander and libel someone” and use the saying “it was in my opinion” to justify it. I’ve noticed all to often people will use “TALKING POINTS” as their opinion to push their agenda and push their parties politics. They do these things without any thought as to what they are doing at times. It’s okay if that is your honest opinion and you stand by it, but when it’s just used as a cover for “SLANDERING” someone, well then you need to be held accountable for your actions. And when it takes the place of the real story and the lies get pushed instead of the truth, it’s then that we must rise up and say “ENOUGH”.


The lies have outweighed the truth here for too long, the truth must now be shown so as to counter their lies. Things need to be brought back into balance. Let’s go with the truth that the “NEWS” is not reporting on and stop looking at the propaganda and lies being put forth.

First Chris Dorsey didn’t interrupt the City Council meeting, Chris Dorsey was accosted at the council meeting. A plan was put in place to remove him and have him barred from the building so as to shut him up. That is all that was happening at the council meeting. You saw a show that went very badly and a lot of people got to see first hand how this City Council works in real time. They do not uphold any law save their own rules. And even then they change and alter those rules to fit their agenda.

They have people who sign up for spots to speak just so other can’t get on the list. Then those people who sign up never speak. They have other tricks I have seen as well like cutting off the microphone as you are speaking, or interrupting you speaking. And they do it as if they own the world only they can do no wrong. Yet everything they do is wrong.

Another question I have is this, what business did this Skinner fellow have of going after Chris Dorsey? Why were the police not called till after this flunky of the City Council practically forced Chris out of the press box? Which brings up another point, the press box was supposed to be closed to all press yet there was still a few people allowed to sit up in the boxes???? If it was such a problem that Chris wasn’t allowed up there, why is it okay for these others to be up there even after the ruling?

This City Council is a freaking joke and a half. This City Council likes to show everyone how much perceived power they have. They show up at candle light vigils for individual who have been murdered to show the community how much they care. They parade around with their chests puffed out and a big show of support for the victims family. Yet when it comes down to it they provide no help or support to the victims families. They lie , say their going to help then back burner your butt when it’s out of the news. TRUST me on this I know this for a fact, they did nothing to help my family or my friends widow after he was murdered. All their lies and crap were recorded and in my blog. Gave my friends widow a nice framed piece of garbage Plaque that said how they were going to help. Then proceeded to do nothing they promised. Told me I didn’t own the slumlord any money then I had to pay the back rent and court costs, they said I didn’t owe. Everything they tell you is a minus plus, meaning your will owe more then what they say plus some.

I have seen the lies this City Council has covered up and hidden from the masses. Most of it is in plain sight yet those who are blind will not see these things which are clear as day. They push forth stories and lies to the masses through the media, and the masses eat it as cake. Never asking if it’s true just going by what is pushed. I have interviews on video that when it comes to the story in the news the videos I have and the stories they put out are often at odds, why is that? Then when people see the videos they still believe what was told as a lie to them. I can’t understand how these brain dead idiots called the public can breath at times.

All these lies and dis-information that is being pushed if you just scratch the surface you would see it to be fake, yet most will never question the stories and eat it up as the gospel truth. I for one can not knowing what I know. How can you trust criminals to tell you the truth? How many crimes can be committed and omitted before enough is too much?

Why does it seem I ask the same questions over and over yet no answers come back to me? Chris Dorsey didn’t commit any crime that he was charged with, as he was never charged, there was no crime. The same thing they did to me. I was never charged or arrested yet they treated me as if I had been till after the offender left the city then I was forgotten about. That’s the way they work, charge you and continue to harass you till after the antagonist leaves then they forget about you. And make up a story to justify what they did for your good. And then you better act like they did every thing in the world for you, and show them the utmost reverence. And proclaiming them to be deities would be in order as well, for them allowing you to grace their presences with your lowly carcasses.

Yes I take a very dim view of their crap. Seen too much of it and seen it get nothing done. Plus everyone wants to focus on the aftermath of what happened instead of looking at what caused the problem. Because if you focus on what caused the problem you will find the real reason it happened. It had very little to do with the City Council feeling threatened by Chris Dorsey legally carrying his weapon. It has everything to do with an overreaching, over powerful City Council deciding what they will allow to be heard and what they will allow.

They decide the policies that we follow and they change those policies at will to suit themselves as they see fit, and can do as they please. Who watches over the City Council and who has the final say in their business? Isn’t it suppose to be we the people who are in charge of the City Council, don’t we elect the persons who are there to represent us? Doesn’t the City Council take their orders from we the people? I know the answer to these questions is yes we the people are the ones in charge, but the clear answer to the question is NO. The City Council has all the power to do as it pleases and we elect figureheads that when they get into power turn on the very people who put them in power and demand you bow down and worship them as gods because they hold this “SUPERIOR” position and they are now gods to be obeyed.

Thank you so much for giving me this position of power now on your knees and kiss my feet you slaves called “CITIZENS” you are now beneath me and I have the power to do as I see fit. And this train of thought goes all the way to the top of the government to the bottom of the same said government. We need to impose term limits and stop making these positions a retirement position, the same people in the same positions doing the same thing, yet we demand change? How about CHANGING things then, get rid of the dead wood. Stop paying these positions even after they leave they keep their pay? How many people working at McDonald’s get to keep their same salary when they leave? Answer NONE.

How many people in other jobs keep their same benefits and such after they leave their jobs? Answer again NONE. So why is it that these people who are elected get to keep their salaries and privileges after they are no longer in the position. We make it too easy for shysters and ignorant idiots to take over our lives and expect them to have our best interests at heart when they do something. And when they break the rules and the law instead of us calling them out as Chris Dorsey has done, we sit back and wonder why the world is going to hell. When we start holding those responsible for their actions and charge then accordingly then we will see change and not till then.

Another thing I would like to stress at this point is people who were in the building when Chris was trounced out of it, take a good hard look at what happened. The next time it could be you they trounce out for your views if they don’t follow the protocol or is something the City Council doesn’t want to hear. It’s not just that this has happened to Chris Dorsey, I have seen it happen to others as well. One name that comes to mind is Teddy Parham. I was there when she was physically accosted and thrown out. It’s happening too damn often and there needs to be an end to it. These City Council members need to learn your not “SUPERIOR” nor are you better then anyone else. No member of the City Council is above the laws they try to inflict on us, and your also governed by those same laws you like to abuse to get your way. The clock is ticking down to the final minutes and you will get what’s coming to you.

You can only deny the corruption for so long till it’s so big that it takes up a life of it’s own. And it is getting to the point that it is consuming all in it’s path and it needs to be done away with. A new order needs to come about, an order that is just and right that holds the people and the government accountable for their actions or inactions. There’s a big change coming and you all need to be ready for it.

Video of us walking into the meeting.

Video of Mo Karnage, Silver Persinger and Chris Dorsey speaking.

I’ll end this here for now as always thanks for reading and Stay Tuned.


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