Train derailment in Lynchburg, VA.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

April 30, 2014

A CSX train carrying 105 cars derailed in Lynchburg, VA. 13 cars of a 105-car freight train derailed near the James River in mid-afternoon. 3 cars were in the water. An estimated 50,000 gallons of crude oil are “missing”. Most of the “missing” oil is said to have burned off while the rest went into the river. The river was on fire, and a huge fireball was reported. It’s hard to say what impact this will have or where the oil will wind up. The James River is in flood stage right now from the recent rains we’ve had here in Virginia this week.

Here are the news links to the story:

April 30, 2014

Street collapse caused by the soaking rains we’ve had the past few days. Cars and a retaining wall fall onto CSX railway taking part of the street with it.

Asked about reports that people have complained repeatedly to the city about problems with the street, Rawlings-Blake said she had “no information” about the reports and would be looking into them.” Ever notice whenever something happens that has been known about for years their first response is they had “NO INFORMATION” about it beforehand.

May 1, 2014

Today in Bowie, Md a CSX train derailed carrying 8,000 tons of coal. The same company that had their train derail in Lynchburg,VA has another train derail. Quoting from the Baltimore Sun article “The incident marked the third major Mid-Atlantic incident for the railroad since Wednesday, when a train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded in Lynchburg, Va., and a massive retaining wall collapsed onto freight tracks in Baltimore. “

One contradiction in this article I did find was this. And if you look at the pictures they tell you the truth.“At the scene, three locomotives and 10 train cars had left the tracks but did not overturn, according to the fire department. According to Sease and in images shared on Twitter by the Bowie Volunteer Fire Department, which also responded, at least one car appeared to have overturned, spilling its load of coal.”,0,209379.story

All in all it hasn’t been a good week for CSX rail company.

Chris Dorsey tried to get some answers to some questions about what was going on.

None of the media contacts for CSX could be reached after their criminal negligence and reckless endangerment. All government agencies and CSX are in full cover up mode. i left a FOIA with some of countless questions that need to be answered.”

I was talking with Chris about this and I asked him if maybe the tankers contained some of that fracking oil and crap they were talking about as being “ILLEGAL’ and now it comes out I was probably right.

So one reason for them to be all hush hush is this. They were doing “ILLEGAL” things so of course they want to cover up as much as they can. They also don’t want it to hurt their bottom line. Money to these people is more important then the safety to the environment or to human life. This fracked oil is more heavy and more volatile then normal crude oil. So one question of Chris’s is answered. But with each question that gets answered more questions are raised.

These trains are now known as “bomb trains.” I’ve left the ink on this one to a fedbook page about them because there is good information there. The tanker cars are called DOT-111 tank cars. 69% of all tankers are of this kind and they are known to explode and have a very poor record, yet because they want to cut corners and save a few bucks they will continue to use them and cause more and more damage. Also most of these railways are located next to water ways, so they double or triple the impact they have when catastrophic failures happen.

We need to hold CSX and any other company that wants to use old, outdated, hazardous and unsafe transports accountable when accident happen. God knows if any of that crud got into the drinking water or will get into the drinking water. What impact will it have on the ecology and wildlife in the area. Considering this is the hight of the breeding season for the wildlife and the fish.

The river was on fire and this crud got into the river which they at first were denying happened. Some of the firsts reports were that no tankers went into the river then it was 1 then 3. And they also said there was no breach of the tankers which is impossible considering the fireball and smoke from the burning tankers. And there were reports of an oil sheen on the river. They had also said in some report that the oil wouldn’t get into the drinking supply because the oil floats on top of the water and the drinking part comes from close to the bottom of the river, like that makes any damn difference.

After having wrote all this I found another story from Wednesday of yet another CSX train derailing in Greenville, NC. This one was not weather related. This one the takers that derailed and were leaking contained Liquid Ammonium Polyphosphate which is often used for agriculture purposes and is suppose to be safe. But with all the lies they tell who knows if it is or isn’t. So CSX doesn’t have a good track record pardon the pun. They willingly and knowingly place the public in danger without any regard for safety or the consequences of their actions and they get away with it because they are a mega-corporation and are above the law due to their money and power.

Until a mega-disaster hits and there is a massive loss of life and carnage nothing will be done to fix the problem. There never is.

I’ll leave you with two videos of the event at city hall today. I do have to apologize for the first interview going haywire we were under attack so you’ll see in the video. But all the pertinent information is there. The attack was kind of the highlight of this interview as we were chased half way around the building.

Interview 1 with Chris Dorsey.

Interview 2 with Chris Dorsey.


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